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What is Overthinking and Why does it Happen

What is Overthinking and Why does it Happen
What is Overthinking and Why does it Happen

What is Overthinking and Why does it Happen

One is to think and the other is to ‘think too much!’

Everything is bad. Excessive thinking is also bad. Our elders used to ask to work thoughtfully. But if there is so much thought that if work cannot be done, then it becomes a crisis and mental illness. This problem is called overthinking.

Overthinking is a major mental problem. In developing countries like India, most people do not take this problem seriously. But in fact, the way to think too much is extremely rough, it can push you towards the quagmire of mental illnesses.

But, what are the reasons for the problem of overthinking? Why does this problem make a person ideologically paralyzed? Mental health experts from all over the world have different opinions about this. But some reasons are all unanimous.

In this article Made me perfect, we will tell you, What is Overthinking and Why does it Happen By reading this article, you will also be able to know more about overthinking and What is Overthinking and Why does it Happen.

Let’s Know What is Overthinking and Why does it Happen

What is overthinking?

What is Overthinking and Why does it Happen

The old and classic definition of overthinking is ‘thinking too much about a small thing for too long or for too long. While it is human nature to think deeply during a decision or to evaluate a situation.

But when this situation remains in the mind and you cannot separate yourself from thoughts. So, this situation can be called overthinking or thinking too much.

It happens at some point in all of our lives. We all experience events in life that cause anxiety or stress for us. But some people do not get rid of their worries.

They worry about the future, making horrifying predictions about possible events that have not happened yet. People also think of the past, ‘must laugh at themselves and ‘can be laughed out loud.’

They can fret over this matter. People are constantly worried about what others think of them or any negative thing they hear about themselves keeps wandering in their minds.

Any tough decision taken by you may also cause problems. Many times you think about a lot of options in your mind. But the search for the right option becomes so difficult that it paralyzes your thinking.

In such a situation, you think that it is better to take a wrong decision than not to take a decision at all. But it is always better to take the wrong decision than not to take any decision.

Whether you have had a problem of thinking for a long time or need to make some difficult decision, you may experience that, when your mind thinks too much, then the sleep of the night is forbidden.

Overthinking can increase symptoms of depression or depression. This can increase your stress level and force you to take the wrong decision.

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Signs Of Overthinking

What is Overthinking and Why does it Happen

When you become more aware of your tendency to think too much about small things, you can take steps to change. But first, you have to understand that thinking too much does more harm than good.

Sometimes, people feel that their over-thinking prevents any kind of thing from going bad. But the truth is that even if you think too much about the past, the past cannot be changed.

If you get this feeling then you will not worry anymore. But, the research is very clear – overthinking is bad for you and it does nothing to prevent or solve problems.

Some of the major symptoms of overthinking are:

  • Recall of repeated embarrassing moments in the mind.
  • Having trouble sleeping because it seems that the brain will not be closed.
  • Asking yourself questions like, what if this happens?
  • Spending a lot of time searching for the hidden meaning in the past or events.
  • Thinking about old things said to people.
  • To think that I wish I had not done this or that I would not have said this.
  • Constantly thinking about your mistakes.
  • To keep moving about something said in the mind constantly.
  • Becoming oblivious to the things around and keep up in disarray.
  • Thinking too much about the worries of yesterday or tomorrow.
  • Thinking about things that you have no control over.
  • Do not remove your worries and worries from your mind.

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Forms of overthinking

There are two main types of overthinking, the first is to be worried about the past and the second is to be worried about the future. This is completely different from problem-salvaging. Problem-salvaging involves thinking about an outcome or solution. Overthinking involves getting entangled with the problem.

Overthinking is also different from self-reflection or self-reflection. Healthy self-reflection means that it is about learning something about oneself or getting a new perspective about a situation. This is actually the purpose.

Overthinking involves how bad you feel about all those things and thinking about things that you have no control over. This will not help you develop new information.

The difference between problem-salvaging, self-reflection, and overthinking is not about the time you spend in deep thought.

The time spent searching for solutions or learning a new thing or behavior is considered constructive. But after too much time is spent thinking, whether it is 10 minutes or 10 hours, your life will not increase.

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