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What is Jawline Acne Know the reasons and treatment?

What is Jawline Acne? Know the reasons and treatment
What is Jawline Acne? Know the reasons and treatment

What is Jawline Acne? Know the reasons and treatment most people get acne in adolescence or teenage. This is the period when physical and hormonal changes are happening in the body. Acne is then caused by these changes. These pimples are the most common type.

Some pimples are those that are passed on to people around the age of 30. These are called Adult Acne. Most of the lifestyle and food are considered responsible for this type of acne. In some situations, this problem can also be caused by hormonal problems.

But, some pimples are those that range from the jawline or chin to the middle of the ear. Pimples of this type can occur at any time. The biggest problem with these pimples is that they cause pain on any movement of the mouth. After they occur there is also a problem during eating and drinking.

So in this article, we will tell you, what is joe line acne? Along with this, we will give information about its cause and treatment. By knowing about the joint line acne, you will also be able to handle this problem better.

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What are pimples? (What Is Acne?)

What is Jawline Acne? Know the reasons and treatment

Acne starts when the pores of your skin get filled with oil and dead skin. Each pore of the skin is attached to a gland. The name of this gland is Sebaceous. This gland produces oil which we

It is called Sebum.

Excess sebum from the gland fills in the plexus. Which produces a bacterium named Propionibacterium Acnes or P. Acnes. When the white blood cells of the body attack P. acnes bacteria, we get itching, burning, and pimples.

What is Jawline Acne? (What Is Jawline Acne?)

What is Jawline Acne? Know the reasons and treatment

Acne ranging from chin or chin to ear flame is called Jawline Acne. These pimples can usually be red in color and solid. Common symptoms of acne include several infections including white head, blackhead.

Jawline acne can also be caused by many other factors. These factors include genetics, diet, tension, hormone changes, and infections. By the way, tell me that joe line acne gives more pain than common acne and is also more strict.

(What is Jawline Acne? Know the reasons and treatment)

Causes of Jawline Acne

Jawline acne problem can be caused due to many reasons. There are many factors due to which the production of sebum in the face increases and there may be acne problems. These reasons include:

  • Hormones
  • Stress
  • Depression medications
  • Vitamin B supplements
  • Intake of corticosteroids
  • etc.

Pimples occurring on the jawline or chin can cause problems with men as well as women under special circumstances.

The problem of Jawline acne can be mainly due to the increased secretion of male hormones. An increase in male hormones can stimulate sebaceous glands. In some men, acne also results in acne.

Due to not cleaning the razor properly, bacteria grow on the razor. When shaving with infected razors, these bacteria get on the skin and cause acne problems.

In addition, some shaving cream or shaving oil may also cause jawline acne. Shaving creams and oils can block off pores. This may cause acne problems.

After shaving in certain skin types such as Sensitive Skin, there may be mild cuts in the skin. Bacterial infections can easily occur in sensitive skin. Acne negligence can also cause acne problems.

In addition, jawline acne can be a problem due to sensitive skin people wearing more rough clothes and adopting chemical-based cosmetics. Wearing a tight collar shirt and chin strap helmet may also cause acne problems.

How to treat Jawline Acne? (How Is Jawline Acne Treated?)

What is Jawline Acne? Know the reasons and treatment

To get rid of pimples on the line, use the same remedies that you use to treat acne.

To remove excess sebum from your skin, start washing your face twice a day with a mild clanger. If that does not work, use chemical-rich skincare products such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.

In addition, you can try natural remedies to remove acne. In these measures,

  • Aloe Vera
  • Azelaic Acid
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Zinc
  • Can try Adi

If this problem becomes more serious, then the problem can be treated by showing a dermatologist. In these treatments,

Antibiotic gels, creams, lotions, and medicines

Benzoyl peroxide

Cream or Oral Retinoids

Etc. can be used.

(What is Jawline Acne? Know the reasons and treatment)

Prevention Tips Of Jawline Acne

Some simple measures can be tried to prevent acne on the jawline or chin. These include,

1. Wash the face

Wash the face twice a day with mild clanger. Use lukewarm water to wash the face. After washing the face, wipe the face with a soft towel. Do not rub the face with the towel. Acne can worsen by rubbing.

2. Keep hands away from the face

Keep hands away from the face. Every time you touch the face, the bacteria present in the hands gets absorbed into the pores. If you are going to touch your chin, then please wash your hands first.

3. Do not wear a chinstrap helmet

Avoid wearing a helmet in which the chinstrap is tight. Also, do not wear clothes that are touching the skin. If you must wear a helmet, then wash your face later.

4. Be careful while shaving

Be careful while shaving. Avoid using a conventional razor. Use electric and safety razors instead. They are easier on the skin than traditional razors. If you are going to use a safety razor, first use a gentle shaving lotion. This prevents the face from rubbing.

5. Use Non-Commodogenic Products

Always use skin care products such as clanger or facewash labeled as noncomedogenic. Using these products does not cause acne problems.

6. Use Non-Alcoholic Products

Do not use products that may cause skin irritation. Burning products contain alcohol-like ingredients. They can be labeled as astringents or exfoliants.

7. Do not break pimples

(What is Jawline Acne? Know the reasons and treatment)

Acne should never be burnt, it does not matter whether it is in any part of the skin. There is always danger in pressing or bursting the pimple.

Whenever you touch the skin with the fingers, bacteria can touch the skin. When you break the acne, it will take longer to heal. In addition, a permanent scar can also be missed.

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