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Vitamin c serum myths

Vitamin c serum myths: The special ingredient people are looking for in skincare products these days is Vitamin C. Vitamin C serum is an anti-oxidant and helps our skin to glow and stay young. But sometimes it becomes very difficult to use as some people find it sticky. Because of this, along with Vitamin C, many myths have also started sitting in the minds of people, but if it is used with the right information, then it is like a boon for the skin. (7 Best Serum for Oily Skin)

In this article Made me perfect we will give you full information about Vitamin c serum myths so let’s start reading this article. (Best Vitamin-C Serum for Skin)

Should Not Use Vitamin C in Sunlight

Vitamin c

Since vitamin C serum is acidic in nature, many people think that it should not be applied in the sun. Whereas the truth is that vitamin C is not sensitive to sunlight like any other acidic element, so there is no problem in applying them during the day. It has been found from many types of research that vitamin C helps in repairing the damage caused to the skin by the sun. However, this does not mean that sunscreen should not be applied. For this, choose sunscreen that is rich in vitamins. (kojic Acid Benefits and Side effects)

Not Good For Sensitive Skin

Many people think that vitamin C does not work on sensitive skin. But this thinking is wrong. Vitamin C works on sensitive skin, but not only for sensitive skin but for every skin type, vitamin C serum should be bought after seeing the pH. For example, if the pH of L-ascorbic acid is 3 to 4, then it is good for normal skin and if the pH is 5 to 7 then it is perfect for sensitive skin. (Summer Pimples on face removal tips)

More Vitamin-C Will Work More On Skin

How effective vitamin C will depend on the pH. The thing to keep in mind with this is that Vitamin Su oxidizes very quickly, so if you have kept six months old Vitamin C serum in the house, then it will not work on the skin. Vitamin C in any product 10 to 20 percent is fine, but try to buy a product containing a low percentage of vitamin C. (Anti-aging foods that will help you look younger)

Skin Will Become Resistant To Vitamin-C

Nothing works on the skin only when the receptors of the skin are messed up. Hormonal imbalances can reduce the receptors in the skin, and sometimes make it less sensitive to certain ingredients. But all this does not have any effect in the case of Vitamin C because Vitamin C does not act on the skin through a receptor. (BB Cream Benefits and Side Effects)

Vitamin-C Discolors Skin

Vitamin C serum inhibits actin tyrosinase, which produces melanin in the skin. Therefore, its regular use does not change the color of the skin, but the skin looks clean and brighter than before. If the skin feels tan after applying it, then understand that the vitamin C has been oxidized, and applying it now will not help.

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