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Stair Exercise for weight loss and belly fat

Stair Exercise

Stair Exercise Using stairs for exercise is not a new concept. People have walked the stairs of their home for years, sprinting and using them to hang out. (Empty Stomach Exercise Is Correct Or Not)

For a good workout, you don’t really need fancy gym equipment nor do you have to leave your house. All you need is a little time, dedication, and stairs to your home. (Easy Exercise To Lose Stomach Fat)

You can do some easy and effective exercises on them. Let’s know from fitness expert Meenakshi Mohanty some exercises that you can do on the stairs of your house and which help you to keep fit- (What Is The Right Age To Go To The Gym?)

In this article Made me perfect we will give you full information about Stair Exercise For Weight Loss And Belly Fat.

Push-Ups Stair Exercise

Stair Exercise

Stair Exercise Start with a traditional push-up position, just take care to place your hands on the stairs. Keep in mind that your hands are directly under your shoulders. Now take a breath and bend your elbows.

Take your body down and your chest should be only slightly up the stairs. Now while moving your body, straighten the arms and breathe a little. Now switch to your primary body position.

Stair lunge on the ladder

Stair Exercise

Stair Exercise It is a great movement that enhances both balance and power. Keeping one leg forward, place it on the ladder and move the other leg back. Now place the foot on the ladder, bend it from the knee and take the body down.

Flatten keeping the other leg towards the ground. Keep your waist straight. Keep in mind that all pressure should be on your first leg. This exercise increases stamina.

Stair Crawls Stair Exercise

Get into a quadruped position. During this time your hands will be on a high ladder and your feet will be on a lower ladder. Keep your waist in a relaxed position.

Now start moving up the stairs with your straight hands and inverted legs, that is, start crawling like a baby. Complete this cross-body pattern to a distance according to your ability. After this, exchange legs and hands.

Broad Jumps Stair Exercise

It is a simple and effective exercise. Stand with a slight gap between your legs. Tie your hands together. Get into the position of a quarter-squat while leaning down.

Now bounce forward and land your feet carefully and gently on the ladder. Keep in mind that you keep the height of the jump to the best of your ability.


Stand with your feet parallel to the stairs. The right side of your body should be closest to the stairs. Using your abdominal muscles, bend your knees and hips slightly. You climb the first step, using the right leg.

After this, keep your left leg up. Repeat this until you reach the topmost ladder. Now do these step-ups by stepping down the ladder with your other foot. It helps in burning calories.

Triceps Dips Stair Exercise

Stand straight in front of the stairs with your back. Slowly bend and reach the first or second ladder. Now keep your hands at shoulder width and rest the palms on the stairs. Your feet are outward. Now slowly bend your elbows and bend down.

Just like you do dips with the help of a chair or table, you have to do it in the same way, just use the stairs instead of the chair or table. Hold this position for 3-4 seconds and then return to the previous position. Do 3 sets of 10 raps.

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