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Sore Muscles? 5 foods for Sore Muscles and relief Muscles

Sore Muscles

Sore Muscles? 5 foods for Sore Muscles and relief Muscles

Usually, most people spend hours sweating in the gym to make themselves fit. In this case, it is common to have Common Muscles Injury.

In such a situation, it is necessary to take a healthy meal after a workout and exercise. Due to this, how to fix or reduce extreme muscle soreness can be reduced after the workout.

Muscle recovery requires high protein food. At the same time, some mistakes in the gym should also be avoided.

Protein food and essential vitamins also help a lot in muscle recovery.

It takes 24-48 hours for any muscle to recover after a workout. But some people may have this pain for a long time. Prolonged soreness often depends on not taking Nutrition. Therefore, it is said that proper nutrition is the key to a healthy body.

So today we are telling you about some foods that can help reduce muscle pain after workouts and speed up muscle recovery. In this article Made me perfect we will give you full information about Sore Muscles? 5 foods for Sore Muscles and relief Muscles.

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Sore Muscles treatment

Sore Muscles

In this article Made me perfect we will give you full information about Sore Muscles? 5 Foods For Sore Muscles And Relief Muscles.

1. Turmeric for Sore Muscles

Sore Muscles

According to research published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology, turmeric is rich in inflammation-fighting antioxidants, curcumin (antioxidant curcumin), which can reduce pain in muscles.

The compounds present in this spice help reduce muscle damage and inflammation and promote muscle repair, which greatly improves athletic performance.

Curcumin reduces pain and inflammation by reducing inflammatory enzymes and chemical pain. It is very effective. For this, drinking 1 cup of hot cow or almond milk mixed with 1 teaspoon turmeric and 1 teaspoon ginger provides relief.

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2. Cottage cheese/paneer for Sore Muscles

Sore Muscles

Cottage Cheese / Cheese provides 2 different types of protein Whey Protein and Casein Protein

Whey protein is more known for muscle recovery as protein slow digest and slow access to muscles. Therefore, if you wish, you can consume cheese before the workout, after which after a workout, the protein in it will reach the muscles and will help in muscle recovery.

Cottage cheese is also loaded with live cultures, which also helps in absorbing nutrients. Also helps to repair and strengthen the muscles. Therefore, it would be right to eat cheese as well.

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3. Seeds

Sore Muscles

Flax seeds, hemp seeds, and chia seeds are all good sources of omega-3, known as ALA or α-linolenic acid. Is known in

It is a fatty-acid building block that is used in your body to make hormones that do other functions including controlling inflammation and muscle contraction and relaxation.

Your body cannot make omega-3, so you should include it in your diet. Sources of omega-3s include soybeans, walnuts, seaweed, leafy greens, and wheat.

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4. Wholegrain

Many people stop eating carb. Eating quality carbs such as whole-grain bread or cereals helps to give energy to your body while exercising and can help prevent muscle spasms.

Consumption of carbs after exercise helps in fulfilling energy storage. Eating whole-grain bread will provide the body with many nutrients including fiber, protein, B vitamins, iron, zinc, magnesium, and copper.

Whole grains can be consumed by applying peanut butter on toast, which gives carbs and protein.

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5. Salmon

Fat fish salmon contains inflammation-fighting omega-3 fatty acids. It also comes with lean protein. Which helps in muscle restoration and building.

If you want, you can eat it as dinner at night. Consuming within 45 minutes of exercising can benefit greatly.

Conclusion: Consuming the above-mentioned foods can help a lot in reducing muscle soreness. But keep in mind that you can use them by asking an expert or trainer.

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