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side effects of eating corn flakes daily

Corn Flakes

side effects of eating corn flakes daily Whether you are losing weight, gaining muscles, have 9 to 6 office jobs, or going to college. Having a healthy breakfast is a must for everyone. A healthy breakfast is beneficial for your body in many ways. On the other hand, skipping or not having breakfast can cause many side effects.

The food in breakfast to lose weight and breakfast to gain weight are almost the same. They just have to be consumed according to the calories.

Most fitness freaks in American households consume the following foods for breakfast.

  • Fruits
  • Egg or Omelette
  • Egg and Vegetable Sandwich
  • Greek Yogurt and Fruits
  • High Protein Oatmeal
  • For some time, the trend of another food i.e. ‘cornflakes’ in breakfast has increased. Cornflakes are often considered a healthy food in American households. Both children and adults like to eat it with gusto. One of the reasons for consuming it more is because it is tasty.

People like to eat cornflakes mixed with milk. But have you tried to know its nutritional value before eating it? You should know whether the consumption of cornflakes is right for the body or not.

You hardly know about this. Seeing the tempting advertisements coming in TV and paper, you are consuming it, but you are not aware of its side effects. So today we are telling you the Side Effects Of Eating Corn Flakes Daily.

what are cornflakes

Side Effects Of Eating Corn Flakes Daily

Cornflakes are made from toasting flakes of corn. The cereal, originally made from wheat, was created by William Kellogg in 1894 for patients at the Battle Creek Sanitarium, where some of its benefits were observed.

Cornflakes are a packaged cereal, usually eaten with milk and sugar. After the original production, plain flakes are mixed with salt, sugar, and malt to impart an aroma. Most cornflakes are produced at the Trafford Park factory in Manchester, England. It is the largest cereal factory in the world.

Nowadays many varieties have come in the market, which is being sold with different tests. Let us now also know the Side Effects Of Eating Corn Flakes Daily.

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Side Effects Of Eating Corn Flakes

In this article Made Me Perfect we will give you full information about Side Effects Of Eating Corn Flakes Daily So let’s start reading.

1. Side Effects Of Eating Cornflakes Daily Nutrition value is zero

Cornflakes are consumed as a healthy breakfast option in American and abroad. But the nutritional value of cornflakes is zero. By consuming it, you are only putting blank calories in your body.

One cup of corn flakes contains 101 calories, 266 milligrams of sodium, and 24 grams of carbohydrates. Along with this, there are many ingredients like corn syrup and vegetable oil, which are not considered beneficial for health.

Due to its excessive consumption, blank calories go into the body, which can lead to many other problems with weight gain.

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2. Glycemic index is high

Cornflakes have a high glycemic index, which increases the chances of developing diabetes. The glycemic index is a measure of how quickly and by how much a food raises the sugar level in the body. Side Effects Of Eating Corn Flakes Daily

It is always calculated out of 100. A glycemic index of 55 or less is considered good. Whereas, foods with a glycemic index of 56 to 69 are considered medium and those with a glycemic index above 70 are considered high.

Cornflakes have a glycemic index of 81 ± 6. That is, 80 to 6 points can be reduced and 6 points can also increase.

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3. Corn syrup and sweetener

The normal taste of cornflakes is not good. When you eat raw, it feels as if you are eating raw oats or any cereal. Cornflakes go through several processes to make them tastier.

In this, it is also heated in sodium. After this, corn syrup and sweetener are also added to it for the test. There is a possibility of increasing blood sugar by consuming them. Side Effects Of Eating Corn Flakes Daily

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Healthy Alternatives for Cornflakes

If you really want to keep breakfast healthy then consuming oats or oatmeal will prove to be more beneficial. Apart from this, eating bread omelet, fresh juice, fruits, etc. also benefits the body.

Make sure to consume vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants in the morning along with fruits like apples, berries, or bananas. Protein-rich foods are known to increase insulin release, which will keep your blood sugar normal. Therefore, eat protein, healthy fat, and fiber-rich food as well.

Conclusion: You must have understood why cornflakes should not be consumed and what foods can be consumed instead. You can consult a doctor for more information. For more health-related information click here…

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