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Side Effects of Drinking too Much Diet Soda

Side Effects of Drinking too Much Diet Soda
Side Effects of Drinking too Much Diet Soda

Side Effects of Drinking too Much Diet Soda

The summer season has started and stalls of water cumin, lemonade, and sugarcane juice have been started on the roadside.

There are many benefits of drinking sugar cane juice (health benefits of sugarcane juice) and its consumption increases considerably in summer.

In such a situation, one can quench their thirst by drinking them and can keep their body hydrated. At the same time, some people also consume some foods to hydrate the body.

But it is not possible to always eat food because many people work or may even be out for some other reason. In such a situation, it becomes difficult to consume food.

Healthy fruits and vegetable juice are also consumed a lot to stay fit and lose weight.

Some people make the best homemade drinks at home, but often they consume soft drinks if they are out of the house. These drinks are also known as Diet soda.

Many types of soft drinks have started coming into the market these days, they are sold with different marketing strategies. Some claim zero calories and some claim zero sugar.

But I would like to tell you that if you read the label of soft drinks, then you will read their truth, but it does not happen. Because only 1 in 10 humans read its nutrition value before drinking.

Drinking these diet soft drinks also has many disadvantages. So today in the article we will tell you about the disadvantages or side effects of drinking a diet soft drink or diet soda. in this article Made me perfect we will give you full information about the Side Effects of Drinking too Much Diet Soda.

1. Increased waist circumference

According to 2 studies (2011 and 2015) conducted by the School of Medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio (2011 and 2015), 2 servings of diet soda were found, Diet coke, in particular, had increased waist by more than three inches.

At the same time, the size of the room of those who consumed them was 70 percent more than those who did not consume it. On the other hand, those who consumed it 2 or more times a day had a 500% increase in waistline compared to those who did not consume diet soft drinks.

According to Perdue University, the reason for this is that the sweetness of diet soft drinks increases and confuses the body’s natural calorie intake. Which makes you drink more drinks and then eat some snacks as well.

According to Brooke Alpert, the writer of The Sugar Detox Books, artificial sweeteners trigger insulin, which increases fat storage in your body, which leads to weight gain.

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2. Increase your risk of metabolic syndrome and diabetes

According to studies, diet soft drinks can increase the risk of metabolic syndrome and diabetes. A metabolic syndrome is a group of risk factors that increase the risk of stomach fat and many diseases related to high cholesterol, heart issues, and diabetes.

A study was conducted in 2008 at the University of Minnesota at about 10,000 adults. Which found that drinking 1 soda drink a day increases the risk of metabolic syndrome by 34%. Additionally, in another study, drinking diet soda increased the risk of metabolic syndrome by 36%, with the risk of type 2 diabetes increases by 67%.

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3. harm your heart

According to research by Karolinska Institute in Sweden, men who drank 2 or more servings of diet soda or drink had a 23% increased chance of heart failure.

In this study, 42.400 men were monitored for 12 years and they were observed. There were 3604 cases of heart failure among these people and 509 of them died.

The research did not differentiate between diet soda and regular soda but stated that both have the same effect. Diet soda included Diet Coke, Pepsi Max, and other beverages that use sweeteners to boost the test. This makes you feel better and drink more.

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4. It can cause kidney problems

According to a study conducted in 2009 on more than 3000 women, diet soda can aggravate kidney problems.

Researchers found that women who drank two or more diet sodas a day had a 30% decrease in kidney function.

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5. May increase depression

Diet coke contains aspartame or aspartame added to the EPA list of hazardous chemicals. The American Academy of Neurology has discovered that artificially sweetened beverages increase depression.

According to the author of this study, Hongley Chen, MD, Ph.D., North Carolina’s National Institutes of Health (Honglei Chen, MD, Ph.D., with the National Institutes of Health in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina), sweet beverages, coffee, and tea Drinks are usually worldwide, which does not cause much harm. But those who consume diet soft drinks or diet soda instead of them can be dangerous for their mental health.

Doing so can lead them to depression. So avoid doing this.

Conclusion: Now you must have understood that there can be many disadvantages of drinking diet soft drinks or diet soda on the go. Therefore, be it a diet soft drink or a normal soft drink, it should be avoided as much as possible.

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