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preparing pregnancy guidelines India

Preparing Pregnancy

Preparing Pregnancy Guidelines India If you have decided to become pregnant, you will definitely want your body to be able to nurture a new baby.

Many women pre-plan pregnancy to have a well-thought-out healthy pregnancy which is a common practice nowadays.

Also, the changes you make for a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy remain a part of your life even after pregnancy. In this article made me perfect we will give you full information about Preparing Pregnancy Guidelines India

tips Preparing Pregnancy

Preparing Pregnancy

Here are some tips that you can take care of in the process of Preparing Pregnancy your body for pregnancy; These are:

1. Preparing Pregnancy See the Doctor

Preparing Pregnancy

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that both you and your partner ensure the appointment with the doctor.

Doctors can give you information about any possible problems by analyzing the medical history of your family.

If there is a problem, you will be told its treatment. The doctor will also check if you are immune to serious illnesses.

You must be vaccinated against chickenpox and rubella; if not, you need to have them for three months before attempting to conceive.

The doctor can also examine sexually transmitted diseases in you and will also advise you to use the necessary precautions and remedies to improve the chances of a healthy pregnancy.

On the other hand, if you are taking any medical treatment for epilepsy, diabetes, high blood pressure or asthma, etc.

that requires regular medication, then you should consult your doctor to make the necessary changes in the treatment process before attempting to conceive. Need to meet.

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2. Stop the use of contraceptives

Preparing Pregnancy

Preparing Pregnancy It is mandatory for you to stop using any type of contraceptive if you have an IUD. If you have put it, you can get it removed by a gynecologist.

While some women become pregnant within the next two weeks of discontinuing contraceptive use, other women may take longer.

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3. Preparing Pregnancy Ensure your Diet

Preparing Pregnancy

Remove non-nutritious foods from your diet and prepare your body for pregnancy with healthy and organic food options and drink plenty of water as well.

Replacing carbohydrate-rich and unhealthy foods with healthier things like dry fruits and fruits can be beneficial for you and can reduce toxins from your body.

Also, avoid the consumption of raw eggs or half-cooked meat to avoid the risk of salmonella. If your b. If MI is over 30 and you are fat then it is especially important for you to have a nutritious diet.

Losing weight can also be a problem as it affects your menstrual cycle and may be the reason for not having menstruation.

Clearly, this means that your body cannot do ovulation in every cycle. If you are trying for a healthy pregnancy, then a healthy BMI from 19 to 25. Getting is a great option.

4. Preparing Pregnancy Exercise regularly

Preparing Pregnancy You have to do moderate level exercises for at least four to five days every week for about 30 minutes. If you are starting exercise for the first time, it may be helpful for you to walk for 20 minutes before you exercise heavily.

If you exercise regularly, you can do about 45 minutes of exercise daily five or six days a week.

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5. Focus on multivitamins the most

Preparing Pregnancy

Most doctors recommend women take a multivitamin to compensate for the lack of vitamins in their bodies.

This prenatal vitamin can help overcome any nutritional deficiency that may occur just before you become pregnant. It is essential for you to increase your intake of iron and calcium-rich foods.

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6. Preparing Pregnancy Folic Acid

Preparing Pregnancy Keep folic acid at the top of your vitamin supplements, it helps prevent the possibility of nerve tube defects during pregnancy. Although it is available at chemists, the doctor can get the supplement checked.

It is advisable to take 400 to 800 micrograms of folic acid daily before conception. Once you are pregnant, doctors can adjust the dosage as needed.

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7. Stop Smoking, Alcohol

Preparing Pregnancy

These three activities are undoubtedly harmful to both you and your child. Fumigation can increase the number of toxins in both and may reduce your blood flow. This habit also affects your fertility and can also lead to premature labor, miscarriage, and stillbirth.

Your alcohol-drinking habit can cause long-lasting and developmental problems in an unborn child and can also put him at risk. It is illegal to use narcotics (drugs) and may be prone to miscarriage, stillbirth, etc.

A child dependent on the addiction to drugs (drugs), such as heroin and cocaine, may also be born. If your partner smokes, it would also be wise to ask them to quit because smoking can also be a reason for low sperm count.

The hobby of smoking, especially during pregnancy, is not at all good. A limited intake of caffeine per day is also the best idea because pregnant women only need 350 milliliters a day. It is advisable to take caffeine.

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8. Try Stress-Free 

Preparing Pregnancy Attempts to conceive can be quite stressful and can increase your cortisol levels by preventing ovulation and sex drive, so managing stress is extremely important. You can try various stress relief measures like yoga, meditation, music, reading, etc.

9. Get enough sleep

Preparing Pregnancy

A good night’s rest can provide your body with better energy to function daily. Lack of sleep can cause stress, reduce your sex drive, and you may also feel tired all the time due to this deficiency.

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10. Preparing Pregnancy Teeth Checking

Preparing Pregnancy Gum disease in prenatal pain is associated with weight loss at birth. Consult a doctor for a dental examination and resolve the problem before you become pregnant.

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11. Get complete information about conception

Talk to a doctor and get all the information you need before starting a pregnancy. It is also important that you read as much as possible for this information, what you need to know in the coming months, as well as track your cycle.

Knowing that when you are ovulating, your chances of pregnancy can increase significantly, you can use an ovulation kit for this.

12. Add Your Partner

Your partner’s responsibility in conceiving or preparing to conceive is as much as yours. You can also ask your partner to start consuming folic acid, as it helps increase the amount of sperm.

Your partner also needs to strive to be healthy and healthy and is advised to abstain from smoking, alcohol, or other drugs, it is important for both to have a healthy lifestyle in order to have a healthy pregnancy.

It is always advised that you, as well as your partner, should visit the doctor and both of you should get your examination done because 30 percent of the reasons for infertility are due to male infertility. Preparing Pregnancy

As you prepare to bring a new guest to your home, it is important that you prepare yourself mentally for this task as well.

You have to take care and care for the child and provide the most suitable environment for its development. By making some fundamental changes in lifestyle, this work can be better contributed.

Also, keep in mind that conceiving can be easy for some and equally difficult for some, if you are unable to conceive immediately, do not get discouraged. You have to give it time and be patient and the most important is that you enjoy this process.

If you are experiencing serious problems, have your doctor investigate their possible causes and seek treatment that you can cure.

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