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Pregnancy Pillow – Benefits, Types and How to Use

Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy Pillow – Benefits, Types and How to Use

Pregnancy is an exciting and challenging time for women. During these nine months, the pregnant woman has to be fully cared for and protected so that both mother and baby are safe and they get the necessary nutrition. (Vegetarian Pregnancy: Vegetarian Pregnancy benefits )

As much as the unborn baby needs maximum nutrition to grow from inside and for a healthy delivery, a mother should take care that she is protected externally. Therefore it is important that the pregnant woman is in a safe environment where she can stay comfortable and move around comfortably. (Pregnancy Cramps: Causes of Cramps During Pregnancy)

The most important thing for a pregnant woman to pay attention to is the position in which she sleeps. Many times your partner or family people stay awake overnight fearing that you may not be sleeping in a position that can cause any harm to the child. (Fear of pregnancy How to break out of the fear)

The design of a regular mattress is not comfortable for pregnant women and it causes discomfort in sleeping as well as body aches. That’s why pregnancy pillows are necessary for them. (10 Common Pregnancy Problems and their Solutions)

In this article Made me perfect we will give you full information about Pregnancy Pillow – Benefits, Types and How to Use so let’s start reading. (How to Choose Right Bra During Pregnancy)

What is Pregnancy Pillow?

Pregnancy Pillow

Maternity or pregnancy pillows are specially designed to support women’s changing bodies and their sleeping positions during pregnancy. This pillow supports the whole body of women, so its size is bigger than normal. With the help of a maternity pillow, a pregnant woman has a lot of comfort in sleeping. It is very beneficial for the later days of pregnancy when it becomes a challenge for women to sleep in a normal position.

Benefits of using a pregnancy pillow

The main advantage of a pregnancy pillow is that this pillow supports the body of women so that they can sleep comfortably. Following are the benefits of a pregnancy pillow, let’s find out;

Pregnancy Pillow reduces body pain

As the bodyweight of women increases during pregnancy, due to which there is a lot of pressure on their back, hips, and legs. It is very important to get rest in these parts of the body and this is possible only when you sleep in the right position. These parts of the body are facilitated by a pregnancy pillow and the woman gets complete rest with the relief of pain.

Increases blood circulation

Pregnant women are advised to lie on their side as it increases blood circulation. Lying on one side of pregnant women may be inconvenient due to the increased abdomen. With the help of pregnancy pillows, pregnant women can be helped to lie on their sides and this also increases blood circulation in their bodies.

Get rest and sleep well

To stay healthy and safe during pregnancy, you need to get enough rest and pregnancy pillows can help you sleep well.

Pregnancy Pillow beneficial after delivery

A maternity pillow can be very useful for you even after the baby is born as it helps to keep the baby in the right position during breastfeeding so that the baby can learn to latch.

When can you start using the pregnancy pillow?

Although there is no fixed time to use the pregnancy pillow, you can use it anytime when you have a lot of discomfort in sleeping. Around the 20th week of pregnancy, the woman’s abdomen starts to increase, which causes her to have pain in the ligaments and other parts of the body due to weight gain. You can start using a pregnancy pillow around this time.

Different types of pregnancy pillows and how to use them

There are many types of pregnancy pillows and they are available in different shapes and sizes. Each type of pillow helps meet different needs. Pregnant women should choose maternity pillows only after understanding their inconveniences. Every pregnancy is different and its discomforts are also different. Different types of pillows are needed in different situations. Here are some types of maternity pillows, let’s learn;

pregnancy wedges pillow

The pregnancy wedge pillow is also called a maternity cushion and it is the smallest in size. This pillow can also be used during or after pregnancy. There are two types of pillows available, the first round wazes pillow and the second triangular wail pillow.

How to use

You can keep this pillow under the stomach or on the back to support the side of your stomach or body at bedtime. This pillow can also be used as a standard pillow. It provides relief in heartburn and reflux problems as this pillow keeps your head elevated.

Full-length pregnancy pillow

This pregnancy pillow is long and gives support to the whole body. This pillow provides comfort to the hands and feet and supports the stomach. Although you can sleep hugging this pillow, this pillow does not give enough support to your back. There are two types of these pillows, first a straight full-length pregnancy pillow and second flexible full-length pillow.

How to use

The full-length pregnancy pillow is designed in such a way that a woman can sleep with a hug or cuddle, they cannot be placed under the abdomen or on the back. You can also sleep with the pillow in the middle and cuddle it.

A total body pregnancy pillow

The height of these pillows is 5 to 6 inches, which is great for women of every height. Women should use these pillows in the second trimester of pregnancy as it supports the spinal cord and helps reduce back pain.

There are two types of this pillow, let us know;

c shaped pillow

As the name suggests, the shape of this pillow is like the letter ‘C’ and this pillow gives support to the head, abdomen, legs, and back.

How to use

This pillow is very useful for women who sleep in the riding position. In this, you can place your head on the top of the pillow and sleep with the back curved on one side.

You shaved pillow

U shape pillows are for those women who like to sleep on their back but are unable to lie on their back due to the growing belly. This pillow supports the whole body, abdomen, and back.

How to use

This pillow is used in the same way as the C shape pillow. The upper part of the U shape pillow helps to relax the head and keep the body supported by the pillow. You can sleep on one side of this pillow with your legs supported.

Pregnancy pillows are very useful and convenient for women. If during pregnancy your sleep is disturbed due to pain in your back or body, then a pregnancy pillow helps in reducing the pain of your back and body.

How to choose the right pregnancy pillow

Different types of pillows have different uses. Therefore, you can use pregnancy pillows according to your needs and facilities. Before buying a pregnancy pillow, keep the following things in mind.

Can the pillow cover be removed and washed or replaced?

It is very important to keep cleanliness during pregnancy. At this time, women sweat a lot and this sweat is absorbed by the pillow cover. If you use a removable pillow cover, this can help keep your pillow clean and hygienic.

Pillow’s Filling

The filling material used in the pillow can be of many types and they all have different characteristics. These affect your sleep quality and facilities. Here various types of material have been described, let us know;

  • Polyester Fiber Filling: This is the most well-known filling of the pillow in which the polyester is very soft and provides support to the whole body. The softness of this pillow can be changed by increasing or decreasing the filling of the fiber. Although this material is used for many things and it is also very useful, it absorbs material to heat and also contains dirt and bacteria very quickly so those who are allergic to dust or dirt should use this pillow. Advice is not given. It lasts for about 2 years.
  • Styrofoam Ball Filling: This pillow is cheaper than others and is made by filling it with Styrofoam balls. Styrofoam balls are small white balls that are also used in bean bags. Pillows made from this material are very light and are air-filled, due to which it easily fits into the shape of your body and it helps in providing extra support and comfort to the body. However, this type of pillow should not be used for a long time.
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  • Filling of microbeads: These are small, light balls that are filled like sand in a pillow. This pillow is very soft and you can take it with you wherever you go.
  • Memory foam pillows: Memory pillows are a little firmer and take your shape at bedtime. This pillow gives good support to the body and helps in reducing pain.
  • Buckwheat Filling: This pillow is made by stuffing buckwheat in a cotton bag. These pillows are organic and reduce the chances of allergies and overheating. Buckwheat pillows are durable and can be used for a long time.
  • Therapeutic filling: Experts recommend this pillow for pregnant women. In this, the polyester pouch used in the pillow is filled with water. Its texture helps in supporting the head and reduces neck pain.
  • Organic filling: Organic pillows are filled with natural materials, such as wool, bamboo, fiber, and kapok. This type of pillow is eco-friendly, does not contain any chemicals, and is great for women who are allergic to dust. One of the bad things about organic pillows is that they are difficult to clean and once used removes the actual shape.

3. Pillow Size

A large size pillow can take up more space in the bed and it can also make you feel heavy. The large pillow is perfect for women who move their heads a lot while sleeping.

4. Pillow’s smell and noise

If you move or turn a little while sleeping, then there is a strange sound in many types of pillows. Pillows that contain Styrofoam should not be used. Because if your sleep is very raw then this pillow can spoil your sleep. A pillow that is not organic can also have a chemical smell. While choosing the pillow, you must take care of these two things, because they can affect you daily.

5. Softness of the Pillow

It depends on different people how soft their pillow should be. Soft pillows should not be used as they do not provide any support. When it comes to supporting the body and head, a little hard pillow is better for this.

6. Hypoallergenic Pillow

For women who are allergic to dirt or dust, the hypoallergenic pillow is the best pillow. It is very important to avoid allergies during pregnancy and these pillows help in avoiding them.

7. Pillow according to body type and sleeping position

While choosing a pregnancy pillow, one also needs to keep in mind the body type of the pregnant woman and the position she sleeps in. Here are some of the body types and sleeping positions of women, let’s find out;

  • Pillows for Plus Size Women: C shape pillows are best for plus-size women. The design of this pillow helps you to lie down comfortably.
  • Short Height Women: According to the height of the body, petite pillows are best for short women.
  • Pillows for women who sleep on their sides: There are many different types of pillows available for women who sleep on their sides.
  • Pillow for women who sleep on their back: Although it is better not to sleep on your back, still, if you sleep, then the snuggle pregnancy pillow is the best for you. The snuggle pillow supports and facilitates the head, neck, back, hips, and abdomen according to the woman’s shape.
  • Pillow for women sleeping on the stomach: Sleeping on the stomach can cause pain in the body and it can also cause problems of snoring. A memory foam pillow or bamboo pillow is the best for women who sleep on their stomachs.
  • Pillow for pregnant women with twins: Women who are pregnant with twins have a large belly, so they should use U-shaped pregnancy pillows. This gives them better support and comfort.

Sometimes choosing a pregnancy pillow can be a bit daunting and for that, you need to be very careful. If you feel discomfort after using a pregnancy pillow then you stop using it immediately.

Tips to improve sleep during pregnancy

  • Eat small amounts before sleeping as it helps you with heartburn and acid reflux. During this time, you should also avoid eating spicy and fatty foods so that you do not have digestive problems.
  • You should be active throughout the day by doing exercises and yoga. Exercising improves your blood pressure, which helps you sleep well.
  • You should take more and more fluids during the daytime, but do not drink too much water before going to bed because it can wake you up at night and can spoil your sleep.

frequently asked Questions

Why are regular pillows not beneficial for pregnant women?

Due to the design, the pregnant woman does not get the necessary support from the regular pillow. Regular pillows can slip anywhere while sleeping, which can cause pain and discomfort in your body. However, if you are used to your pillow and feel comfortable using it even during pregnancy, then you should use your regular pillow.

How are pregnancy pillows and body pillows different?

The pregnancy pillow is specifically designed to support the shape and size of a pregnant woman’s changing body – it has lots of curves and contours to match the shape of the woman. On the other hand, body pillows are long and straight. Although some women are comfortable with the use of body pillows, other pregnant women choose pregnancy pillows due to the convenience and shape.

Although a pregnancy pillow may not seem to be necessary for many essentials for a pregnant woman, it is an important thing that provides facilities and support to the woman. It is very important to choose the right pregnancy pillow according to the needs of the mother. During pregnancy, due to weight gain, women have pain in their body and back and the right type of pillow helps to reduce this pain. Apart from this, this pillow helps the pregnant woman to sleep comfortably which is very important for the overall health of the baby and the mother.

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