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Postpartum massage Benefits-all information

Postpartum Massage
Postpartum Massage

Postpartum Massage Benefits – all information You have recently welcomed a new joy in your life and by now you must have realized how challenging life is after becoming a mother. At this time all your attention is just towards the child and due to which you will hardly get time to take care of yourself – we understand this! But if you do not pay attention to your health, then in the future your physical problems can become even more serious.

Women often have body pain after childbirth, especially if you have had a delivery through a c-section and you can undergo post-natal massage to correct this pain and to make yourself fully healthy.

Postpartum massage helps to relax your stressed muscles, calms the pain, and can help you recover emotionally and physically. But should a woman get a postnatal massage after C-section delivery? Read this article for the benefits, prevention, and all other information about getting a massage after a C-section. In this article made me perfect we will give you full information about Benefits of Postnatal massage – all information

so let’s know Benefits of Postnatal massage – all information

What is a postpartum massage?

Postpartum Massage

Massaging the mother’s entire body after giving birth is called ‘postpartum massage’. Postpartum massage is performed by an experienced midwife who has enough experience to massage after delivery. You can call the midwife home and have it done when you have time. Postpartum massage is especially beneficial for mothers who have undergone C-section delivery. C section wounds may take some time to heal.

If you have a c-section delivery, you may experience pain, especially around the wound. You can opt for a massage to get a full recovery, but consult a doctor before getting a massage. Doctors suggest that if women have a C-section delivery, they should wait for about six weeks before getting an abdominal massage.

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Benefits of postpartum massage

Postpartum massage reduces the physical stress of women and provides them comfort. After a c-section delivery, it takes some time for the scar to heal. A few weeks after delivery, a woman may opt for a postnatal massage.

Massaging after delivery helps to soothe and relieve pain and improve blood flow to the area of ​​the wound. Massage after a C section specifically ensures that the tissue inside the wound does not affect other internal organs and you do not have to face long-term problems. Postpartum massage has the following advantages:

  • Postpartum massage helps to increase blood flow and oxygen to the muscles, so that affected women are relaxed and they recover quickly.
  • accelerates the healing process and reduces inflammation by removing excess fluid and waste products from the body.
  • This gives more comfort to women who have recently become mothers. Since massage helps the brain secrete the endorphin hormone and this hormone makes one feel better and relaxes the women. The massage also helps in better sleep.
  • Massage, a recently mummified woman, helps improve a woman’s mood and reduce stress levels, helping the woman overcome depression.
  • Postnatal massage can ensure rapid recovery. However, if a woman has had a C-section delivery, she should wait for her C-section to be massaged until the wound heals.

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Postpartum Massage After C Section

Postpartum Massage

postpartum massage after c section As previously mentioned, doctors recommend waiting for at least two weeks before getting a full body postpartum massage after c section. This is done to ensure that your body does not suffer from any infection after a c-section, as your body is more sensitive and weak after delivery.

Since the baby lactates during this period and its immunity is also low, it is perfectly right to wait for one to two weeks or more for a full body massage and get well. You can get ahead, foot, and back massage after a C-section, but do not get an abdominal massage for at least 6-7 weeks.

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What oils can you use for a postpartum massage after a c-section

Generally, mustard oil, sesame oil, and coconut oil are considered safe for a massage after delivery, but it is better to ask a doctor. The massage midwife may bring with her a special oil that is best for pregnant women, especially after a C-section to do an abdominal massage.

Pay attention to how your baby responds to the smell of oil. If he does not like it or if he is allergic to this oil, change the oil, especially the oil that you massage daily because the baby is near you while breastfeeding and it can cause problems.

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Why is there a need to massage a C-section wound?

When your C-section wound is healed, there is a possibility of the tissue growing in all directions due to normal delivery and this scar tissue grows on either side. It can interfere with the internal activities of your body and may come in contact with other organs such as the bladder and may affect its normal activities.

This random treatment can also be slow and painful, which will increase your recovery time and may even cause you to get up and sit. Body massage after C-section will help normalize this growth, improve effective area blood flow and at the same time encourage better growth and healing. Only an experienced masseur who is skilled in this kind of massage should be allowed to do this job as he would know how to handle such a delicate area.

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What happens if you do not get a massage after a C-section

If an abdominal massage is not performed after a C-section delivery, it can cause long-term problems. Your wound can heal over time and look right, but your body may need help to heal this area affected by a C-section.

Scar tissue can also accumulate on other organs such as the bladder or even the uterus, and can also result in very serious effects on other organs, such as infertility. You may also have pelvic and back pain. However, getting a massage after delivery can bring comfort to your body and encourage healing.

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How often do wounds need to be massaged after healing?

To speed up the healing process and encourage skin growth in the affected area, it is advisable to have a postpartum massage once a day. However, you should make sure that your midwife who is massaging you is experienced and that she performs the massage, especially in the abdomen with very little pressure with a light hand.

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Some precautions when massaging after a C-section

Everything you do for your body after a c-section should be done carefully. During c-section postpartum massage you need to take some of the following precautions, such as;

  • Do not get massaged immediately after delivery. Wait for one to two weeks or more, it is better to consult a doctor to check how long you may need to wait before getting a stomach massage.
  • Make sure that your massage midwife is specially trained in giving the postpartum massage, especially for an abdominal massage after C-section.
  • Ask your masseur midwife to gently massage the wound and surrounding area and you can also tell her not to put too much pressure while massaging.
  • Pay attention to your body’s reaction when using oil for massage and immediately change the oil as soon as you see something wrong.

When should one avoid postpartum massage?

If you have complications during delivery or the doctor has advised you not to massage, avoid abdominal massage after C-section. Even if you have skin tightness, eczema, rashes, or allergies, you should take care not to get massaged as this can increase your problems further. If the effective area is very sensitive and you are in a lot of pain, then wait longer before getting a massage and make sure you find a midwife who is a good masseur.

Listen to your body and you will never make a wrong decision. Use it to reduce the most severe stress of the body and realize that as a mother you will need a few things to heal your body and to help take better care of the baby.

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