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Perfume Harmful side effects on your skin

Perfume Harmful

Perfume Harmful side effects on your skin The whole house smells with your fragrance…. You must have heard this ghazal. A fragrance is a feeling … A fragrance is a connection, fragrance has familiarity and memories. When I meet someone, I say that I still remember the scent of it. Years pass, but it is a fragrance that is felt throughout.

We smell ourselves and our relationships with these fragrances. Be it a dressing table or a washroom or a drawing-room, take a look and see, from perfume bottles to body wash, from room freshener to body oil, we are surrounded by fragrances everywhere.

There is a variety of fragrances in the market in attractive bottles, in different ways, at many prices. We buy them but have never thought that you can have a chemical reaction due to the chemical locked in closed containers. One or two use of course will not do anything, but you can have many disadvantages due to its use for a long time.

In this article Made me perfect we will give you full information about Perfume Harmful Side Effects On Your Skin.

Perfume Harmful to the skin

Perfume Harmful

Perfume Harmful: Whether it is a room freshener or a concentrated candle or your favorite perfume, it contains many harmful chemicals that can cause damage to the skin. Rashes can range from allergies to dermatitis or eczema. We know that sweating is a natural process, but still, we use dio or perfume to stop that smell. The use of these products creates a deadlock in this natural process. According to research, excessive use of perfume and deodorant affects sweat glands.

Perfume Harmful in pregnancy

Perfume Harmful

Perfume Harmful: Perfume should not be used in pregnancy. Some research has shown the use of hormonal disturbances in its use. Further, some research suggests that diethyl phthalate (DEP) found in it may also cause developmental disorders in newborn children (especially boys). After which it is used as much as possible in pregnancy.

Perfume Harmful in Respiratory problems

Perfume Harmful: Some fragrances can cause problems like burning in the eyes, sore throat. For people who have trouble with sinus or asthma, this problem can increase even more.

Nervousness and depression

Perfume Harmful

Excessive use of fragrances has also been observed to cause sleepiness, nervousness, and a feeling of restlessness. Those who have the problem of stress or depression should also choose I’m Khushbubas carefully.

Hormonal disturbances

We sprinkle on the fragrances, but the harmful chemicals found in them can disturb our hormones. Mood and behavior may have an impact, along with an increased risk of endocrine cancer, thyroid disturbances, PCOS, obesity, and even diabetes.

Other problems

It is often heard that this scent causes headaches, rashes, or a burning sensation as soon as the perfume is applied. Not only this, there are many harmful chemicals in perfumes that can cause many serious diseases. Propylene glycol found in perfumes causes an allergic reaction in the body. It is also sometimes used in perfumes or creams. This also increases the risk of kidney damage and can also cause cancer.

What can be done

Perfume Harmful: Keeping in mind your health condition, please read the label before purchasing any product. Nowadays there are many products on the market which are fragrance-free.

If the product contains perfume, eugenol aromas, geraniol, linalool, etc., it should be avoided.

If you are pregnant or have had an allergic reaction recently, then explain it to your peers and ask them to use less of the fragrance.

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