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Oiling Belly Button Benefits are Good for Health

Oiling Belly Button Benefits Are Good For Health

oiling belly button benefits are good for health Do you apply oil to the navel?

In a country like India, there has been a tradition of applying oil to the navel for thousands of years. In India, midwives who massage newborn babies, apply some oil on their navel. This process has been followed for thousands of years.

The process of applying oil to the navel is called ‘navel lubrication’ in Ayurveda. Whereas, modern scientists call it Pekoti Method Pechoti Method, Belly Button Oiling or Navel Oiling in the English language.

In my mind, there were many questions about whether applying oil to the navel is an Ayurvedic process? Does applying oil to the navel benefit the body or skin? Or, what is the scientific basis of this process? What does science think about applying oil to the navel?

In this article, we will tell you in a research-based manner, Oiling Belly Button Benefits Are Good For Health? Why should oil be applied to the navel? How does this process work and is it a safe habit to apply oil to the navel?

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What Is The Pechoti Method?

Oiling Belly Button Benefits Are Good For Health

Pechoti Intake Method is said to apply oil to the navel. It is believed that the Pecoti gland below the navel can absorb essential oils through the navel. Due to this belief, people also do navel massage to get relief from stomach pain.

In Africa and Mexico, there is also a belief that the Pecoti gland can soak up CBD oil or cannabis oil in the body. However, no evidence has been found that any such gland is found in the body.

The Pechoti method comes from Ayurvedic medicines. Ayurveda is the ancient method of treatment born in India. It focuses on making connections between physical and spiritual health.

But there is no clinical evidence that the Pecoti gland is present below the navel or in any other part of the body.

According to the review study conducted on Ayurvedic medicines in the year 2014, only one scientific study has been done on Ayurvedic medicines. This study was also a collection of 7000 other studies.

No research has been done on it since then. This does not mean, however, that myths about Pecoti Method have stopped spreading.

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Does It Transfer Through Old Umbilical Cord Tissue?

Oiling Belly Button Benefits Are Good For Health

This belief actually stands on the basis of a fact. The fact is that when the body is in the womb, at that time it takes nutrients only through the umbilical cord and the umbilical cord.

It is believed that, since nutrients were being transferred from the umbilical cord to the womb, essential oils can also be passed through the same tissue. But the biggest drawback to this fact is that after the birth of the child, the umbilical cord is cut.

Once it comes out of the uterus, the flow of blood and liquid through the umbilical cord gradually stops. The doctor then cuts the umbilical cord, which is the only means of contact between the child and the mother.

The remaining that remains after this is your navel. After birth, the skin tissue of the navel hardens and turns into solid ligaments. They dry up or fall off. After this, there is no remaining gland that has the ability to absorb anything.

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Does It Give You Essential Oil Benefits?

You cannot absorb the oil through your navel, but the fragrance of the oil remains on the body. The method of applying oil can also give peace of mind.

Research shows that many oils, including CBD oil or hemp oil, are applied to the skin to reduce pain and soothe the mind.

According to a 2016 study, applying CBD oil on the skin of mice gave relief to joint pain in arthritis problems.

According to a review study of the year 2018, applying CBD oil on the skin relieves pain and provides mental peace.

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Is Oiling Your Belly Button Safe To Try?

Yes! Applying a little oil on the navel does not cause any harm.

But, there is no need to press or push the navel too loudly. Because there are many veins in the stomach and this pressure can cause abdominal pain.

Apart from this, attention is also needed to be applied to the oil applied to the navel. Note that the oil you are going to use. It does not cause any allergy to the body. Because the use of the wrong oil can cause a burning sensation in the navel.

Some oils, such as peppermint, tea tree oil, or eucalyptus, may also cause irritation or pain. Especially if a large quantity of them is used together.

If you are going to use essential oil, then note that, first of all, be sure to dilute them with a carrier oil. Never use essential oil in the nose or eyes.

The Takeaway

Oil cannot be absorbed through the navel. Because nothing like the Pechoti gland is found in the body. But Pechoti method has some other benefits. But they are more related to massage and essential oil. If you also want to try them for these benefits then definitely try.

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