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Lemongrass Benefits and Use Lemongrass

Lemongrass Benefits and Use Lemongrass
Lemongrass Benefits and Use Lemongrass
Benefits of green tea, control diabetes, reduce weight, and how to make

Lemongrass Benefits and Use Lemongrass is one such plant. Which is exactly like a green onion. It has a lemon flavor and aroma. Which works to increase the taste of food.

But what do you know That this simple looking plant can help protect you from many diseases like headache, cold, fever, etc.

Lemongrass has tremendous medicinal properties. It would not be wrong to call Lemon Grass a magical herb.

Because it contains vitamin A, folic acid, zinc, copper, iron, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and manganese.

So let us tell you about the benefits of lemongrass.


  • Lemongrass is considered to be full of anti-cancer, antidepressant properties.
  • The properties of lemongrass iron and calcium are found
  • Elements that stimulate the brain are found in Lenum Grass.

The use of lemongrass is beneficial for health

1. Cold-cough:

Lemongrass is used for cold-cough and phlegm Taking lemongrass tea can relieve cold and cough.

2. Memory:

Elements that stimulate the brain are found in Lenum Grass. Use lemongrass in the diet to speed up your memory.

Its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, properties are considered beneficial for health.

3. Constipation:

Lemongrass tea is considered beneficial for stomach problems.

Due to the presence of anti-oxidant properties, it can protect against

stomach diseases such as stomach ache,

constipation, cramps, and diarrhea.

4. Anemia:

The use of Lemon Grass tea is considered very beneficial to overcome the deficiency of anemia.

Because it contains iron and calcium properties,

we can use it in both fresh and dry forms.

5. Relieves digestive problems:

Research has found that lemongrass is a very effective treatment for digestive problems like constipation, diarrhea, and indigestion. The compound present in lemongrass is very beneficial for the citral stomach.

“Not only this, it contains a lot of antioxidants. Regular intake of lemongrass proves to be very beneficial for the digestive system. “

6. Lemongrass relieves anemia:

Several types of research have found that drinking one cup of lemongrass tea every day makes a significant difference in hemoglobin in a month. The nutrients present in lemongrass are responsible for this. Lemongrass is rich in folic acid, copper, thiamine, iron, and zinc.

“It is beneficial to replace lemongrass tea over your normal spice tea. It does not contain tannins and caffeine and is very beneficial for health.

7. effective in weight loss:

Let us tell you, even the big celebrities of Bollywood also sing Lemongrass Tea. its is beneficial for health increases metabolism, which leads to weight loss.

Not only this, it is a natural diuretic i.e. it removes excess water from the body. Is not it miraculous?

8. it is also beneficial for your skin:

Yes, lemongrass is very beneficial for your hair and skin. The antioxidants present in lemongrass are responsible for this.

its also has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties,

which makes the skin clean.

All you need to do is to add a few drops of lemongrass oil to your coconut or olive oil and apply it on the face and hair. It will strengthen hair follicles and keep away all types of itching.

(How to make lemongrass tea)

Lemongrass tea is ayurvedic tea, beneficial for health in every season, winter or summer.

Ingredients :

  • Three cups of water
  • Lemongrass pieces to taste
  • One tsp honey
  • Basil leaves as per taste
  • A small piece of ginger
  • 1/2 lemon juice


  1. Put water in a pan and keep it for heating in gas.
  2. Clean the lemongrass in it and add fine pieces.
  3. Finely crush ginger with basil leaves.
  4. Let it cook on low heat for 5 minutes.
  5. When it boils well, and the lemongrass has a very strong aroma, turn off the gas.
  6. Put an equal amount of honey and lemon juice in both cups, add hot tea and stir with a spoon.
  7. In this way, garnish with a chopped lemon cup.

(How to use lemongrass)

Many medicinal properties are found in this herb which is very beneficial for health.

Its use is very beneficial for the nervous system, skin, and immune system. Its intake helps to stay away from type-2 diabetes, obesity, cancer, stomach diseases, insomnia, and respiratory diseases.

This citrus-flavored grass is full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, and vitamin C, which produces the ability to fight against diseases. It contains many nutrients like calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, protein, fat, carbohydrate, mineral, potassium, sodium, zinc, copper, manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin A, etc.

(These are the benefits of lemongrass)

-Lemongrass has properties to relieve many diseases including cancer. This grass has a special element called citral. These elements are effective in preventing cancer cells in the initial stage. This grass has been found to be very beneficial in breast cancer and skin cancer.

– Consumption of lemongrass helps improve digestion. It helps in getting rid of digestive problems like stomach bloating, flatulence, stomach cramps, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, and cramps.

– For children who do not sleep easily, their intake is beneficial.

Lemongrass is useful in various types of anemia. Lack of iron in the body can be accomplished by its regular intake.

– Helps detoxify the body by removing toxins from the body. It helps to keep the kidney and liver healthy by reducing uric acid levels.

-Magnesium, phosphorus, and folate are important nutrients required for the nervous system. This improves concentration, memory, and brain capacity. Consuming lemongrass can work.

-Lemongrass helps in keeping away bacterial, fungal, or yeast infections, as it has antiseptic properties. This increases weight control.

Using lemongrass oil can provide relief in arthritis or arthritis.

(Lemongrass benefits for the skin)

It also has analgesic properties, so it is also very effective in various types of pain.

Lemongrass provides relief from pain and strain of the body, joints, head, and muscles.

Green tea made from lemongrass has the ability to fight many diseases. It destroys toxic substances from the body.

Helps to cleanse the body. It is an effective medicine for common cough, cold, and tiredness.

  • The ingredients present in Lemon Grass oil are free of infection and fungus.
  • Lemon Grass oil is helpful in removing dandruff. It removes itching, infection in the skin of the head.
  • it is highly beneficial in treating acne.
  • The element present in Lemon Grass strengthens hair.
  • It gives shine hair growth and prevents hair fall.
  • A few drops of Lemon Grass act as a deodorant.
  • Add a few drops of Lemon Grass oil to the hot water. The nature of the lemongrass protects the pimples by cleaning out the blackheads and pores.
  • Boil the Lemon Grass in hot water and filter it. Wash hair with this water.
  • Apply Lemon Grass water around the pimples, which prevents pimples.
  • To remove dandruff, filter it by putting it in hot water and apply it on the head and hair.

Disclaimer: This content only provides general information, including advice. It is not a substitute for qualified medical opinion by any means. Always consult a specialist or your doctor for more information. Made me perfect does not claim responsibility for this information.

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