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Laughter Yoga Benefits and Training

Laughter Yoga Benefits and Training: Laughter yoga or humor yoga is a popular practice in today’s time. Although this is a long-standing tradition. Originating from the Nath tradition, humor yoga was started by a great guru named Guru Gorakhnath. He has practiced and preached a yoga philosophy ‘Haseeba Kheliba Dariba Meditation’. It means: ‘The Art of Laughing, Playing and Meditation’. (Eye Yoga to Remove Glasses)

He started this philosophy to teach his disciples the fun and easy nature of yoga. believed that yoga gurus need not be completely serious and they can attain samadhi while enjoying this ancient science and art of yoga. (Yogalates Exercise Benefits and poses)

He taught his students and disciples to incorporate light fun into their practice before turning to meditation. Not only this, through humorous yoga, he taught his students to avoid suffering from depression, sadness, despair, or any kind of mental health disorder. (Slip Disc Yoga Asanas and Poses)

According to yoga guru Akshar, it was initially practiced only in the Himalayas, but now it has become a very popular and common form of yoga practice among people of all age groups. On weekends, people from most of the community gather in the park and practice humorous yoga. (YOGA BURN BOOTY CHALLENGE)

In this article Made me perfect We will give you full information about Laughter Yoga Benefits and Training so let’s start reading. (Yoga and 21 Asanas: What is their right way?)

What is Laughter Yoga?

Laughter Yoga

Laughter yoga or humor yoga is a popular version of yoga in which people laugh out loud and release tension from the body. This yoga is beneficial for you in many ways. Its practice helps you reduce stress and anxiety. By practicing it in the morning, you get freshness for the whole day.

Humor yoga is not only known to be very beneficial for your physical health, but more importantly, it has a positive effect on everyone’s mental wellness. It makes you calmer. With this attitude, Humor Yoga teaches us that we can be ready to face any challenge.

Benefits of Laughter Yoga

Humor Yoga is only the beginning of Yoga practice and it instills in you a sense of healthy curiosity to delve deeper into other Yoga practices and learn about Yogasanas, Pranayama, Dhyana, Mudras, Siddhanta, etc. Let’s know its benefits-

1. Lower Blood Pressure

Doing light exercise and breathing yoga can help reduce blood pressure. It helps reduce the level of the stress hormone cortisol in your blood, which reduces the risk of many heart diseases.

2. Good Aerobic Exercise

You can burn calories by practicing Laughter Yoga. In fact, you can burn as many calories during 100 laughs as you would in a 10-minute walk. Humor yoga massages your internal organs and keeps them healthy.

3. Laughter Yoga Improve Concentration

While laughing, the flow of oxygen in your body is better, due to which a sufficient amount of oxygen reaches your brain. This allows your brain to work better and improves your concentration.

4. Laughter Yoga Improving the Immune System

Laughing loudly increases the flow of lymphatic fluid and increases the number of lymphocytes. These are the killer cells of our body that fight infection. Therefore, increasing the number of lymphocytes improves your immunity.

5. You Live Happy

Who doesn’t feel better after laughing out loud? Although Humor Yoga begins with a voluntary laugh, it soon turns into genuine laughter. This is such a conscious exercise routine. Laughing releases endorphins, the happy hormone. It is also a natural pain killer. So if you want to get rid of your body pain, laugh more every day.

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