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How to Store Breast Milk After Pumping

Store Breast Milk
Store Breast Milk

How to Store Breast milk After Pumping

Given the complexities and preoccupations of modern life, most mothers now store Breast milk. Particularly when a woman goes back to work after maternity leave, it is very common to pump and store Breast milk. How to Store Breast milk After Pumping depends on when and how you use it. This article made me perfect we will give you full information about How to Store Breast milk After Pumping.

Which containers should you use to store milk?

Store Breast Milk

There are two common ways to How to Store Breast milk After Pumping; Store it in a bottle or in a bag. Most women store Breast milk in plastic or glass bottles or sealed and sterilized bags. It is then stored in the fridge or freezer until use.

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How much Breast milk should be stored in a container?

Store Breast Milk

Most women are advised to store as much Breast milk as they want to use. If the child drinks about 150 ml of milk at a time, in such a situation you should store this same amount of milk in every container. Many women usually store at least 30 ml to 150 ml of milk in small amounts. Once the Breast milk is removed from the freezer, it is not correct to store it again.

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How long should milk store?

It is very important that Breast milk should not be spoiled and its benefits should not be reduced. Because of this, many guidelines have also been given to store Breast milk. There is a lot of difference between storing and pumping Breast milk by express.

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How to Store Breast milk – guidelines for storing

Come learn about how women can store Breast milk in the fridge and how it can be frozen;

  • You can store Breast milk at a normal temperature (25 ° C) for about four hours.
  • You can store milk inside the fridge for less than 4 degrees for about 24 hours. Breast milk can also be stored for 3 to 5 days due to the extreme coldness of the fridge, but it is harder to store for longer periods of time than repeatedly opening the fridge in the summer.
  • It is advisable to store Breast milk for about 2 weeks in a small fridge that contains only the freezer.
  • Breast milk should be stored in a box filled with insulated coolers or ice packs (which can also be sent from your office to your home) for 24 hours.
  • Breast milk can usually be stored for 3 to 6 months in the freezer (at -18 ° C). Including closing the fridge repeatedly and the atmosphere.

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How to freeze Breast milk

Store Breast Milk

Immediately after pumping the Breast milk should be frozen and kept at a temperature of about -18 degrees.

Following are some rules to freeze Breast milk, let us know;

  • If you are freezing the milk, leave a little space on the top of the bag because frozen milk increases during freezing.
  • Never store Breast milk open and make sure that its bag and bottle are well sealed.
  • The stored frozen milk usually gets separated, so if it gets separated, then keep in mind that after removing it from the storage, mix it well once so that all the ingredients are mixed together.
  • You store the frozen milk in the back of the freezer so that the milk does not come in contact with the external temperature and you can freeze the milk for a long time.

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How to Melt Frozen Breast milk?

To melt Breast milk, it should be kept in the fridge for about 12 hours. It should be kept one night in advance so that you can feed the baby on time.

The following is the way to melt Breast milk, let us know;

  • Whenever possible, you should keep the Breast milk at a normal temperature for melting.
  • If the Breast milk has melted once, do not freeze it again.
  • To melt the milk quickly, you can keep it in warm water, in which its temperature will gradually change and frozen milk should be melted in a similar way.
  • You can never melt Breast milk by placing it in the microwave or stove.

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How to luke Breast milk

To lukewarm the Breast milk, you place it in a container of hot water where it will have a hot Absorb from the surrounding hot liquid. To do this, first heat the water in a small container. Then put a container of frozen milk in it so that the milk becomes lukewarm.

Here are some of the following rules for melting Breast milk cups, let’s learn;

  • If you just want lukewarm milk to feed your baby, then use a bottle warmer for this.
  • Never heat Breast milk in gas or microwave.
  • If the Breast milk is already lukewarm, do not store it.

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How to store molten Breast milk

Melted Breast milk should always be stored in the fridge as it is advisable to keep it at a cool temperature at all times. To store it, know the following things;

  • Melted milk should be stored in the fridge for about 24 hours (it should be kept in the fridge for 36 hours after placing it in the freezer) until it is completely melted.
  • Do not put the melted milk in the freezer again.
  • You melt as much Breast milk as your child drinks throughout the day. Melting too much milk makes it worse (and not as fresh).

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How does the taste and smell of melted Breast milk?

Breast milk does not deteriorate until it tastes bitter or smells bad. Many children do not understand the smell and they react to its bitter taste more than foul smell. Women who pump and store more milk than others have their milk spoiled many times, especially because of lipase, Breast milk enzymes.

After melting Breast milk, it starts to smell like soap, but often children do not understand this smell (but some children do not drink it). If there are some changes in a woman’s diet or health, it can also change the smell of Breast milk (due to medications, diets, alcohol, or smoking).

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How can you store Breast milk during work?

During the work, store the Breast milk in a sealed container inside the refrigerator and then place it in an ice pack with small coolers and bring it to your home. Keep in mind that you should clearly label it so that it is easy to store after coming home and if you do not get confused when you store it in public storage too. Store the transported milk as soon as possible after you get home.

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Can you mix freshly pumped Breast milk is stored Breast milk?

You can add fresh milk to frozen or refrigerated milk, but keep in mind that it should be taken out the same day. In addition, you cooled the express milk and mix it in frozen Breast milk. Lukewarm milk should never be added to frozen milk as it affects the melted milk and reduces its benefits.

Other Store Tips

Here are some tips to store and use Breast milk, let’s learn;

  • The color of Breast milk may be different. Sometimes this milk can be blue, yellow, or brown.
  • Breast milk separation is common (it is common to separate it from fatty cream and other ingredients. You can shake and mix it again).
  • Before feeding the baby, try to smell it. If its smell is bad, do not give it to the child.
  • You store as much milk as necessary.
  • Label everything in it so that Breast milk is not spoiled or it has to be used on other days, due to which it is possible to spoil).

It is necessary to store Breast milk for office-going women. But this is very complex and takes time, so every mother should take full care before storing Breast milk in the right and safe manner. There are many guidelines on how to do this and it also depends on the methods of storage how much Breast milk wants to store. By paying attention to these things, you can store them for a long time without damaging the quality of Breast milk.

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