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How to Remove Dark Spots on the Face

Dark Spots

How to Remove Dark Spots on the Face The face always glows, for this, we do different kinds of plans. Despite spending hundreds of thousands of rupees and sometimes even by natural remedies, it is difficult to protect your face from these black-speckled heat spots. In such a situation, it is very important to buy reliable products from the market or take help from home remedies.

Such products found in the market are usually quite expensive. At the same time, it is not only easy to follow the home remedies but there is also no danger from it. To keep your face always feeding, today we are telling you some home remedies for How To Remove Dark Spots From The Body and Face. With the help of these tips, you can protect your face from sun, wind, pollution, etc.

In this article Made me perfect we will give you full information about How To Remove Dark Spots On The Face so let’s start reading

Papaya for Dark Spots

Papaya is best for Remove Dark Spots on the Face, it’s one of the best household resources to maintain the beauty of your body. it contains an element called papain, which maintains the health and beauty of your skin. You can take advantage of this by applying papaya paste to your face.

For this, first, grind papaya and make a paste by mixing one spoon of honey in it. If your skin is dry or dry then mix milk cream in it. Oily-skinned people should add half a teaspoon of lemon juice to this paste. Daily use of this paste of papaya will brighten your face. Actually, this paste gives your skin chemical elements like vitamin C and lactic acid, which are helpful in enhancing the beauty of the face.

Aloe vera will grow face

You must have heard the name of Ghritkumari or Aloe Vera. This natural medicine is considered a panacea among the ingredients that enhance the beauty of your skin and face. Although Aloe Vera contains a lot of beneficial ingredients, by mixing some other things in it, it works as a great black spots Removal cream.

Prepare a paste by mixing vitamin E oil and lemon juice in aloe vera. Apply this paste on your face and keep it until it dries. Use this home remedy daily until you get the desired results. Aloe vera is helpful in maintaining the moisture of your skin, as well as the glow of the face, and Remove Dark Spots on the Face.

Drink water keep glittering

Water is not only necessary to give us life, but water has many such beneficial elements which are helpful in enhancing and maintaining the beauty of the body. Yes, drinking more and more water not only brings out the toxic elements of your body, but also keeps your skin glowing, glowing, and healthy.

It should be kept in mind that you should consume pure water only. Do not add alcohol or other carbonated drinks to it. Apart from water, you can also include juice of various fruits in your daily routine. All these elements are helpful in maintaining the beauty of your skin and facial beauty.

Buttermilk is a big medicine

Usually, during summer, you must have used buttermilk, lassi, or other milk products. You will be surprised to know that buttermilk is also very beneficial for the health of your skin. Actually, buttermilk is found in plenty of lactic acids, which is helpful in removing the spots on your moon-like face.

With regular consumption of buttermilk, you can avoid problems like spots and spots. By the way, if these spots have appeared on your face, then wherever there are black spots, apply buttermilk with the help of cotton. After drying, wash face with water. The result will definitely make you happy.

Curd and lemon paste For Dark Spots

You must have known that lemon juice is very beneficial for our skin. Lemon is found in plenty of vitamin C and lactic acid. Therefore lemon juice has been used to remove stains. To remove dark spots on the face, mix lemon juice in curd and use its paste. This paste will not only enhance the glow of your skin but will also maintain its beauty. Applying a little sugar in yogurt and lemon paste will help in removing your dead skin and enhancing facial beauty.

How to remove dark spots on the face overnight

Dark Spots

The facial skin is obviously affected due to dirt, dust, and increased pollution throughout the day. In such a situation, if you do not take care of your face daily, the result can be worse, such as blackness accumulates with nail-acne, dryness, losing the natural glow of the skin.

According to dermatologists, due to prolonged exposure to the sun, the skin becomes black. Due to which there is a problem like dark patches, dark spots on the face. However, it is better to use home remedies to lighten this blackness than to hide it with cream and makeup.

lemon For Dark Spots

to Remove Dark Spots on the Face, squeeze the juice of one lemon. Add an equal amount of clean water to it. Apply this mixture to your face. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then wash it with water.

Take care not to use soap after this. You can do this remedy except for one day. Do not go in the sun immediately after treating lemon. Because it makes your skin sensitive and can cause sunburn again.

potatoes For Dark Spots

To reduce the blackness of the face, first, grate a potato and then add a spoon of honey to it. Apply this mixture on the face as a face mask and leave it on for 15 minutes. Then wash it with clean water.

By applying it for one day, all the blackness of the face will disappear. If you have an itching or burning sensation after applying a potato mask on the face, clean the mask immediately.

Use of aloe vera

Take out the aloe vera gel. Now apply this gel directly to the affected area. Let it sit for 20 minutes and then wash the face with water. By doing this remedy daily, you can remove the blackness of the face.

Use of almond oil

Take a few drops of almond oil to remove Dark Spot on the Face and body. Apply it on your face like lotion. Wherever the blackness is seen on the face, apply it in plenty. Take care not to wash it. To get rid of the blackness of the face, apply almond oil daily before going to bed at night.

Use of Turmeric

Mix half a teaspoon of turmeric, one teaspoon of lemon juice, and two teaspoons of milk in a bowl to clear face blackness. Now apply this paste on the black affected area and massage it with soft hands.

After 15 minutes wash it with water. Except for one day, you can try this home remedy of turmeric to remove blackness from the face. Keep in mind, do not leave turmeric on the face for more than 15-20 minutes, it will turn yellow on the face.

How To Remove Dark spots On Legs 

Dark Spots

There are dark spots or scars in many places in the body, due to which you have to face embarrassment many times. Although there is no harm in the fact that you have dark spots on your feet but nobody likes scars on your feet or any other place.

Sometimes your feet get hurt due to which there are dark spots and scars on the feet. In such a situation, if you have any kind of stains on your feet, many times you are hesitant to wear the clothes of your choice so that no one can see them.

It is also very important to take care of the feet so that whenever you wear a dress, your beauty should be reflected with the feet as well. So today we will tell you some easy and home remedies that can help you remove dark spots, scars, sunburns, hyperpigmentation, and enlarged hair on your feet, and once again your feet will look beautiful and you will come A different Confined. So let’s know what those special home remedies are.

1. Apple Vinegar For Dark Spots

You must be aware of the benefits of apple vinegar because it contains good bleaching agents, which relieve your skin from the problem of tanning and hyperpigmentation. In such a situation, you can use it, for this you take 2 tablespoons of apple vinegar and 6 tablespoons of water and mix both of them well. After this, with the help of cotton, you apply dark spots and scars on your feet. Apply it on your feet every day, to apply it, you should apply a foot care product or moisturizing cream on your feet.

2. Sugar Scrub For Dark Spots

Sugar has been used for many years to enhance beauty. In this case, you can use it, for this you take 2 tablespoons sugar and 4 tablespoons olive oil and mix both of them well and make a mixture of both and scrub in a circular motion on the feet. After this wash, the feet and you can apply it thrice a week.

3. Lemon

Lemon is very beneficial not only for the skin but also for the health because it contains a lot of vitamin C, due to which it works in removing dark spots and scars. To make it in such a way, you extract lemon juice in a bowl and now put a cotton piece in lemon and apply it in those special places.

4. Cucumber

Cucumber not only for health but also proves very beneficial for your skin. It Removes Dark Spot on the Face. To use it, you sprinkle the cucumber and make a paste and add 2 teaspoons of rose water to it. Now apply this paste on the affected parts of your feet and wash it with water and use it.

How To Remove Dark Spots on body

Dark Spots
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Remove Dark Spot on the Face A variety of products have been commonly used for centuries to overcome skin problems. Calamine lotion is one such product. It is considered a boon for the skin. Calamine is an oil balance lotion that controls excess oil and softens your skin.

Actually, calamine lotion is made by infusing kaolin clay, zinc oxide, glycerin, neem, and vitamin E. Unlike medicinal lotion, it is cream-like. It moisturizes the skin and removes the problem of acne. Let’s know the benefits of calamine lotion for the skin.

Calamine lotion is a solution to remove dark spots from the body

Calamine lotion contains kaolin which removes black spots and also benefits the skin


  • Calamine lotion
  • Cotton


  • Take calamine lotion in cotton and then apply it on your black spot
  • Then leave it like this for overnight
  • Wash your skin in the morning

How long to use calamine lotion – use calamine lotion daily

Warning – Before using calamine lotion, do a test on your forearms, this will let you know if you will have problems like itching, redness, or swelling after its use.

Tips – Always use cotton to apply calamine lotion

Benefits of Calamine lotion For Dark Spots

Remove blackheads For Dark Spots

Going to a salon can experience great pain in removing blackheads. But by applying calamine lotion on the nose daily, blackheads come out very easily. Also, by applying this lotion on the nose initially, blackheads do not accumulate in the pores.

For under-breast skin

The skin under the breast often gets patchy and lots of whiteheads emerge. Pimples under the breast also occur due to sweat and rubbing with a cloth. By applying calamine lotion to this area, every kind of problem is overcome.

Make makeup base For Dark Spots

Calamine lotion also acts as a makeup base. This creates a smooth makeup base that keeps the makeup on the face for a long time.

Remove dead skin

Dead skin cells come out of the skin by regular use of calamine lotion. It removes the problem of dry skin and makes the skin more supple and soft.

Remove pimples

Calamine lotion is the best treatment for acne. It helps to remove skin pimples, whiteheads, cystic pimples, etc. Also, it kills bacteria and reduces spots overnight.

Control skin oil

Calamine lotion is a boon for oily skin. This water-based lotion keeps the skin oil-free for hours. It is infused with kaolin clay and absorbs excess oil from the skin. Due to this, there are no red rash and pimples on the skin.

How to remove dark spots by naturally 

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Remove Dark Spot on the Face Do you also have dark spots on your face? If yes, then you do not need to panic now because there are many home remedies with the help of which you can get the facial tone back.

Sometimes these dark spots occur due to the disease, sometimes there are some reasons behind it. Sometimes the spots on the face are caused by the effects of sunlight, due to hormones becoming irregular, due to pregnancy, intake of too many medicines, irregularity of vitamins, and sometimes due to lack of sleep. Become.

These spots on the face look very strange. Some people have such dark spots on their faces that they have to seek the help of plastic surgery. But if you want, you can improve your skin with these measures:

1. Oats For Dark Spots

Using oats is very beneficial for face problems. Make a paste by mixing lemon juice in two spoonfuls of oats. Applying this paste on the face will benefit.

2. Lemon Juice For Dark Spots

Lemon juice has bleaching properties. Due to which the dark spots become lighter. Apply lemon juice on the face and leave it for a while. After this wash the face with lukewarm water. This will lighten the spots.

3. Uncooked Milk

Lactic acid is found in milk. The dark spots present on the face lighten with the use of milk every day. If you wish, you can apply cotton swabs in milk with light hands on the face. After this, clean the face with lukewarm water.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is an excellent remedy for skincare. While the ingredients present in it remove the problems related to the skin, it is also very effective in moisturizing the skin.

5. Almonds

Soak the almonds for the whole night. After that wake up in the morning and make a paste. If you wish, you can also add sandalwood powder to this paste. Applying this paste on the face regularly will benefit.

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