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How To Increase Memory Power

How To Increase Memory Power

1. Write it down:

How To Increase Memory Power
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How To Increase Memory Power Writing produces oxygen-rich blood flow to those areas of your brain that increase your memory. If you are a student, you can make notes while writing or write a blog – all these activities increase your ability to remember you.

2. Visual Concept:

The best way to increase memory and remember things is to visualize in your mind what you are reading or listening to. Pay attention to the photographs, charts, and other graphics that appear in your book. If you are not studying a book, try to create a mental image of what you are trying to remember. The more clear this mental image is, the more you will remember.

3. Teach someone else:

Reading out loud has been considered useful to improve memory. Next to this idea is the fact that psychologists and teachers have found that when we teach something or a concept to someone else, we are able to remember it very easily.

4. Pay attention to your surroundings:

It is associated with being conscious. Practice making a mental photograph of the surroundings and your surroundings. Pay attention to everything – fragrance, people, weather, etc.

5. Avoid multitasking:

Increase Memory Power Studies have shown that our brain cannot efficiently switch between tasks, which means that when you do multiple tasks at once, you are not actually doing anything. Research has also shown that while multitasking we learn less and waste our time more.

6. Develop creativity and learn new things:

 Learn new languages, play instruments, do paintings, increase your vocabulary – by learning new things, and doing creative work, the brain remains active.

7. Repeat things:

If you want to establish memory in your mind, repeat it again and again. Like when you meet a new person, repeat their name when you join hands (“Hi Mohan”), say their name again when you are ending the conversation (“It was nice meeting you, Mohan”). If you find it strange, you can say it in your mind.

8. Create connections:

You can improve your memory by making connections to what you see in your routine. As an example – remembering a particular sign of the road you go through, such as a big shop or showroom or hospital, makes it easier to remember the road. To remember a telephone number, you can remember it by connecting it to your birth date or year of marriage.

9. Test yourself daily:

Throughout the day, take a little test of yourself – for example, when you leave a shop ask yourself what you saw in the shop, the location of the different classes, about the shopkeeper; His / her hair, eyes, and shirt color, etc. Test yourself, this will improve your memory power.

(Foods that improve memory power)

8 Best Food For Brain.

1. Green Vegetables

Of course, most college students do not want to eat green vegetables or green leafy vegetables, but eating green vegetables is very beneficial for the mental health of college students. These contain a lot of antioxidants, carotenoids, which increase the power of your brain. There is also a lot of vitamin B in these vegetables, which increases your memory and concentration, as well as all your mental health. The folic acid of these vegetables increases your mental stability.

2. Flax seeds are beneficial for your brain

Flax seeds or flaxseeds increase your memory power and these seeds are easily found at most grocery stores. College students buy roasted flax seeds as it will not be possible for you to roast these seeds in the hostel room. These flax seeds contain a lot of magnesium, vitamin B group, omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber. All these nutrients are very important to increase your concentration, reduce body weight, and maintain good mental balance. Finely grind these seeds and eat them. Sprinkling these seeds a little on cereals, yogurt, oatmeal, salads, and other food items is a good way to eat.

3. Nuts keep your heart and mind fit

Eating a few nuts every day keeps your heart and mind completely healthy and fit. Along with your parents and friends, in many advertisements, you are told many benefits of eating nuts. Our mind gets many benefits from eating almonds and walnuts. These nuts are a very good source of vitamin E and vitamin E maintains the intellectual level of every person. Nuts contain a lot of essential oils and amino acids which help a lot in increasing our concentration.

4. Drink plenty of water, your body will remain detox

To Increase Memory Power Drinking 8 – 10 glasses of water daily increases your memory power and concentration. By drinking a sufficient amount of water every day, the toxic and waste substances of our body get out of the body through sweat and urine, which causes our body to detox naturally. 70% of the human body is made up of water. Only this fact is firm proof of the fact that we need water the most to stay alive. Every action of our body depends on water. Therefore, it is very important for us to drink more water.

5. Orange is a store of Vitamin C

Orange is a sour fruit and contains a lot of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a very good antioxidant that fights free radicals that harm brain cells. It strengthens the immune system of our body and protects us from cold.

6. Omega-3 Acids and Your Health

Eating omega-3 acids is also a good option for college students for their mental health. Omega-3 fatty acids improve the memory and physical activities of college students. is. People who are low in omega-3 acids, mostly suffer from mood swings, depression, tiredness, and week memory.

7. Dark chocolate will also be beneficial

It is important to discuss everyone’s favorite here – chocolate. But here we are talking only about dark chocolate. Dark chocolates are bitter in taste and contain a lot of coca. Flavonoids are also very high in coca which increases our memory power. There is also a small amount of caffeine in it, which increases your mental alertness, and also contains magnesium which keeps us stress-free. Dark chocolate keeps our mood good. However, do not eat dark chocolates in large quantities. You will get benefit only by eating dark chocolates in small amounts and your memory and concentration will increase. All these food items are easily found in the local markets. College students can easily buy them for fewer rupees. Of course, eating these food items in limited quantities will greatly benefit college students.

(How to improve concentration)

What happens when we meditate daily?

Effective ways to increase concentration for school and college students

1. Your study space plays an important role

Increase Memory Power As a student, you should note that your study space also plays an important role in terms of your concentration and memory. Therefore, you always read-only at a certain place. You can use your college library or a quiet room for self-study where your attention is not lost. This will help you to concentrate well because your mind will be able to focus on a particular place. Avoid browsing or chatting on the phone or any other such activity as these are all ways to distract your attention. Keep your reading area clean and this place should be open and airy, which should have good lighting.

2. Your goals should be according to your ability

Students set their goals according to their abilities and priority. Instead of setting very difficult or unrealistic goals, it is better to set small and easy goals that are easy to achieve. That is why you always set small goals and try to achieve them. This will not only help you achieve your set goals, but it will also enable you to do all your work with full concentration. Set your objectives and set your mind on them. After a few days, you will come to know that you are concentrating more on your work than before.

3. There is a special relationship between your meditation and concentration

Increase Memory Power Do you know that there is a direct connection between your meditation and concentration? A lot has been said about the benefits of daily meditation in your life so far. Yes! This is very true. Practice at least 10 minutes of meditation or meditation every day and you will see changes within a month. Meditation helps prevent the mind from wandering here and there and you remain fully active in the present moment. It is very important for every student to meditate daily to improve their concentration and increase their memory.

(Few effective ways to increase memory)

1. Increase your memory in some way

Here we want to tell our students that, according to research done by the University of Illinois, 20 minutes of exercise or walking for 20 minutes daily can improve your memory. It also helps you perform better during exam days. Therefore, start exercising or walking for at least 20 minutes daily so that your memory can increase and you remain relaxed.

2. Remember your subjects by reading aloud

Being a college student, you might find it strange but this is an effective way to increase your memory. When next time you remember something, read that topic aloud and repeat it 3-4 times. Then, try writing that topic. This will definitely increase your memory. However, you should not adopt this method while studying in a library or classroom.

3. Discuss the various topics of your subjects.

As a student studying in a school and college, it is very important for you that once the topic you have memorized, you should discuss that topic with your friends. This will help you to repeat that topic and you will be able to remember that topic for a long time even if you do not read it again. By discussing a topic, your brain stores that information or information and due to this you can remember that topic for a long time. This is a unique way to increase your memory. Always do the same from now on.

4. Drawings and imagination also increase your memory

If you are having difficulty remembering a topic, then try to imagine that scene and according to your understanding make a picture of it on a paper. Then you will understand that topic immediately. Actually, your brain can understand pictures and visuals much better. Therefore, you will be able to remember them easily by making rough sketches of your various subject topics. This method is also suitable for mathematics and science subjects.

5. Eat chewing gum, increase memory

It has been learned from many kinds of research that spraying perfume or chewing gum in your study room enhances your memory. While reading, sprinkle your favorite perfume in the room and leave the same perfume while leaving your house or hostel room for the exam. You will immediately remember all the topics read on that day. Similarly, it is good to chew chewing gum while studying, because not only do you keep it concentrated, but it also increases your memory. But still no concrete about it

Scientific research has not been done.

6. Memory also increases your confidence and positive thinking

If you always keep positive thinking and maintain your confidence to achieve excellence in whatever work you are doing. By doing this, your memory will definitely increase.

(You can listen to music while reading to increase concentration)

if you do not SLEEP at NIGHT so try this method

1. Mozart effect ‘

Increase Memory Power Some scientists did research in which they listened to the Mozart Piano Sonata Tune to the students before solving some locational reasoning questions. The results of this research show that the students performed better after listening to the Mozart Piano Sonata Tune. However, some other results of this research also came to light, such as the Mozart effect was effective only for a short duration of 10 to 15 minutes. In this regard, the results of other research were different, so the authenticity of the Mozart effect remains suspect.

2. You can listen to favorite music while reading

Before we explore different types of music styles, it is very important for us to know whether listening to music helps us to concentrate well in our studies. For most people, listening to instrumental music while reading is their first choice. Listening to music without songs helps us to focus on our studies because it is less likely to distract our attention between two different things. If you feel that by listening to music, you are able to focus on your studies well, then you can choose a great and favorite music for yourself from some of the different styles of music presented below.

3. Classical music

This music is peaceful and rhythmic. Classical music is helpful in creating a calm and stable learning environment for the listener or student.

4. Timed tempos

An interesting study has shown that music ending at 60 beats-per-minute helps in stabilizing and calming people’s minds. With the effect of this music, our thinking ability and creativity naturally increase.

5. Instrumental Ambient Sounds

This music is the perfect music for those who like to bring a touch of modernity to their music. Mixing instrumental music with modern music gives a lot of peace and relaxation. There is no song in it and only pleasant music is there. This is the right option for those who do not want any kind of distraction but also want to listen to some background music.

6. Natural sounds

For those people who do not want to listen to classical music, listening to this music is perfect because this music is as quiet and soothing as classical music. However, this music also affects the subconscious minds of the listeners and they experience natural surroundings such as the songs of birds, the sound of waves hitting the beach, or the natural music of waterfalls. This music is also used in meditation sessions, which helps in reducing the stress of a person. But be careful while choosing this style of music and make sure that you will not sleep while listening to this music.

(Increase memory power by Yoga)

Yoga and 21 Asanas: What is their right way?

Yoga postures that increase your memory …

Increase Memory Power You exercise to keep your body fit and active, but what do you do to keep your mind sharp. Sometimes due to increasing age, the brain does not work properly and we forget things or do not take care of them for long. We will tell you about some such yoga with which you can make your mind sharp. There are many benefits of yoga, if you are also suffering from this problem, then let us tell you through yoga how memory can be increased or memory can be increased, then you know yoga to make the mind sharp…

* Paschimottanasana Yoga:

Those wishing to increase memory can resort to Paschimottanasana. By doing this asana, not only will it enhance memory but it also provides relief from stress. This asana also works in the hamstrings, spinal cord, and lower back, improving digestion, reducing fatigue, keeping the kidneys healthy, etc.

* Hatha Yoga:

Hatha yoga is the Ancient yoga method in which various asanas are performed by focusing on breathing. According to the researcher, “In this yoga, doing various asanas while focusing on breathing. Its regular practice is helpful in keeping the mind fit at all ages.

* Mental exercise:

Mental exercise is very important to make the mind sharp. Although the brain keeps working all the time, but solve mental analysis, brain practice, puzzle games. For this, try to connect one information to another and think deeply about it. This technique is very helpful for students.

* Padmasana Yoga:

If you want to increase your memory, do Padmasana regularly. This meditation seat has been practiced in India since ancient times. This is such a pedestal through which you will not only keep your mind calm but through it, you will be able to increase your confidence. Great scholars in history kept their minds calm by doing this asana.

* Sukhasana Yoga:

Sukhasana is a good way to relieve stress. This state of yoga is also called meditation. This is yoga through which you can overcome mental and physical exhaustion. Along with this, this asana gives us a feeling of peace and self-pleasure and helps in concentration.

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