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How to Increase Immunity in Child Naturally

How to Increase Immunity in Child Naturally
How to Increase Immunity in Child Naturally

How to Increase Immunity in Child Naturally Children are less resistant to disease than adults, so their risk of getting sick soon is more. At the same time, children often ignore food and drink, due to which the body often lacks the necessary nutrients, which directly affects the immunity of the body. this article we till about Increase Immunity in Child Naturally

In such a situation, increasing the weak immunity of a child can be a serious topic. This is the reason why this article made me perfect, we are going to show the effective ways to increase the symptoms in children due to lack of immunity. For complete information, about How to Increase Immunity in Child Naturally So read the article till the end.

Let us first learn about immunity.

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What is disease resistance?

Immunity is considered the body’s defense mechanism. Actually, it is a network of cells and tissues along with the organs of the body, which together help protect the body from infection and diseases.

When a bacteria or virus enters the body, the body’s immune system becomes active and works to fight them. Therefore, doctors or experts highly recommend the intake of foods that serve to boost immunity.

Scroll and read symptoms of reduced immunity power in children.

Symptoms of decreased immunity in children

Immunity deficiency is also called immunodeficiency, which can be identified through the following symptoms –

  • Recurring or getting sick
  • Infections caused by bacteria or other germs
  • Loss of response after treatment for an infection
  • Complete recovery from infection or disease.
  • pneumonia
  • fever
  • Ear infection such as otitis media
  • Frequent diarrhea
  • Skin problems such as dermatitis (skin rash with itching)
  • Central nervous system infection
  • Complications associated with vaccination, such as diarrhea after rotavirus.
  • Wound healing.

Next we will know that due to weakening of immunity in children.

Due to the low immunity of children

Above you know what are the symptoms of weak immunity in children. Now we will talk about what are the reasons for the low immunity of children.

  • Prematurely born children often have poor immunity. The infection in the body of such children immediately strikes.
  • For some reason, the mother’s milk is not available to the baby. Actually, after the birth of the baby, the mother’s milk works to protect the child from infection and boost its immunity.
  • Malnutrition or lack of nutrition in the body is the main reason for the weakening of immunity.
  • Excess of junk foods in children can serve to weaken the immunity.
  • Not to get the necessary vaccination in children.
  • Weak immunity can also be attained by the child from parents.

Come, now we know the effective ways to increase immunity in children.

Measures to increase children’s immunity.

How to Increase Immunity in Child Naturally

Following measures can be taken to increase children’s immunity –

Essential Nutrients

As we mentioned above, malnutrition in children is the biggest reason for the weakening of immunity. Therefore, make your child eat nutritious foods. If desired, you can seek medical advice on this subject.

Mother’s milk

Do not deprive the child of mother’s milk, as mother’s milk works to protect the child from infection and boost its immunity. If a woman is unable to breastfeed for some reason, then talk to the doctor about it.


Get the child vaccinated as necessary, because in the absence of this, the child may be susceptible to early infection.

Cleanliness habits

Tell the children about hygiene. Like washing hands before eating, washing feet and hands after coming from outside, and not eating food without covering. These good habits will protect the child from getting infected.

Correct storage and manufacture of foods

Store food and drink properly, because, without proper storage, food can become infected, which can affect the body of the child. Also, while cooking, take care of cleanliness.

Adequate sleep

Make sure that the child is getting enough sleep or not, because the child’s immunity may be affected in the absence of it. At the same time, good sleep can help reduce the risk of infection.

Physical activity

Keep children engaged in physical activity as well, because it can also improve immunity. This has been confirmed in research related to this.

Feed honey

Children can be added to their diet on medical consultation. Indeed, research related to this reveals the immunomodulatory effect of honey, which means it can work to improve immunity.

Know below about the vegetables and fruits that can increase immunity in children.

Feed some special fruits and vegetables for immunity

Consumption of the following vegetables and fruits can work to increase immunity. These can be included in children’s diet on medical consultation. At the same time, keep in mind that children should consume seasonal fruits and vegetables only.

Immunity boosting fruits:

  • Citrus fruits like oranges.
  • papaya
  • watermelon
  • Pomegranate
  • Pineapple
  • banana

Immunity boosting vegetables:

  • Spinach
  • carrot
  • onion
  • tomatoes
  • cauliflower

Note – Do not consume fruits for children up to 6 months. At the same time, the information about which fruits to include in the diet of children from 6 months to one year and how to give them, be sure from the pediatrician.

At the same time, a list of fruits and vegetables can also be made according to the health of the children from the pediatrician.

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