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How to Complete Calcium Deficiency In Children

How to Complete Calcium Deficiency In Children
How to Complete Calcium Deficiency In Children

How to Complete Calcium Deficiency In Children: Calcium is a mineral that is necessary for every person. This is significant for the older folks as well as for the advancement of the kid. If children are deficient in calcium, then their physical development has a profound effect.

It is common for infants to have this problem because their diet is only breast milk. In such a situation, if the infant is not able to breastfeed properly, he may be deficient in calcium.

In this article of Made Me Perfect, we will talk about important issues related to calcium deficiency in infants. We will first know why calcium is necessary for children.

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Why Is Calcium Necessary For Children?

How to Complete Calcium Deficiency In Children: Calcium is one of the most important elements of the body. It helps the muscles to function properly and is essential for the nervous system and heart.

In addition, calcium helps bones to develop and helps to maintain bone mass.

Let us tell you that in the first year the body mass of the child increases and during this time its weight also increases.

If the child’s body mass is appropriate, it means that he is getting a sufficient amount of calcium.

How Much Calcium Does My Child Need?

How to Complete Calcium Deficiency In Children: How much calcium a child needs to take depends on their age. Below we are going to tell the amount of calcium according to the age of the child:

Child’s ageCalcium content (daily)
Less than six months200 mg
6-11 months260 mg
1-3 years700 mg
4-8 years1000 mg

What Causes Calcium Deficiency In Infants?

How to Complete Calcium Deficiency In Children

How to Complete Calcium Deficiency In Children: As we said that many infants struggle with calcium deficiency, but for what reasons they are deficient in calcium, below we will learn about it:

  • If there is a lack of oxygen during birth.
  • On the off chance that the mother has a diabetes issue, the kid may have a calcium lack.
  • Giving cow’s milk to a child under one year of age can also cause hypocalcemia, as it contains a high amount of phosphorus. Therefore, do not give cow’s milk to a child under one year of age.
  • If the child is deficient in vitamin-D, calcium levels may fall.
  • If the baby is born prematurely, calcium deficiency may also occur.

Which Newborns Are At Higher Risk Of Hypocalcemia?

How to Complete Calcium Deficiency In Children: The risk of hypocalcemia is higher in infants who are born prematurely or have a lower birth weight. In addition, babies who have slow growth in the womb before birth are also at higher risk of hypocalcemia. At the same time, pregnant women who have diabetes, their children may also be at risk of hypocalcemia.

Symptoms Of Calcium Deficiency In Infants

How to Complete Calcium Deficiency In Children: Many times, even if there is a problem, it is not understood that the child is struggling with this problem. The same is with calcium deficiency. Many people do not understand that their baby is having calcium problems. In such a situation, you have to identify the symptoms of calcium deficiency, which we are mentioning below:

  • The child becomes irritable.
  • He may have muscle cramps.
  • The baby’s heart rate may slow down.
  • The child may experience fever as well as tremors.
  • The child’s blood pressure may slow down.
  • Lack of calcium can cause delays in teeth.
  • Due to the lack of calcium, the child may have heavy sweating while sleeping at night.

Let us now know how to diagnose hypocalcemia.

How Is Hypocalcemia Diagnosed In Infants?

Hypocalcemia can be diagnosed in infants after performing its medical history and physical examination. During this time, the doctor will take a sample of the baby’s blood and check for calcium.

Calcium Deficiency Treatment In Children

How to Complete Calcium Deficiency In Children: Calcium deficiency can be overcome by improving the diet of infants. If calcium deficiency is more, then the doctor can treat it as described below:

  • In infants, it may be beneficial to take them in the sun for a short time if there is a deficiency of calcium. Keeping the child in the sun will provide vitamin D, which will also increase calcium content. Your doctor can tell you better when and how long to keep the baby in the sun.
  • If you give cow’s milk to your baby, then stop. Breast milk or formula milk should be given to a child below one year because it contains all the necessary nutrients. At the same time, cow’s milk has a high amount of phosphorus, which can be harmful to the baby. If your child is more than one year old, you can give him dairy milk.
  • If your child has hypocalcemia since birth, doctors can treat it in a nursery, where they are given formula-based milk with special calcium.

Calcium-rich Foods For Baby

How to Complete Calcium Deficiency In Children

How to Complete Calcium Deficiency In Children: Many problems can be overcome by giving the right diet and the right foods. Giving a nutritious diet helps in making the child healthy.

If your child is less than six months, then it is better to give him breast milk in sufficient quantity. At the same time, if your child eats solid food,

So you can get the child out of this problem through calcium-rich foods. Below we explain what you can give him:

Dairy products – 

Dairy products are an excellent source of calcium. You can give calcium to the child through milk, cheese, curd, etc.

Oranges – 

At the same time, calcium is also found in oranges. You can give orange or orange juice to the child.

Soya – 

A lot of calcium is found in soy. You can also take it.

Almonds – Including almonds in a child’s diet can also be a good way. You can feed him almonds either way.

Broccoli – 

Taking broccoli can also be beneficial. It contains abundant calcium, which will be better for the health of the child.

Beans – 

Calcium is also found in beans, which helps in relieving the child from calcium deficiency.

Green Vegetables – 

Green vegetables can give your child calcium as well as other nutrients. Spinach, kale, Swiss guard and mustard, etc. are found in plenty of calcium. If your child refuses to eat them, then you can make vegetable soup and drink it.

Cereals – 

Grains like wheat, ragi, millet, and gram can also help in removing calcium deficiency in the child. You must feed these grains to the child.

Fish and meat – 

Calcium deficiency can also be overcome by the consumption of meat and fish.

Green peas – 

Green peas contain a lot of calcium, which can prove beneficial for the child. Try to feed the baby green peas in any way.

Pulses and pulses are rich in calcium as well as protein. You can give children thin lentils.

Sesame seeds – 

Sesame seeds are also found in large amounts of calcium. You can feed the child by adding sesame to any sweet dish.

Eggs – 

Eggs are considered a treasure of nutritional elements. It also contains calcium in plenty. You can feed the child by making a boiled egg or egg omelet.

Does My Child Need Calcium Supplements?

How to Complete Calcium Deficiency In Children: Whether or not your child needs calcium supplements depends on how his condition is.

Many times, there is such a lack of calcium in children that it is necessary to give calcium supplements to them.

In such a situation, the doctor may give calcium supplements depending on the condition of the child. At the same time, if the doctor feels that the supplement is not needed,

So they recommend correct calcium intake in the child by recommending the right diet.

Calcium deficiency is common in children, so by following the right method, you can take care of your child’s health.

You just need to give him the right diet. Hopefully, in this article, you have got the necessary information related to the lack of calcium in infants.

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