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how to clean house polluted air in a home

Polluted Air

How To Clean House Polluted Air In A Home The air that we take inside the body daily through our breath also has a significant effect on our health.

According to a study published in the year 2019, air pollution is a growing problem in the world. In fact, the study said that one of the 2 most polluted cities in the continent of Asia is the national capital New Delhi and the second city is Tehran, the capital of Iran.

let’s know Follow these tips to clean Air pollution inside the house in this article made me perfect we will give you full information about How To Clean House Polluted Air In A Home.

Air pollution increases in winter

Polluted Air

The problem of air pollution in the winter season increases even more because stubble is burnt extensively in many parts of North India.

Several steps are also being taken by the government to curb the sale of firecrackers and the burning of firecrackers, despite its air pollution levels have been steadily increasing for the last few days which will probably reach worse after Diwali.

The rapid increase in air pollution means that the problems related to the health of the people will also increase in the same proportion.

Polluted air can cause many diseases

Pollutants in polluted air cause many health problems such as respiratory problems, damage to the eyes, skin diseases, asthma attacks, etc.

There have been many studies that have been reported on this so far. That exposure to polluted air for a long time can cause problems such as emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and brain damage, and also increase the risk of dementia in later years of life.

Clean House Polluted Air In A Home

Polluted Air

There is not much you can do at your level to reduce the air pollution outside the house, except try to stay at least in contact with the polluted air.

But you can definitely make the air inside the house clean and pollution-free. Here are some tips to reduce indoor pollution:

1. Polluted Air Clean the house regularly

Polluted Air

If dust accumulates inside the house, there is a problem of mold and damping, then it also keeps the person exposed to air pollutants for a long time.

So check every corner inside your house to see if there is any mold or mold or if there is no dust for a long time. If so, clean the house thoroughly.

Be sure to thoroughly clean the AC vent, curtains, bed sheets, pillows, quilts, etc., and furniture regularly. By doing this, the particles of pollution can be prevented from freezing.

2. Polluted Air Plant indoor plants at home

Polluted Air

Houseplants that can be easily placed indoors also help clean and purify the air inside the house as these plants release oxygen.

Bring indoor plants such as Erica Palm and Snake Plant home so that they can help you improve indoor air quality.

But while keeping these plants indoors, make sure that there is no problem with fungi or mildew. Also, water should not accumulate around plants, or else it can cause mosquitoes.

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3. Install air purifiers at home

Polluted Air

In view of the increasing air pollution, the demand for air purifiers has also increased these days. Air purifiers, especially ionic purifiers, help in the almost complete removal of air pollution particles and stimulants.

This is the right time to buy a good purifier and if you can afford one, take an air purifier and place it in the most used place in the house.

4. The operation of air is necessary

If there is a problem of moisture or dampness in the house and the particles of pollution remain in the place for a long time, then this also increases the exposure level of the person to pollution, to avoid this, it is very important that you operate the air in your house.

Let it happen correctly. Instead of keeping all the windows of the house closed at all times, open the windows for a while.

But if you are worried while opening the window that more pollution can come inside the house, then arrange for an exhaust fan and vent (skylight).

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5. Use a natural air purifier

Apart from indoor plants or houseplants, there are many natural things that can clean and purify the indoor environment and air. like.

Activated charcoal, which is known to remove airborne elements present in the air. Apart from this, candles made from bee wax (bee wax), bamboo charcoal, and salt lamps can also help in cleaning and purifying the indoor air.

6. Maintain gas appliances and candles correctly

Smoke emitting while cooking and the smoke emitted during the burning of many indoor products such as candles or oil laps also negatively affect the indoor air quality.

So make sure that your gas pipeline or cylinder is completely safe, use a ventilator or chimney while cooking so that the smoke passes out quickly rather than accumulate indoors and as far as possible using candles and oil coating Useless

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