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How to buy Whey Protein Powders 2021

how to buy whey protein powder
How to buy Whey Protein Powders
Best Protein Powders in India

How to buy the Best Whey Protein Powders

  • What is protein?
  • How Whey Protein Works.
  • How Muscles Grow By Taking Protein.
  • Which is the Best Whey Protein.
  • What are the sources of protein?
  • How to buy the Best Whey Protein Powders

These are some common questions that are in the mind of every gym beginner. It is only natural to come to such questions about the more talked about in your health or market.

Whey protein comes at number one in the world in bodybuilding and muscle building supplements, which are the most used. Whey protein is a dairy product whose primary source is milk. But today many types of proteins have also come into the market.

But it is important to note that the youth of today also need to understand that there is a great difference between protein and steroids and these two are different.

It is very effective and contains many amino acids so it helps in weight loss and bodybuilding. But many times people are very confused about taking it, the reason is that those people do not know anything before taking protein and go directly to the shopkeeper and say, give any protein.

buy Whey Protein Powders In the era of so many supplement brands and whey protein brands, when you go to get them, you get confused. For this, you should keep some things in mind so that no one can cheat you.

So today I am giving you three pro-tips that you must keep in mind while buying those proteins, from which you will be able to buy a better product for yourself.

(I am not forcing you to take any supplement in this article.)

Whey protein side effects on your body

1. Protein Percentage

There are many brands of protein in the country, some Indian and some foreign.

Some brands contain up to 90 percent protein content, while some are reduced to 50-70.

You need to keep in mind that while buying Wheat Protein, you have to choose a brand that contains at least 80 percent protein. Actually, when you are on a serious round, then you have to keep in mind that how many carbs, fat, or protein you are taking, which means you should know about each component whether you have to take it or not.

Therefore, I would like to tell you that you pick only the brand with up to 80 percent protein. I also want to tell you about the scoop size. Most people make the mistake of identifying protein powder as to how much protein it is per scoop. Let me tell you why this is wrong.

Let us know that brand X gives you 24 Gm protein according to the scoop while brand Y gives 30 Gm. Many people will simply have to choose Brand Y due to the high level of protein present. However, they miss one thing – how much protein per serving/scoop size? They did not know that the scoop size of Brand X was 30 Gm while that of Brand Y scoop was 44 Gm.

You’ll find that Brand X is actually a 30-gram scoop better in terms of protein percentage. Because 80% of protein (brand X) is obtained at 24 Gm per 30 Gm scoop size, while 30 Gm per 44 Gm scoop size will give you only 68% protein (brand Y).

This is why we should always see the availability of protein per 100 grams.

2. Source of Protein

Always choose the brand in which the source of protein is milk. When we are talking specifically about protein, then we will only talk about protein, for this, you use to isolate and blend protein.

You also have to keep in mind that the protein you are taking is not made from soy milk. There are many brands in India that do this. This may be fine if they use soy as a “protein powder”, but giving soy protein by speaking Whey Protein is deceiving the customer.

3. High In Extra Amino Acids

Due to the rising prices of dairy products and keeping their prices low at the time of competition, many whey protein companies add cheap amino acids such as glycine, alanine, and taurine.

These extra amino acids help them fulfill the claim made in the lab report at the protein percentage level. For example, if a protein powder claims 24gm of protein, but has 4 Gm of glycine or taurine added to it, you are actually only getting 20gm of protein.

Creatine is another substance that is added to many protein powders for more or less the same reason. Do you want to use creatine? Well, that is fine, but …. always buy creatine separately for two different reasons-

You will know how much creatine you are taking.

You will not read creatine so expensive.

Conclusion: You must have understood that when you go to the shop to buy protein, someone

No longer fooling you. Also, if you go to the authorized dealer to buy it, it would be better.

I would also like to say that do not always depend on any supplements and try to fulfill the supplements from foods.

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