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How safe are Instant Noodles for kids?

How safe are Instant Noodles for kids?
How safe are Instant Noodles for kids?

How safe are Instant Noodles for kids?

Noodles have become a staple snack for people nowadays. If the child is hungry and the parents do not have much time, they often choose noodles. Now noodles have started coming in many brands and the baby’s favorite flavor is easily found in the market. But you have to stop all this and think about whether eating noodles is right for the child. This is discussed in this article Made me perfect First of all, understand whether How safe are Instant Noodles for kids?

Is it right to feed noodles to children?

Noodles are similar to pasta which is made from fine flour. Homemade noodles are mainly eaten at many places in the world and it is also safe to eat as it does not contain chemicals and preservatives. But noodles and instant noodles found in the market also contain chemicals and preservatives which are not beneficial for children at all. Homemade noodles are not safe for young children as they can get stuck in the throat. You will always want to feed some healthy things to older children and will avoid feeding instant noodles. Let us know why noodles or instant noodles are not safe for children.

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How safe are Instant Noodles for kids

Following are some other reasons why instant noodles are not healthy for children;

1. Processed too much

Instant noodles are made primarily of fine flour and also processed so that it can be packed so it has little or no nutritional value at all. The amount of calories in such food items is also very less.

2. Trans Fats

The noodles are steamed and deep-fried to increase their life. Because of this, trans fat of oil becomes a part of noodles and this can increase the weight of the baby.

3. Wax Coating

The noodles should look good so the wax is coated with the manufacturing process. Wax is harmful to children and can cause liver damage.

4. Propylene Glycol

The noodles are never dry and contain moisture from the inside. Because of which propylene glycol is increased in the noodles. Children are at risk from chemicals as they can cause organ damage such as heart, liver, and kidney for a long time.

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5. Mono Sodium Glutamate

You may have heard many times that MSG is used in instant noodles for a particular reason. It enhances the flavor. However, this chemical is harmful to children and adults as it can cause brain damage.

6. Sodium as a preservative

The noodles contain too much salt so that they can be preserved for a long time. The sodium present in salt also directly affects the organs and if it is eaten too much, the body parts can become damaged.

7. Harm Chemicals

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, some other chemicals, such as plasticizers and dioxins are present in the materials used in the packaging of noodles. These chemicals are carcinogenic and remain in the noodles even after cooking. Regardless of the amount, you eat while eating or while cooking, keep in mind that there are some factors that can cause cancer, so it is not right to take this risk.

Sometimes even knowing that noodles or instant noodles are not suitable for children, you buy a packet of noodles if you do not find anything. Often, mothers quickly make noodles and feed their baby when the child is very hungry. But there are also some safe ways to make children’s noodles that can be used easily.

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Some things to keep in mind when feeding noodles to children

No matter how tasty the noodles are, once you know their harmful effects, you will be cautious while feeding them to your baby. You can do the following things to make it less harmful. But it has also been said that children should not be fed only noodles. Take the following precautions when feeding noodles to children, let us know;

  • While cooking the noodles, keep in mind that its water has completely drained out so that it does not contain much fat and salt.
  • Instead of using packets of seasonings and flavors in a packet of instant noodles, you should use homemade seasoning options that do not contain too much salt and chemicals.
  • When cooking noodles, use healthy oil instead of refined. You can use olive oil for this and do not add any other oil to it.
  • Since noodles do not have any nutritional value, you should cut and add some vegetables, such as cabbage, carrots, peas, beans, etc., to make it tastier.
  • While buying noodles from the market, you must check the amount of sodium and other fats in them. These noodles are mostly for the elders, so you should buy them by checking the noodles for the children.

If you believe that noodles are not a healthy snack for children, then you may also want to keep a stock of other options to satisfy the child’s hunger that can be given to them in place of noodles.

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Healthy Alternatives to Instant Noodles

What other nutritional things can you feed the child in place of noodles, it is explained here, let us know;

  • Roasted Dry Fruits: You take almonds, walnuts, cashews, etc. in a bowl and feed the baby in place of noodles. Keep in mind that the child should chew cashews well and is not allergic to dry fruits.
  • Roasted Peanuts: One of the best choices of noodles is roasted peanuts. Just make sure that your child is not allergic to it.
  • BHEL: Instead of instant noodles, you should feed the baby BHEL. Taking care of hygiene, make it at home because eating outside can cause stomach upset.
  • Curd: Eating curd does not only end the child’s appetite, but it also ends digestive problems and keeps the stomach cool. You can add the puree and chopped fruits to it and make a delicious recipe for the baby.
  • Oats: Oats are another snack that does not take much time to cook. You can make it with milk, fruits, honey, etc., or cook it a delicious dish by giving it Indian tempering.
  • Organic Noodles: Some types of organic noodles are made at home, such as macaroni or vermicelli, rice noodles, etc. These are the same types of noodles that can be fed to children.

Instead of noodles, you can feed your child a lot of other things, such as soup or other homemade recipes. However, if the child likes only instant noodles, then you should buy them less and make them on some special occasion.

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