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Hot Stone Massage Benefits for Stress Relief

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage Stress has become an important part of our life. The stress of work, tension if not job, stress with children at home, stress if there are no children, living in these short periods at all times has become a habit. (Gua Sha Stone Benefits For Face And Skin)

In this case, some therapy, several types of meditation can be helpful in reducing this stress. One such therapy is hot stone massage. Even though it is becoming a trend today, but it has been used for a long time in Ayurveda. (Yogalates Exercise Benefits And Poses)

In this article Made me perfect we will give you full information about Hot Stone Massage Benefits For Stress Relief.

What is a hot stone massage

Hot Stone Massage

Basalt stones are used in this therapy to reduce muscle pain and stretch. These stones are heated to 130–140 degrees prior to the Hot Stone Massage and since this stone is a type of volcanic rock, it is evident that these stones have a warmth and provide a unique and relaxing experience in the Stone Massage.

What will you experience during the Hot Stone Massage?

Around 36 stones are used during the Hot Stone Massage. For the part of your body that has pain or stretch or just a relaxing experience, the therapist puts hot stones on your abdomen, back, face, hands, feet, and chest and then gives you a message in many ways.

Therapists with the Swedish Hot Stone Massage technique resort to circular movements, long strokes, tapping, and vibration in this therapy. Many times cold stone is also used after massage. There are many ways you can get relaxation from this therapy. like-

Take away the pain

If there is a pain in any part of the body, by giving heat there, the flow of blood increases in that place. Along with this, there is a decrease in pain due to the stretch in the muscles. . According to research, good results were seen in patients with rheumatoid arthritis after this therapy, there was a difference in their handgrip and walking after the therapy. If you have pain in your joints or if you are struggling with arthritis, then once with medical advice you can undergo stone massage therapy.

Hot Stone Massage Reduce stress

Massage has been considered effective in reducing stress in many types of research. The 20-30 minute Hot Stone Massage keeps your stress away and refreshes your mood and makes you energetic. This therapy is very beneficial for detoxing the body and removing any stiffness or tension in any part of the body.

Improve sleep

Nowadays many people are struggling with the problem of sleeplessness. In such a situation, if this Stone Massage is taken for 15 minutes, then you relax and you get fast and good sleep.

Decreased Cancer Effects

The research found that massage relieves depression, pain, stress, and fatigue from cancer. Research has also talked about the relaxation of human touch.

Immunity is better

Massage increases blood circulation in the body and the immunity of the body also increases.

When not to take this massage

  • If pregnant
  • you have heart disease or blood pressure
  • If there is an open injury in the body
  • Eczema, rashes, or any skin disease
  • If you have had surgery recently

It is important to note that the stone is not heated in a microwave, cooker, hot plate, or oven. Also, take this massage from a trend professional and tell your health condition. If during the massage or if you feel any kind of pain or uncomfortable, then also consult your therapist.

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