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Home remedies for Cough in Children

Cough In Children

Cough in Children: It is not uncommon for children to become infected with a sneezing cold and cough. Cough is usually triggered by a sore throat and occurs when the child’s body is fighting a disease. Coughing is the body’s defense mechanism that expels excess mucus blocking the airways.

Although this is a common occurrence, a persistent cough can cause irritation and sore throat, especially for children. Cough can disturb the sleep of children and make parents helpless.

Although there are many medicines available to treat cough, some home remedies, which are known to work wonders to control and cure cough in children, would be better to try.

There are many types of cough, and it is important to identify its type before treating it. Therefore, before discussing the various natural remedies to cure cough for children, it is necessary to understand the different types of cough based on the symptoms.

In this article Made me perfect we will give you full information about Home Remedies For Cough In Children. so let’s start reading.

type of Cough In Children

Cough In Children

Cough can be divided into five different types. Following are the names and characteristics of each type of cough on the basis of which it can be divided and identified:

1. Wet Cough In Children

Also known as a productive cough, a wet cough is one in which mucus or phlegm is present in the respiratory tract, which can cause a strong wheezing feeling in the chest. A wet cough can also be caused by reasons such as pneumonia, bronchitis, or even a cold, fever, or flu.

2. Dry Cough In Children

This type of cough is usually caused by the common flu or cold and can also be caused by lower respiratory tract infections such as bronchitis or asthma. It can also be caused by obstructions such as dust or smoke. There is no phlegm in dry cough.

3. Wheezing Cough

This wheezing cough is characteristic of a wheezing cough when the respiratory tract constricts and closes off the small airway due to inflammation, forcing that part to secrete mucus.

4. Croup Cuff

Also known as barking cough because it has a barking sound like a seal, croup is caused by a viral infection that clogs the upper respiratory tract resulting in a barking sound of a cough.

5. Whooping cough

It is caused by a contagious bacterial infection also known as pertussis. The symptoms of whooping cough are similar to those of dry cough. However, this cough can last for a long time and cause a whooping sound.

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Home Remedies For Cough In Children

It is essential to identify the type of cough your child has so that it can be cured quickly and effectively. There are various cough remedies available for babies that can be done at home and through which you can soothe your child’s throat and cough in a natural way. Given below are some natural remedies for Cough In Children:

1. Gargle for Cough In Children

Perhaps the most common and simplest way to relieve cough is to gargle with warm water. It is good to gargle at least thrice a day and adding a spoonful of salt to the gargling water provides relief from sore throat.

2. Honey for Cough In Children

Honey contains anti-microbial agents that help the body fight colds. The sweetness of honey increases the production of saliva which helps in thinning the mucus. The ideal way to give honey is to mix it with a spoonful of warm water and squeeze the juice of the fresh lemon into it.

Honey is mixed with many other ingredients to make a good syrup for the treatment of cough.

However, it is important to note that giving honey to babies under one year of age can cause botulism and should therefore be avoided.

3. Ginger

Ginger is a great home remedy to fight cold as it has antiviral properties. There are many sweet pills made from ginger available, but instead of giving it through these pills, it is best to give it directly to ginger. Add honey to neutralize the strong taste of ginger before giving it to your baby.

Give two tablespoons of the following mixture to get relief from cough:

  • Mix teaspoon crushed or grated ginger with an equal amount of black pepper.
  • Add one tablespoon apple vinegar and honey to it and add two tablespoons of water to make syrup.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Known for its antibacterial properties that can eliminate pathogens in the body, apple cider vinegar is an effective home remedy for dry cough in children.

Apple cider vinegar can be mixed with crushed ginger for the treatment of cough. Apart from this, the smell of vinegar is known to soothe a sore throat and can be used to soothe the baby.

5. Lemon for Cough In Children

Lemon helps in improving the immune system as it has healing properties to fight disease. Lemons is commonly an ingredient in many sweet pills and medicines that help to cure sore throat and cough.

As mentioned above, honey with lemon juice is good cough syrup. You can also ask your child to suck a slice of lemon for relief.

6. Steam

Steam therapy is a good option, especially if your child has a wet cough as well as blocked nose and airway obstruction. The heat of the steam will help to thin the mucus and make it easier to expel. You can steam it in the following way:

  • Boil water in a bowl or a tub and add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to the water. Let your child inhale the steam through the nose.
  • Close the door and run hot water in the shower, this will fill the bathroom with steam, which the child can inhale.

7. Ensure Adequate Rest

It is important to give rest to your child suffering from a cough as it helps the body to recover faster. The fatigue of going to school and sitting there can slow down the healing process and can spread cough germs to other children.

Proper rest will also help your child recover from the loss of strength caused by the infection quickly.

8. Use a Humidifier

When the environment remains dry, it builds up mucus in the throat which can lead to sore throat and dry cough. Using a humidifier will help moisten and throw out the cough. Be sure to let the moisture out of your window in the morning to avoid mold formation.

9. Chicken Soup

Chicken soup has anti-inflammatory properties that will help fight colds and provide relief from sore throat, cough, and tightness.

10. Milk and Turmeric

Turmeric in milk is also a good old home remedy to get instant relief from sore throat and cough. Turmeric has antimicrobial properties that are effective in treating viral infections.

Simply mix a small spoonful of turmeric in warm milk and then give it to your child every night before sleeping, till the cough subsides.

11. Give Cough Drops

Cough drops provide temporary relief by relieving sore throat, wheezing. However, cough drops should not be given to children under the age of 3.

12. Use of Suction Bulbs

One of the best Cough In Children remedies is the use of a suction bulb to remove the mucus blocking the nasal passages, which can cause a wet cough. The suction bulb is easy to use, all you have to do is press the bulb and insert it into your baby’s nostril and then release it slowly.

It will clear the respiratory tract by removing the mucus inside. You can do this again every few hours and it works wonderfully for 6 months olds too.

13. Salty hot water or drops of salty water

Saline water drops are also one of the oldest and tried-and-tested home remedies for dry cough in children. The salty water is known to relieve sore throat and help open up a blocked nose. Follow the steps given below for better results:

  • Mix 1/2 tsp salt in warm water and put two drops of this solution in the nostril of the child. Ask the child to sneeze immediately to clear the mucus.
  • Older children and adults can also clean their nostrils using saltwater. Tilt the head to one side and using a neti pot, pour warm salted water into one nostril and expel it from the other. While this procedure is being done, make sure that the child breathes through the mouth.

14. Vapor Rub for Cough In Children

Vapor rub contains herbal oils that can provide temporary relief from cough and cold and loosen mucus from the nose. The vapor rub also provides warmth that will help your baby sleep.

15. Popsicle Suck

While it may sound strange, sucking on a Popsicle is a great way to relieve a child’s sore throat in case of a dry cough. Give children over the age of 4 a sugar-free candy, popsicle, or crushed ice to suck on to soothe their throats.

16. Don’t let your child run short of water

Giving children frequent fluids will help their body flush out toxins more frequently at regular intervals, and loosen the secretions by sprinkling the nose or coughing up mucus.

17. Give Your Baby a Tui Na Massage

Massaging generally helps the body to recover faster. Tui Na is a special massager designed to reduce cough, it is beneficial for your child as it is helpful in relieving cough irrespective of any type of cough or its severity.

18. Keep Head Up

Breathing becomes difficult when the nose is blocked with mucus, so keeping the baby’s head up straight will help in breathing.

If your baby is older than 1 year, you can put one or two pillows under his head in such a way that his head is higher than the rest of the body. This will reduce the accumulation of mucus in the throat and stop coughing. This will help fight cough, especially at night.

19. herbal medicine for cough

You can make herbal cough medicine at home by heating chamomile and marshmallow syrup with ginger in about 500 ml of water.

  • Add cinnamon to the mixture and stir it until the liquid is thick and reduced to half the initial volume.
  • Mix two cups of honey and two tablespoons of vegetable glycerin and refrigerate the liquid before giving it to the baby.
  • It is only suitable for children over the age of four.

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Diet to prevent cough in children

Prevention is certainly better than cure, especially when it comes to your child’s health. Although there are many home remedies to treat cough, it is always better to try to stop it before it occurs.

Maintaining cleanliness is the easiest way to avoid infection, but adding the following to your child’s diet can help prevent whooping cough infection:

  • A diet that includes a good source of vitamins A and B helps prevent flu and cough.
  • Consuming green leafy vegetables like spinach will help strengthen your baby’s immune system. You can also make soup of all kinds of leafy vegetables and give it to your baby.
  • Root vegetables like garlic and ginger also improve the body’s immune system.
  • Warm milk with honey will protect your baby from bacteria and viruses and also strengthen his immune system.
  • Avoid spicy, oily, and unhealthy food or frequent consumption of junk food.
  • If your child is prone to coughing, avoid eating foods high in salt and sugar, and bananas as they increase the production of mucus in the body.
  • It is good to include healthy foods like whole-wheat porridge, vegetable khichdi, curry, broccoli soup, beetroot soup, etc. in your baby’s list of diet.
  • The lukewarm juice of pineapple mixed with honey is natural cough syrup and it prevents mucus formation.


The safest and fastest way to cure your child’s cough is by using these home remedies and by giving a good healthy diet along with a clean environment.

It is important to ensure that you do not smoke around your children especially when they are suffering from cough and keep them away from dusty and polluted areas. Make sure they wash their hands regularly and especially before eating anything.

While most of these treatments have no side effects, it is still important to understand what is and isn’t right for your child. If the cough persists, it is advisable to see a doctor to identify and diagnose the cause.

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