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High Creatinine Symptoms and Treatment

High Creatinine

Creatinine, a waste found in everyone’s blood and in urine, is a bad product. Tests of creatine and Creatinine show how well your kidneys are functioning.

Under normal circumstances, your kidney is capable of filtering these substrates on itself and removing them from your body.

But health problems interrupt the function, which leads to an increase in dangerous amounts of Creatinine. There are many ways in which you can reduce the level of creatinine, including changing your diet, making some changes in lifestyle, taking medication, and getting into medical therapy.

In this article made me perfect we will give you full information about High Creatinine Symptoms And Treatment so let’s start reading.

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What is High Creatinine

High Creatinine

1. what is High Creatinine is after all:

is a waste product that is produced by the body when creatine, a substance of metabolism that helps to convert food into energy, breaks down.

  • Typically, the kidney helps filter creatinine from the bloodstream. The remaining waste product is removed from the body through urine.
  • A high creatinine level may indicate the possibility of having some kind of problem in your kidney.
  • Regularly consuming high amounts of protein and participating in very strict exercise results in a high level of creatinine.
  • Creatine supplements can also increase creatinine levels in blood and urine.

2. Understand how the test works:

A creatinine test shows how much creatinine is present in your blood.

  • Your doctor may also perform your creatinine clearance test, which will determine the amount of creatinine present in your urine. The amount of creatinine in the blood should be very low and it should be high in your urine.
  • All these tests only give an “idea” about your kidney health. These only provide information about the amount of creatinine present in your blood and in your urine – based on the sample taken once within the last 24 hours.

3. Understand your results:

The normal range of creatinine levels depends entirely on whether you are an adult male, adult female, teenager or.

Even then, these values ​​also depend on your age and your body size, but still, there are some general ranges that you can see.

Normal blood creatinine levels are as follows:

  • Male: 0.6 to 1.2 mg / dL; 53 to 106 mcmol / L
  • Female: 0.5 to 1.1 mg / dL; 44 to 97 mcmol / L
  • Teenagers: 0.5 to 1.0 mg / dL
  • Children: 0.3 to 0.7 mg / dL

Normal urine creatinine levels are as follows:

  • Male: 107 to 139 mL / min; 1.8 to 2.3 mL / sec
  • Female: 87 to 107 mL / min; 1.5 to 1.8 mL / sec
  • For anyone above 40 years of age: every time after 10 years of age and growing, its levels should be incident at the rate of 6.5 mL/min.

4. Understand why Creatinine level increases:

There can be a lot of reasons for increasing creatinine level in you; Some of which are more serious than others, but all these things only mean that you just need to take some steps to make your creatinine level back to normal.

  • Renal failure or impairment: If your kidney is damaged, it will not be able to filter creatinine out of your body through glomerular filtration in the same way as it usually does. But she does it. The process of expelling the fluid filtered through the kidney is called glomerular filtration.
  • Muscle Destruction: If your condition is something that is causing your muscles to deteriorate or break, then the broken muscle tissue gets mixed in your bloodstream and then it gets attached to your kidney.
  • Eating more meats: Creatinine in your body can also increase due to including more amount of cooked meats in your diet.
  • Hypothyroidism: Any disturbance in your thyroid gland can affect the function of your kidney. Hypothyroidism can also reduce your kidney’s ability to filter waste materials out of the body.

High Creatinine Herbal Remedies and treatment

High Creatinine

1. High Creatinine Drink herbal tea or green tea:

it is believed that certain types of herbal tea help in reducing the amount of creatinine present in your blood. Although very few studies exist to support this, it cannot be denied.

  • Drink around 250ml (8-oz) of herbal tea daily.
  • Herbal teas that can be used include chamomile, nettle leaf, dandelion root.
  • It is believed that such teas induce kidney as well as more urine production. Because of this, more and more creatinine present in your body is released out of the body.

2. Think about taking nettle leaf supplements:

The natal leaf can help increase your renal excretion, as well as help to flush out the extra amount of creatinine present in it. Natal contains histamines and flavonoids, which can increase blood flow in your kidneys, and in addition, they can also increase urine filtration.

  • Natal leaf can be taken as supplements or it can also be used as a tea.

3. Talk to your doctor about salvia:

Salvia is a type of herb that can help increase the glomerular filtration rate, which can help flush out creatinine. Salvia contains lithospermate-B, which increases renal function. Helps to promote.

  • To get information on how to use salvia, fix a meeting with your doctor. Never use salvia without consulting your doctor.

Changing Lifestyle

1. Keep an eye on your fluid intake:

As such, according to the well-known rule, you should drink about 8 glasses of 250 ml (8-oz) a day. Due to dehydration, your creatinine level can really increase, so it is very important to always remain hydrated.

  • When there is not enough water in your body, then you also produce less urine. As such, creatinine is released from the body only through urine, so due to the deficiency in urin, this toxic (toxic substance) also becomes difficult to get out.
  • On the other hand, drinking too much water also has negative effects on your kidney functions. Drinking too much water can increase blood pressure and increased blood pressure can create pressure on the kidney.
  • Even if you do not get instruction from your doctor, it is better that you remain hydrated, but as far as possible avoid abnormal (very high) amounts of fluid.

2. Just stop your activity level:

Whenever your body exercises very vigorously, it converts food into energy very fast. Because of this, there is more creatinine form, due to which the amount of creatinine in the blood increases.

  • Exercise still has a significant impact on your entire health, so you do not have to completely take it out of your routine. However, you can choose low-intensity exercise instead of high-intensity high-intensity exercise right now. Rather than running, weight lifting, or playing ball, take a stab at strolling or rehearsing yoga.

3. High Creatinine Have a good sleep:

When you sleep, most of your body functions slow down. It also includes body metabolism. Because of this, the rate of conversion of creatine to creatinine also slows down, so that the creatinine already present in the blood is filtered out before the extra toxins are formed.

  • Get at least six to nine hours of sleep every night, with seven or eight hours of sleep being considered an ideal amount.
  • Apart from this, due to lack of sleep or lack of sleep, there is physical stress on your entire body and then every part of your body has to work very hard to do normal work. Because of this, the kidney gets more stressed, due to which the ability of the kidneys to filter out creatinine is reduced.

Ask a doctor about stopping certain medicines

High Creatinine

1. Ask your doctor about stopping certain medicines:

There are some medicines that are directly related to high creatinine levels. Medicines that can damage the kidney can be a sign of danger to you, but medicines used to treat the kidney can also cause problems.

  • If you already have kidney problems, then be careful about drugs like ibuprofen, because if used regularly, it can cause more damage to the kidney.
  • ACE inhibitors and cyclosporine are both used for kidney disease treatment, but remember that they can also increase creatinine levels.
  • Some nutritional supplements, such as vanadium, can also increase creatinine levels and should be avoided for this reason.
  • Always stop talking to your doctor before you stop taking any medicine. Such as some of these medicines can increase the level of creatinine, but some good medicines are still necessary for the reason they are prescribed.

2. Also check for medicines and supplements that are helpful:

Keeping in mind the reason for your creatinine level rising and your overall health, your doctor may suggest you include some medications and supplements to lower your creatinine level.

  • Many medicines that treat creatinine levels can also treat the hidden reasons behind increasing these levels, so before your doctor decides the medicine you need, increase creatinine levels first. The hidden reason behind will need to be diagnosed.

3. Take diabetes prescriptions to control your glucose: 

Diabetes is a common cause of kidney damage and increased creatinine levels. If you have diabetes, in order to prevent further kidney damage, it becomes very important to keep your insulin levels normal. There are some medicines that can help you do this.

  • Repaglinide is commonly prescribed for diabetes. The starting dose of this medicine is normally 0.5 mg, which is taken before every one mile. Its maximum dose is 4 mg, they are also taken before meals. Then even if you forget to take miles, but still it is very important for you to take these drugs.

4. Reduce your blood pressure with medicines:

Apart from diabetes, hypertension is also another factor in kidney damage. By keeping your blood pressure under control, your kidneys can also be protected from further damage, which helps lower your creatinine levels.

  • Your doctor may also prescribe you benazepril and hydrochlorothiazide. Normal benazepril doses typically occur between 10 and 80 mg [4] daily. Doses of hydrochlorothiazide are usually between 12.5 and 50 mg daily.

5. Antibiotics High Creatinine

If some antibiotics are taken incorrectly, they can also be very dangerous for people with kidney disease who need to take a small number of antibiotics compared to people with a healthy kidney.

6. Take medicines for high creatinine levels:

Ketosteril is prescribed to reduce the creatinine levels found in the bloodstream. Talk to your doctor to find out if this medicine is right for you. After every one mile, taking 4 to 8 tablets three times a day is its regular dose. Other medicines that reduce creatinine levels are:

  • Alpha-lipoic acid (antioxidants), supplements are used to energize the kidneys and to neutralize toxins, including creatinine. You can usually take up to 300 mg daily.
  • Chitosan is a weight management supplement, which can also be used to reduce the amount of creatinine present in the blood. Usually, this benefits only when the drug is taken from 1000 to 4000 mg daily.

Think about a medical therapist

1. Identify and treat the hidden problem:

High creatine levels are rarely a solitary problem. Most often, these symptoms are a symptom of a more serious disease. To reduce these levels permanently and improve your overall health, try to find and treat any hidden problems with your doctor.

  • Kidney damage and chronic kidney disease can be the most common cause. This damage can also be caused by a disease, a fatal infection, shock, cancer, or low blood flow.
  • Type 2 diabetes is also associated with high creatinine levels.
  • Heart failure, dehydration, shock due to too much blood loss, arthritis, physically strong exercise, muscle injury, muscle disorder, and burns can be other reasons.

2. Do research on cold laser therapy:

Some evidence proves that cold-laser or low-level laser therapy can kill kidneys and improve their overall functioning capacity. Because of this, your kidney’s ability to filter creatinine naturally increases.

  • When used on the adrenal glands above the kidney, cold lasers can also help reduce stress and improve sleep.
  • When it is used on your neck’s vagus nerve, cold lasers can help improve blood circulation in many organs such as the kidney.

3. High Creatinine Use massage therapy:

Massage therapy also helps in blood circulation and reducing stress levels, which is successful in giving good sleep and relaxation.

4. Learn about blood purification therapy:

Although this is not so common, yet some people, whose kidneys are severely damaged and creatinine levels are also increasing, can try blood purification therapy or hemodialysis, or dialysis. Huh. This therapy may be difficult, but it is quite effective.

  • During treatment, your blood is extracted and filtered through the machine. This machine removes the creatinine present in the blood and other similar toxins. Once it is clean, it is circulated back into the body.

5. Consider taking alternative medicines:

In general, gather information about Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This therapy is based on traditional Chinese medicine, which may be helpful in reversing minor kidney damage. The medicated bath, which is also the origin of traditional Chinese medicine, is also helpful in this.

  • Due to Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy, traditional Chinese medicine is prescribed according to the patient’s condition. Some of these treatments are given externally (externally), while some are given internally with the help of an osmoscope.
  • Medicated baths can improve blood circulation. They heat the body and produce sweat. Creatine and similar toxins are expelled from the body through sweat.

6. Take dialysis as one last option:

If your diet changes and medications are not reducing your creatinine levels, talk to your doctor about dialysis. There are two specific types of dialysis, but those used to reduce creatinine levels are called hemodialysis.

  • In hemodialysis, the machine filters the waste, fluid, and salt from your blood, so that you do not have to do this work for a damaged kidney.

Diet chart of High Creatinine

High Creatinine

1. High Creatinine Limit your sodium intake:

Due to excess sodium, there is a lot of unhealthy fluid retention, and due to which high blood pressure can also occur. Both these reasons can cause high levels of creatine.

  • Maintain a low sodium diet. Stay away from salty foods and drinks and whenever possible, choose a low sodium version of common food products (canned soup, bottled sauces).
  • If not less, then your daily intake range of sodium intake should be between 2 and 3 grams daily.

2. Keep an eye on your protein intake as well:

Avoid protein-rich foods as far as possible. Red meat and dairy products can prove especially bad for you.

  • Dietary sources of creatine can be found very easily in animal products. Although these amounts are usually not harmful, they can definitely cause trouble for someone whose creatine is already abnormally high.
  • Keep in mind one thing, that you need protein in your diet to maintain enough energy for your body and your body to do all the work properly, so you do not have it completely from your diet To be removed.
  • When you consume protein, try to get it from plant-based sources like nuts and other beans as far as possible.

3. Increase the consumption of your plant-based foods:

Vegetarian diets are often recommended to reduce the high levels of creatine and to reduce the risk of kidney disease caused by high blood pressure or diabetes. Eat vitamin C-rich foods like berry, lemon juice, parsley, and cauliflower.

4. Avoid Phosphorus-Rich Foods:

Your kidneys may face a lot of difficulty in processing phosphorus-rich foods, especially if your creatinine level is already elevated. For this reason, you should try to avoid such foods:

  • Pumpkin and squash, cheese, fish, shellfish, nuts, low-fat dairy products, and soybeans.

5. Limit the level of potassium you consume:

Whenever you are dealing with any kidney-related problems, avoid taking a high amount of potassium foods as far as possible, this is because if your kidneys cannot process it properly, then Potassium starts accumulating in your body. Potassium-rich foods include:

  • Dry fruits, bananas, spinach, potatoes, beans, and peas.

6. Stay away from creatine supplements:

Since Creatinine is a waste product of creatine, by taking creatine supplements, you will start accumulating more creatinine in your blood.

  • For an average person, this is not a big deal. If you are an athlete or bodybuilder taking nutritional supplements to improve your performance, and if creatine is present in these supplements, then you will have to quit.


Always consult your doctor before deciding on treatment. Every person has their own health-related needs, so it is not necessary that the given guidelines should work equally for all people. Some of this, according to your particular condition, can have the opposite effect on your entire health.

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