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Gua sha stone benefits for face and skin

Gua Sha Stone

Gua sha stone: This age-old method is a very old recipe for glowing and glowing skin. Believe it or not, this technique used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat the body from heatstroke or heat stroke and other seasonal diseases is very old. (Argan Oil For Face Benefits And Uses)

According to this, there may not be anything new in it, but recently it has suddenly come into the spotlight for treating the best methods of skincare. Which is being used for skin-smoothing and muscle relaxation from New York to Paris. (CC Cream Benefits And Side Effects)

Hearing something about the magic of the Gua sha stone, I also became curious to know more about this ancient healing method. And know what? After getting to know top-level physicians, I soon understood why this skincare practice is more than just a ‘passing trend’. And why it should be part of your skincare routine. (Oily Skin: 7 Best Serum for Oily Skin)

In this article Made me perfect We will give you full information about Gua Sha Stone Benefits For Face And Skin.

What is Gua sha stone?

Gua Sha Stone

If you want to understand it differently? Gua means ‘scrape’, that is a scrape, and she means ‘sand or small pebble/stone’. New York-based acupuncturist and Gua sha stone practitioner Emily Grace Say explains. Whose grandparents used this technique as a home remedy.

She says, the markings from Gua sha stone often resemble those of small red pebbles. Probably because of which it got its name. But you do not need to be afraid of it. She also gives advice. While massaging the body with Gua sha can leave scars, Facial Gua sha is a super light and painless treatment.

In traditional Chinese medicine, which is also called ‘Qui or Xi’ Qui / Chi therapy, to transfer energy. A device called Gua sha stone is used to treat from inside to the outside of the body. Which was originally made with animal bone or a spoonful of soup. It was designed to gently cleanse the skin with the help of long or short strokes.

The Chinese believe that ‘static energy‘ causes inflammation or inflammation. And removing it can improve facial blood flow and health. Paris-based acupuncture and rejuvenation specialist Ellen Huntzinger LC, who has been practicing Gua sha stone for nearly 15 years, says, ‘By scraping a certain area, we are able to move Qui Qui and blood.’

Health benefits of Gua sha stone

Gua Sha Stone

Gua sha stone is also believed to relieve body pain. David Colbert, MD, founder and lead physician of the New York Dermatology Group, is also an admirer of the pain-relieving technique. He says, “Gua sha stone is something that I have used on myself as well.

It is truly miraculous. I used this technique regularly to reduce the undesirable pain in my joints and muscles from surfing and biking. ‘Research suggests that this process can improve microcirculation by increasing blood flow to those parts of the body, Which play an important role in improving oxygen delivery to cells.

This technique can also work well for your overall health benefits. Huntzinger explains, “Gua sha stone works on the lymphatic system.” This tissue helps the fluid released from the tissue to go to the lymph node. ‘Because the blood flow and lymph are in the cusp, so without proper blood flow, nourish the cells and take out the waste material from your other May be harmful to organs and immune system.

However, not everyone in the medical community is a fan of this system or technology. But some doctors, such as Doctor Colbert, also appreciate its massage and relaxation techniques and effects.

While Gua sha on the body can leave rash or scars on the body, Gua sha is done on the face with very light hands. And it provides many types of skincare.

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‘Facial Gua sha stone is used to smooth the skin, relax the facial muscles, and deliver healthy blood circulation to the head, face, and neck.’ Says Siya. Needless to say, ‘Facial Gua sha helps reduce facial elasticity, suppleness, puffiness, fine lines, and muscle tension.’ As a result, you get a very beautiful face. Ie Sculpted Sculpted.

According to Sai, ‘Facial Gua sha should be done with very little pressure so that it is safe for everyone as well as giving the best results. ‘If you are doing Gua sha stone at home, rash, rash or chopped Do not do this on any skin area. Also, take special care of hygiene. Every time after use, wash your tool or tool with soapy water only.

One more thing, if you have had any type of facial implant or surgery, then you should avoid doing Gua sha at home. Instead of some kind of experiment, consult a good and licensed practitioner. Tell them in detail about your implant or surgery or if there is any injury etc. So that they use the least pressure on you.

How to use a Gua sha stone tool on your face?

If you want to use Gua sha stone in the current facial routine, you need to know that experts recommend using it three times a week. And explains that doing it just before going to sleep, gives its best results. He also gives its scientific region. First, it is easier for lymph to drain at this time, because we relax and lie down, our stress level is negligible and we are in a state of rest. At the same time, she also clarifies that you do not need to do too much emphasis or do it with pressure.

How to use Gua sha stone

Gua Sha Stone

First of all, apply your favorite facial oil. Then, move the Gua sha stone from inside to outside and upwards with light pressure. Remember, the stone should be flat on the skin. Starting at the neck, continue to the jaw, under the eye, eyebrow bone, and finally to the forehead.

Expert-approved Gua sha facial tools

After experiencing this ancient technique at the hands of Huntzinger, I can at least reclaim its effects. I was restless while arriving at her studios. My face was swollen due to lack of sleep. I lay quietly on that bed, and anxiously I left my skin for treatment. After being cool and cool with the active effect of the Jade rollers and taking a bath in a variety of oils, after about an hour of the session, I noticed that my face looked more grafted or scalped than before. There was no slightest sign of inflammation, as well as my complexion seemed clearer than before. This was a bonus for me!

If you want to use the Gua sha stone Tool at home for your skincare? So use the tools given here by Gua sha for glowing and glowing skin.

Herbivore Botanicals Rose Quartz Gua sha stone

The device comes in two sizes – a square or a square shape. Second, heart-shaped. Quartz is a favorite of both Gua sha Huntzinger and Say due to its healing properties. This Gua sha stone tool not only helps reduce facial puffiness, puffiness but also helps in reducing facial fine lines and muscle tension. Apart from this, when our face is massaged with oil or a moisturizer, it also helps in absorbing it into the skin.

The Sunshine Pro

This Gua sha stone tool is made from black nephrite jade or Haitian jade. It is considered very valuable in traditional Chinese medicine for its helpful healing properties. Acupuncturist and facial Gua sha specialist Sandra Lasin Chiu created the device essentially for Gua sha Swiss Army Knife. This means it is a single, multifunctional device that you can use to get sculpted smooth skin.

Dark Green Nephrite

Designed by New York-based Estonian Cicely Brayden, this flat, flattened Gua sha stone appliance is currently a favorite of Huntzinger. This Huntzinger, made from Dark Jade, is good enough to better aid fluid flow. Its unique design and weight make it easy to use. Its stylish edges also help in easily navigating facial and neck fluctuations.

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