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earwax causes hearing loss and memory loss 2022


Earwax can cause hearing loss and memory loss A yellow earwax-like substance found inside the ear is called earwax “or” earwax “. This substance is made by the fat-rich glands in the ear.

Ear plaque is often passed out of the ear. After that, it starts flowing through the ear itself or it has to be washed and cleaned. This keeps the ear tube clean and moist and provides protection to the inner lining.

With the help of ear scum, water cannot get inside the ear and at the same time, the dust, insects, fungi, and bacteria that go inside the ear are also trapped in it and cannot penetrate inside the ear.

Ear dirt begins to form and closes the ear canal. The most common cause of hearing loss is the closure of the ear canal.

Scalp in the ear cannot be prevented and is a common condition. If you feel a full ear, in most cases it is due to ear scum.

Do not try to remove the eardrums on your own, because doing so can cause scratches and infections in the inner skin of the ear.

Ear scab is usually treated quickly and there is no pain in their treatment. With the help of the treatment, all the scum of the ear is removed, which makes the patient hear it properly.

If you start having problems due to earwax, doctors safely remove the mail with the help of some simple methods. When all the dirt is removed from inside the ear, you may notice a difference in hearing ability.

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What is earwax?


It is a natural barrier present in the ear, which prevents dust and bacteria etc. from going into the inner parts of the ear. Ear dirt is very sticky, so it collects the microscopic waste inside the ear.

Without this protective barrier, your ear increases with a variety of risks. Even though there are many benefits of ear dirt, it sometimes stops the ear pipe, which causes hearing problems.

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symptoms of earwax

The following types of symptoms develop due to the accumulation of dirt in the ear:

  • Earache
  • Feeling stuck or ear-full
  • Hearing loss is getting worse.
  • Ringing in the ears or hearing strange sounds in the ear (tinnitus)
  • Ear itching
  • Ear gag and smell

ear wax how to clean

If you have dirt in your ear and you cannot remove the dirt, you should seek the help of a doctor. Apart from this, if you have started feeling some other symptoms due to the accumulation of dirt in your ear, then you should see a doctor. It may cause the following symptoms.

  • Ear fluids
  • Earache
  • fever
  • Deafness after cleaning the ear

earwax causes hearing loss and memory loss

Earwax is made inside the ear, which keeps the ear clean and protects it from germs. It usually comes out of the ear without causing any harm, but sometimes due to excess scum in the ear, it closes the ear canal.

Many times the dirt accumulates in front of the screen of the ear, this often happens when a person tries to itch by putting something inside. Such as a piece of cotton, a pin or key, etc. Due to these things, the scum present in the ear tube goes into the ear tube.

risk of dirt in the ear

There are other factors as well, which increase the risk of too much scab in the ear. Scorching starts in any person’s ear. However, the risk of having this problem may be higher in the following people.

  • People who use earplugs or other devices. People who have a habit of itching by putting cotton or anything else in the ear.
  • with a developmental disability (ears not developing properly)
  • whose ear tube is made in this way, out of which the dirt of the ear is not removed properly.
  • Naturally becoming hard or dry scum.
  • The ear canal narrowed or too much hair in the tube.

removing earwax

removal of earwax

In some people, ear mating occurs naturally. When there is more scab in the ear, more problems start, so these people need to be treated again and again.

no way has yet been found to prevent the formation of smog at work. However, some patients recommend using the medicine Ear Drop, which keeps the earwax soft.

Do not try to clean the dirt in the ear with your finger or anything else, because doing so can make the situation worse.

If you have some physical problems that cause more ear mites (eg eczema), then in such a situation you cannot prevent ear mites. But if you do not have any such physical problems. So you can prevent dirt from forming in the ear.

Using a topical agent once a week may help. You should get your work cleaned regularly once every 6 months. The doctor may refuse you to use cotton in your ear. Because putting cotton etc. in the ear, the mail goes in the inner side of the tube.

(Earwax can cause hearing loss and memory loss)

Diagnosis of Earwax

ear wax cleaner

During the test, doctors use ear examining devices, such as the Auriscope or Otoscope. During the test, doctors can check for ear mites and find out what the effects are. Doctors do some simple tests to check for more dirt in the ear.

Earwax Treatment

how to remove earwax

If there is no problem due to scum in the ear, then there is no need to get it treated. The ears are clean by themselves and the eardrum gets out by itself, so the dirt should not be removed by itself.

If the scum has come out of the ear, it should be cleaned with a soft cloth. Sometimes the earwax gets deposited inside, especially when the scum is too dry or the person’s ear canal is too narrow or there is too much hair in the tube.

Apart from this, due to putting a machine in the ear, inserting cotton, or anything else, the mail starts accumulating in the inner part of the ear.

Cleaning the ear with cotton also damages the ear canal. Because cotton absorbs the natural oil found in the ear canal, which causes itching.

When water goes inside the ear while taking bath or swimming etc., it causes the ear to fail. Spreading in the ear feels like closing the ear and increases the chances of getting tinnitus disease.


If you are unable to hear properly or feel uncomfortable due to a melody in the ear, then you need to get the earwax cleaned.

Some people with tinnitus begin to experience more problems when there is dirt in their ears. Usually, the ear canal should never be cleaned.

However, this is not always the case in all cases. The ear canal should be cleaned when the ear becomes clogged and it causes problems, or when the eardrum makes it difficult for the doctor to examine the ear.

Ear mail is treated only when the mail is not able to be heard properly or other problems start to arise due to the accumulation of dirt in the ear.

It is only in such cases that doctors begin treatment to remove earworms. This includes the following types of treatment:



Drops of this medicine are injected into the ear 3 to 4 times daily and this is done for several days. This medicine softens the scum accumulated in the ear, causing it to come on its own.

The temperature of the medicine injected into the ear should be normal. With the help of the medicine, the eardrum becomes soft in a few days and gradually comes out on its own.

Ear irrigation:

It is a rapid and painless procedure, in which an electronic pump sends water to the ear canal and rinses out the earwax.

When the ear-injecting drugs do not solve the problem, doctors use the ear irrigation procedure. During this time, the water is sent into the ear duct with pressure, so that the accumulated dirt can come out.

The flow of water released by the irrigation machine is completely controlled and the water temperature is also normal.

Initially, the pressure released by the machine is low. During this time, the ear is rotated around so that the water can reach all the parts inside the ear.


Like the year irrigation, this process is also painless and done in a short time. In this process, a small machine sucks the scum of the ear.

When ear scars are not removed with the help of ear irrigation, the actors recommend using the continuous irrigation process until the scars become soft. The doctor can put water in the ear for 15 minutes before using the irrigation machine.

Aural toilet:

It is a small device with a ring made at the end. With the help of this device, ear mites are extracted and the ear canals are cleaned.

(Earwax can cause hearing loss and memory loss)

Earwax Complications

What problems can occur due to ear dirt?

Scabies in the ear often does not cause any complications. But in very rare cases, treatment for removal of the eardrum can cause some of the following complications:

  • External ear infection (swimmers’ ear)
  • pain in ear
  • Hearing loss (hearing loss)
  • dizziness
  • Stagnation
  • Ear perforation
  • Ringing ears
  • Ear bleeding

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