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Dry Nose: How to Treat Dry Nose In Summer

Dry Nose

Dry Nose: Drying the nose during the summer season is a common problem. Usually, this problem is fixed on its own, but sometimes this problem can also lead to many serious problems. Therefore, it becomes necessary to get rid of it.

This article of Made Me Perfect is on this subject. Here we will explain what it is to dry the nose. Apart from this, here we are also going to discuss the causes and symptoms of dry noses. Also, home remedies for dry noses will also be known in this article. So let’s quickly learn about the problem of dry noses.

Let’s begin the article

Let us first understand what it is like to have a dry nose.

What is a dry nose

Dry Nose

A dry nose means dryness in the pores of the nose. However, according to research published on the website of the National Center for Biotechnology Information, there is no proper definition of dry nose. Otolaryngologists (eye, nose, and ear specialists) often use the term “rhinitis coin” for this type of problem. Several reasons are responsible for its occurrence, which is explained in further detail.

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After understanding the meaning of dry noses, we will now know the reasons for dry noses.

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Causes of Dry Nose

The cause of a dry nose can include a variety of internal factors and environmental conditions. Here we are giving the reasons for dry nose in a sequential manner, which are as follows:

  • Factors such as air conditioning or indoor heating, which can reduce room humidity levels.
  • Side effects of some medicines like – medicine to cure allergic rhinitis
  • Sj√∂gren’s syndrome (disorders related to the immune system)
  • Acute coryza (common cold problem)
  • Causes of obstructive sleep apnea
  • This problem can also be caused by spending too much time in the hot air.
  • This can also happen due to dusty soil or pollution.
  • This can also happen due to dehydration. However, precise scientific research is not available.
  • This can also happen due to continuous smoking, although there is a lack of scientific research related to it.

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Let us now know what are the symptoms of a dry nose.

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Symptoms of Dry Nose

After explaining the causes of dry nose, here we are telling the symptoms of the dry nose through a few points, which are the following:

  • Mild burning sensation in nose
  • Dryness in nose
  • Nasal crust formation with foul smell
  • Nasal obstruction
  • Itching
  • bleeding nose
  • Decreased smelling capacity

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In this part of the article, home remedies for dry noses are described.

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Home Remedies For Dry Nose

Here we are telling home remedies for dry noses, with the help of which this problem can be reduced to some extent. Just keep in mind that these remedies are not in any way a medical cure for a dry nose. So let’s know, home remedies for dry nose:

1. Coconut Oil

 material :

  • coconut oil

How to use:

  • Apply coconut oil on your fingers and apply it to the skin inside the nose.

How beneficial:

Talking about home remedies for dry noses, coconut oil can be considered very effective for this. One research suggests that in Ayurveda it is recommended to apply coconut oil to the nose. At the same time, another research shows that coconut oil is a safe solution to prevent skin dryness. Its moisturizing properties can help retain skin moisture. This is why it is advisable to use coconut oil to deal with the problem of dry noses. At the moment, further research needs to be done on this topic.

2. Saline Spray

material :

  • Pure Salt – 1/4 teaspoon
  • Water – 1/2 cup
  • spray bottle

How to use:

  • First of all, add salt to the water and mix it well, and put it in the spray bottle.
  • Now bend the head down and spray it in the nose two or three times.

How beneficial:

The use of Sline may also prove beneficial for a dry nose. One research suggests that when Sline was used on people struggling with dry nose problems, it proved to be effective at reducing the symptoms of dry nose. This is why Sline can prove to be an effective home remedy to get relief from the problem of dry noses. However, further research is needed on what properties work behind it.

3. Vitamin E Oil

material :

  • Vitamin e oil

 How to use:

  • Take two drops of vitamin E oil and pour it into both nostrils alternately.

How beneficial:

The use of vitamin E oil can also prove to be effective to get relief from dry nose problems. This is confirmed by research. According to this research, vitamin E can improve airflow along with the problem of dry noses. On this basis, it can be assumed that vitamin-E oil can be used as a home remedy for a dry nose.

4. Olive Oil

material :

  • Olive oil

 How to use:

  • Apply olive oil on your fingers and apply it to the inside of the nose.

How beneficial:

The use of olive oil can also help in getting relief from the problem of dry noses. Actually, research related to this suggests that olive oil has moisturizing properties, which can help relieve dryness while retaining skin moisture. In such a situation, it can be believed that the use of olive oil can be beneficial to overcome the problem of dry noses.

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5. Steam

material :

  • Hot water as required
  • A large bowl
  • a towel

How to use:

Pour hot water into a bowl.

Now cover your head with towels and steam it for 10 minutes.

How beneficial:

The benefits of taking steam to deal with the dry nose can be seen. Research suggests that the moist air of steam can act as a source of moisture in the dry nostrils. Also, it can be helpful in reducing the difficulty in breathing and swelling. Apart from this, taking steam is also considered beneficial for dealing with allergies. On this basis, it can be assumed that steam can prove beneficial for the problem of dry noses.


Here we are telling when to contact a doctor for a dry noses problem.

When should doctor’s advice be taken?

Usually, the problem of dry noses is solved by home remedies. At the same time, if even after adopting these remedies, the symptoms mentioned here are visible, then in such a situation, you should contact the doctor without delay:

  • bleeding nose
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Weakness of smell
  • Prolonged nasal discomfort


After home remedies for dry noses, here we are explaining its treatment.

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Treatment of Dry Nose

If the home remedy described in the article does not cure the problem of dry nose, then it is recommended to get medical treatment. Therefore, here we are telling the treatment of dry nose, which is the following:

  • Saline Spray: Use of nasal saline spray may be advised to treat dry nose problems. Its use can help in retaining the moisture of the nose.
  • Nasal ointment: Use of ointment or nasal moisturizer can also be advised to treat dry noses. These ointments are considered effective for maintaining the moisture of the nose.
  • Treatment based on the reasons: If the causes behind dry noses like Sjogren’s syndrome or sleep apnea are responsible, then the doctor can treat dry noses on the basis of their causes.

Information still left

Learn some tips at the end of the article that can help protect you from the problem of dry noses.

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Prevention Tips for Dry Nose

After knowing the home remedies for the dry nose and its treatment, now also know some tips to avoid dry noses, so that this problem can be avoided.

  • Avoid conditions or factors that can cause dryness of the nose. Such as – excess heat, dry air, or pollution.
  • Maintain nasal moisture.
  • Drink a sufficient amount of water.
  • Clean the nose, especially when the crust in the nose is frozen.
  • Treat the infection.
  • Eating a balanced diet.
  • Avoid smoking
  • Take care of hygiene.

So friends, after reading this article, you must now know the causes and symptoms of dry noses as well as home remedies for dry noses. So, in order to get relief from this problem, feel free to adopt the measures mentioned here. At the same time, even after adopting these methods, if you are not getting rid of this problem, then please contact the doctor. At the same time, in the article, we have also given some tips to avoid the problem of dry nose, which can be avoided by keeping it in mind.

frequently asked Questions :

How can I get rid of a dry nose at night?

To get rid of dry noses at night, you can adopt the home remedies mentioned in the article.

What causes dry noses while running nose?

There is a lack of accurate information related to this, the subject can be talked to a doctor.

How can I avoid a dry nose?

To avoid the problem of dry noses, you can follow the rescue tips related to it mentioned in the article.

What kind of doctor should I see for a dry nose?

For a dry noses, one should go to an otolaryngologist (ENT) specialist.

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