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DHT Blockers: Cause of Hair Loss?

DHT Blockers

DHT Blockers: Cause Of Hair Loss? Hair loss is a very common problem these days.

In many countries of the world, many men are falling victim to baldness at an early age. People who give their best in education and career are also getting beaten on the look front due to hair problems. Hair fall problem not only affects their look but also brings a feeling of inferiority in mind.

Hair fall or hair loss is caused due to many reasons. These contribute to poor hair care, pollution, poor lifestyle, genetic causes, and testosterone.

People usually see testosterone by associating it only with things that increase men’s power or men’s power. But the contribution of testosterone to the life of men is much more than this. This is an important factor in determining the growth and health of your hair, which should not be ignored.

Some people believe that testosterone levels are high due to bodybuilding or muscle gain, which causes hair loss. This is not true. It also has factors such as diet and stress, which affect both hair growth and hair loss in a big way.

Whenever hair loss is discussed, DHT is also named. Doctors and dermatologists also frequently discuss DHT sensitivities with their patients. It is also considered to be the main cause of problems such as hair fall serious cases and male pattern baldness.

So in this article, Made me perfect .in we will tell you, what are DHT blockers and DHT sensitivity? Also, what is the contribution of DHT blockers and sensitivity to the hair fall problem?

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What is DHT Sensitivity?

DHT Blockers

DHT or dihydrotestosterone is a very important combination hormone. Which has a direct effect on the growth of beard and hair. This is the factor that determines the strength or base of our men’s ability and voice.

But even if the sensitivity of DHT is reduced, there are problems and if it becomes more active than necessary, then many types of problems start. First of all, do you know what DHT blockers are?

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What is DHT Blockers?

DHT or dihydrotestosterone is an androgen. It is responsible for things considered to be the identity of masculinity in the body. These things include head hair, beard, body hair, etc. Because of this, semen is formed in the testicles and there is heaviness in the voice.

The more DHT is present in a human, the more the hair will be in the whole body. More DHT also has an effect on the thickness of the beard.

Men with high DHT levels have a thicker and fuller beard. But a higher DHT level also means that there will be more hair fall.

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What Happens At High DHT Levels?

Hair fall from high DHT levels occurs because DHT has the properties of narrowing or shrinking hair follicles or hair roots. This compresses the receptors found near the hair roots in the scalp.

Nutrient penetration to the hair roots decreases as the receptors become compressed. It may also be closed when DHT levels increase. Due to this, the problem of hair fall starts.

High DHT levels do not just harm the hair. High levels of DHT can also affect many other organs and functions of the body. These actions to be affected include,

  • Slow healing of wounds after skin injury
  • Enlargement of the prostate or testicles
  • Having cancer problems in the testicles
  • Disease in the arteries of the heart

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What Happens at Low DHT Levels?

There is a risk of many problems due to the high level of DHT. But if the level of DHT in the body is reduced, then many problems can be faced. These problems can also affect your men’s development in adolescence.

Low DHT levels may delay your shave during adolescence. The sound may be thin. Hair may thin and fall. In addition, the penis may remain small. The testicles can also remain underdeveloped.

There may be an uneven distribution of fat in the body part. Some parts may be thick and some parts may remain thin. Because of this, there can also be a problem of tumors in the testicles. These risks can be much greater than normal.

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How To Control DHT Levels?

The body also controls the production of DHT. The body naturally converts 5% of the testosterone contained within it to dihydrotestosterone. 5-Alpha reductase (5-alpha reductase), an enzyme found in the body itself, plays an important role in this whole process.

DHT blockers should be used to prevent the overproduction of DHT. These DHT blockers help block the 5-alpha reductase enzyme. Due to this, they are also able to effectively help in preventing the problem of hair loss from growing.

DHT blockers are commonly used by companies making anti-hair fall products in their products. These products also include shampoos, hair oils, or other anti-hair fall products.

These things that prevent hair fall can also be included in your diet. It can also be used in easy home remedies. Alternatively, products that use these DHT blockers can be purchased.

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Do DHT Blockers Really Work?

There can be many reasons for hair loss, DHT sensitization is only one of them. If your hair loss is due to this, then DHT blockers will definitely help you in reducing the speed of hair loss.

However, it is meaningless to expect all of your lost hair to grow back. DHT blockers will only help you prevent hair loss and promote hair growth and not a permanent cure.

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