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Deep Latch Breastfeeding Tips

Deep Latch Breastfeeding

Deep Latch Breastfeeding Tips: Right from the time the baby is born, it is important to breastfeed him properly. During this time the baby and mother will be in the right position, then only the newborn is able to drink milk properly.

A Deep Latch Breastfeeding process is prevalent to ensure this. In this, the baby is placed near the breast in such a way that it becomes easy for him to drink milk. When the baby starts drinking milk, it is called latching.

If this action is done well, it is called Deep Latch Breastfeeding. This benefits both the baby and the mother. You can learn about these benefits from this article of Made Me Perfect.

In this article made me perfect we will give you full information about Deep Latch Breastfeeding Tips so let’s start reading.

At the beginning of the article, we are telling how to do Deep Latch Breastfeeding properly while breastfeeding.

Deep Latch Breastfeeding Technique

Deep Latch Breastfeeding

It is important to know about the right method for Deep Latch Breastfeeding the baby properly. We are telling about it with the help of some points below:

  • For Deep Latch Breastfeeding, hold the edge of the breast with the help of your index finger and thumb. This will form a C or U shape. Then press the edge of the breast together with the finger and thumb, which will compress the breast. At this time the fingers will be on the side and the nipple will be held in a pinch.
  • Now support your head with your hand to bring the baby’s mouth near your breast. At this time, support your baby with your thumb on one ear and your third finger near the other ear. Also, support the baby’s neck with the palm and other fingers.
  • After this, bring the baby to the nipple. At this time, the baby’s head will be slightly tilted backward and the chin will be raised upwards. Place the nipple just above the baby’s upper lip. When the baby opens his mouth to feed, first place the breast on his lower jaw.
  • Then tilt the baby’s head slightly forward and move the upper jaw behind the nipple. While doing this, flatten the nipple by pressing the index finger and thumb. This will allow the nipple to fit snugly into the baby’s mouth.
  • Now wait a few seconds and remove the fingers from the breast. If during this time the baby’s nose appears to be pressed against the nipple, tilt his head slightly, so that the baby’s nostril is properly visible. At this time the nose will be touching the breast. After this, there is no need to press the breast with fingers.

Now know some important tips related to Deep Latch Breastfeeding.

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Deep Latch Breastfeeding Tips

There are a few tips to keep in mind while latching on to your baby. Some of these tips are as follows:

  1. Quiet Environment – ​​Quiet environment is essential for Deep Latch Breastfeeding. In such a situation, do not do Deep Latch Breastfeeding sitting in any noisy place. Sit in a quiet corner of the house with the support of pillows or other comfortable things and then after some time start this process.
  1. Skin-to-Skin Contact – Skin-to-skin contact between the baby and the mother deepens the bond between the two. In such a situation, keep the baby only in the diaper while breastfeeding. This will keep the baby’s skin touching your skin. At this time, keep your baby close to your breast and play with her for some time, and do not think of breastfeeding.
  1. Let the baby do what he wants – Let the baby touch the nipple with his mind. If your baby is not hungry, he will cling to your chest or play with you. If the baby is hungry, he will turn his head or try to make eye contact.
  1. Don’t press for the latch – then support the baby’s head and shoulders so that he can find the breast.
  1. Let the breast remain normal – When the baby’s chin comes close to the breast, the slight pressure of the breast can open the baby’s mouth wide and Deep Latch Breastfeeding can be done well. For this reason, let the breast remain normal. Just make sure that the baby can breathe well with the breastmilk.

Let us read further what are the signs of Deep Latch Breastfeeding.

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What are the signs of Deep Latching?

It is also important to understand whether the Deep Latch Breastfeeding technique is working properly during breastfeeding. Some pointers can help you with this. Yes, some signs are seen at the time of Deep Latch Breastfeeding, which is as follows.

  • Feeling comfortable during breastfeeding and not feeling any kind of pain or prickling.
  • The baby does not turn or move its head while feeding.
  • The full or maximum areola (the dark circle near the nipple) inside the baby’s mouth.
  • When the baby is latching on well, his mouth will be full of breasts.
  • Your baby’s tongue is under the breast, so his tongue may not be visible.
  • There may be a sound of swallowing milk.
  • Your baby’s lips will be curled outward like a fish’s, not inward. The lower lip of the baby is not visible properly at this time.
  • The baby’s chin will be touching the breast.

In the next part of the article, we are telling the advantages of the Deep Latch Breastfeeding technique.

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Some Amazing Benefits of Trying the Deep Latch Breastfeeding Technique

The Deep Latch Breastfeeding technique can have many benefits for the baby and the mother. This is the reason why lactating women are advised to try this technique. Know more what are its benefits.

  1. Relieve Nipple Pain – Research published on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) states that improving latches can reduce breast and nipple pain. According to research, one of the reasons for nipple pain is also not being able to latch properly. In such a situation, this pain can be relieved by adopting the right latching technique.
  1. Promotion of milk production and supply – With the help of this technique, milk production and milk supply in the breast can be promoted. Actually, during this time, along with the nipple, there is also a part of the areola in the mouth of the baby, due to which latching is done properly. Research suggests that regular latching can boost milk production.
  1. Also, there is skin-to-skin contact between the baby and the mother during the Deep Latch Breastfeeding technique. According to information published on the website of the New York City Health Department, skin-to-skin contact can increase the supply of milk.
  1. Breasts will not feel heavy – When the baby starts Deep Latch Breastfeeding properly, there is not a lot of milk stored in the breast. Breastfeeding with this technique does not make the breasts feel heavy.
  1. Aids in the development of the baby – With the help of the Deep Latch Breastfeeding technique, the baby is able to breastfeed properly, due to which it develops properly. According to research published on the NCBI website, Deep Latch Breastfeeding gives the baby enough milk, which can help in the physical and mental development of the baby.

Next, know some important things to keep in mind during Deep Latching.

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Things to keep in mind while doing deep latching

There are some important things to keep in mind while adopting the Deep Latch Breastfeeding technique, which includes:

  • If you or your baby is feeling irritable, take a break during Deep Latch Breastfeeding.
  • If your baby is not breastfed, you can give her a finger to suck on and try to breastfeed again after a while.
  • To get the baby Deep Latch Breastfeeding, you can try positions like football, cradle, cross-cradle, side-lying, etc.
  • In the football position, the baby is not fully lying on the lap, he is slightly upright and the baby’s head is supported with one hand. as well as cradle
  • In this position, the neck and the lower part of the head are supported with one hand and the baby’s head has to be kept on your elbow. Then with the other hand, the baby’s buttock is lifted lightly and applied to the chest.
  • You can also breastfeed your baby while lying down. This is called the side-lying position.
  • In addition, you can support yourself and your baby with a pillow by sitting upright during breastfeeding.
  • You can also breastfeed by holding the baby upright. This is called a straddle hold.
  • Try talking to your baby or reciting a lullaby during this time.
  • If your baby is unable to do deep latching properly, talk to a specialist.

The way to get the proper deep latching done is quite simple. You can try this technique whenever you breastfeed your baby. It just has to take care of the position.

It will take some time for the baby to learn it in the beginning. Then the baby automatically starts breastfeeding with this technique. We have given both steps and tips related to the deep latching technique, which you can follow.

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