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Dark Armpits Home Remedies for lightening Armpits

Dark Armpits

7 Home Remedies for lightening the Color of Dark Armpits

A difficult problem that almost every man in India has to face, and most people do not know how to deal with it, is “Dark Armpits”.

The climate in India is so difficult, that along with pollution and temperature fluctuations, theDark Armpits also become dark and unattractive. It doesn’t even matter what color your whole body is?

By the way, let the dark armpits have no effect on the health of the body. But it is obvious that today we are going to talk about the problem in that particular part due to it being darker than the rest of the body.

Many people hesitate to wear sleeveless vests and racer-backs because of dark armpits. Even in the gym! Now, this is not fair. But don’t worry, because we have the right home remedies that will relieve you from the problem of dark armpits.

Therefore, in this article Made me perfect, we will give you information about 7 Home Remedies for lightening the Color of Dark Armpits. By adopting these remedies, you will also be able to lighten the color of dark armpits in less than 2 weeks.

What Causes Dark Armpits?

Dark Armpits

There are several possible reasons behind the darkening of the armpit. like,

  • More use of deodorant and antiperspirant
  • Excessive shaving (burning and friction)
  • Dead skin cells not freezing and cleaning
  • Friction
  • Smoking melanosis (hyperpigmentation due to smoking)
  • Hyperpigmentation (increased melanin)
  • Acanthosis nigricans (indicating diabetes, obesity, or abnormal hormone levels)
  • Erythrasma (bacterial infection)
  • Melasma (dark spots on the skin)
  • Addison’s disease (damaged adrenal gland)


Home Remedies To Lighten The Color Of Dark Armpits:

1. Lemon for Dark Armpits

Dark Armpits

Rubbing a slice of lemon on your Dark Armpits will help you a lot in removing the underarm’s blackness. Lemon has skin lightening and anti-bacterial properties.

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2. Potato for Dark Armpits

Dark Armpits

Peel and grind half the potato and take out its juice. Apply this juice to the underarm, and wash it after some time. If you are a bachelor and it is not possible for you to remove juice, then you can do the work by rubbing thin slices of potato.

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3. Coconut Oil

Dark Armpits

Apply coconut oil to your underarm before taking a shower or taking a bath and before going to sleep. Coconut oil is rich in vitamin E. This helps greatly in lightening the color of the underarm.

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4. Lemon And Sugar

Combine one teaspoon lemon juice and one teaspoon sugar in a glass bowl or cup. This will create a very effective scrub. Apply this scrub to your Underarms daily. You will see that in a few days the color of the Dark Armpits will start to get lighter.

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5. Gram Flour And Yogurt

Mix gram flour and curd in equal quantities. Apply this paste to the underarms and leave it for half an hour. Wash it after half an hour or if it dries well. This mask can also be done 2-3 times a day.

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6. Exfoliate

Dry skin deposited in your armpits leads to spots, dark spots. To get rid of it and get a uniform color, you need to exfoliate your underarms.

Rub the underarms by bringing a pumice stone. If you do this work of scrubbing with lukewarm water, you get better results. It also helps in improving blood circulation in that part of the body. Apart from this, pumice stone also helps in removing dead skin cells.

7. Don’t Use Deodorant

You may find it strange to hear this method. But every dermatologist recommends it to you. This method is not to apply deodorant in the underarm. Our skin is very sensitive to many deodorants.

Applying them to the skin can cause many problems. Therefore, buy deodorant only after the patch test and use it only when there is a lot of need.

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