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Cryptic Pregnancy symptoms and signs

Pregnancy Problems

Cryptic Pregnancy symptoms and signs Do you know that there are many such cases in which women do not know that they are pregnant till the time of labor pain and delivery?

Although it is not believed, yet this problem is not as uncommon as you think. Women who have cryptic or latent pregnancies rarely experience pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, weight gain, or missed periods.

In this article made me perfect we will give you full information about Cryptic Pregnancy Symptoms And Signs so let’s start reading.

what is cryptic pregnancy?

Cryptic pregnancy is a problem in which a woman does not even know about her pregnancy. This problem is also known as stealth pregnancy or latent pregnancy.

In many cases, these women are told that they will never be able to get pregnant. In a cryptic, the pregnancy is not detected due to low levels of the hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin).

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reason for cryptic pregnancy

Cryptic Pregnancy

Following are some of the reasons for having a cryptic pregnancy, let’s find out;

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1. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

A small cyst present in the ovary or ovaries can also cause hormonal imbalance in the body of women. During this time, due to PCOS, hormonal imbalance in the body of women can be irregular as well as menstruation or periods.

2. Getting pregnant again

It is possible for a woman to become pregnant again soon after pregnancy. In such cases, skipping periods is considered common after pregnancy. In this situation, a woman does not understand that she has become pregnant once again.

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3. Perimenopause

Perimenopause is a problem in which a woman’s body starts showing symptoms of menopause, such as weight gain and hormone fluctuations. When a woman does not understand pregnancy due to perimenopause, it is called a cryptic pregnancy.

4. Body Fat Reduction

Women who do not have body fat or are very skinny and women who are athletes, their body has a high amount of hormonal fluctuations. As a result, women do not have periods and it can also make it difficult to detect pregnancy.

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5. Contraception

Women who use birth control pills or methods can rest assured that there is no chance of pregnancy. However, even these methods do not have 100% success, which can result in women taking birth control as well.

6. Stress

These days we all live under a lot of anxiety and stress due to work pressure and family problems. Especially in women, due to excessive or constant worry, their hormonal levels can also fluctuate.

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symptoms of cryptic pregnancy

Many symptoms can also appear in cryptic but often women do not pay attention to these symptoms, they are as follows;

  • Bleeding can occur during this time similar to normal menstruation or periods.
  • Nausea and vomiting during cryptic pregnancy can be thought to cause other problems.
  • The movements of the unborn baby can be considered a problem of gas and digestion.
  • Early urine and blood tests can also result in negative results due to hormone fluctuations.
  • Contractions that occur as a sign of labor, which can be considered cramps due to menstruation.
  • Early ultrasound does not show any signs of pregnancy.

Bleeding or frequent periods during a cryptic pregnancy

During a cryptic pregnancy, women have their periods every month, although the bleeding is brief during this time. Menstruation at this time can be irregular and at any time.

Bleeding can range from spotting to heavy bleeding, and the color of the blood can be pink, red, black, brown, or even purple. This is because the top layer of the uterus is removed at this time and it is not a sign of miscarriage.

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Weight gain/loss during a pregnancy

In a cryptic pregnancy, there is a gradual increase or decrease in weight. During this, it is a little slower than a normal pregnant woman’s weight gain.

Weight loss in the early days of pregnancy can also be due to food aversion. Since women in cryptic do not know that they are pregnant, they do not consume a healthy diet.

How can you avoid a cryptic pregnancy?

If you are married and having sex, then at this time pay attention to the symptoms of cryptic. you experience severe pain in your abdomen or pelvic area, consult a doctor.

If your periods are also not regular, then tell the doctor about this problem and get yourself checked.

Cryptic pregnancy is difficult to detect and affects women physically and mentally. You can protect yourself from cryptic by consulting a doctor about your reproductive health.

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