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Celery Benefits and side effects

Celery Benefits and side effects In the last few years, there has been an increase in the use of many such food items in India which are not of Indian origin. Avocado, Parsley, Broccoli, etc. food items, even though they were born on foreign soil, due to their usefulness, are now being used in every household. (Lemongrass Benefits and Side effects)

One such food item is celery which is also called parsley in Hindi. These leaves are similar in appearance to coriander leaves but are completely different from them. Apart from garnishing food, it is also used to make juices and soups. (Clove Oil Benefits and Side effects)

Although celery is mainly grown in Middle-Eastern Europe and America, it is now being used all over the world due to its many medicinal properties. (Basil Water Benefits and Side effects)

Celery leaves and stalks are very low-calorie, so people often like to eat them raw like carrots. It is like a refreshing snack. Celery has many benefits for our health. Let us tell you how it is beneficial for our internal health. (Raisin Water Drinking on Empty Stomach benefits)

In this article Made me perfect we will give you full information about Celery Benefits and side effects so let’s start reading.

Benefits of Celery


Celery contains calcium, sodium, magnesium, and iron. It contains vitamins A, E, C, B-6, B-9, and vitamin-K along with many other nutrients. Celery juice is considered very beneficial for skin, hair, and health. celerys can also be very beneficial for preventing many serious diseases like cancer, blood pressure, and diabetes.

1. Reduces Cholesterol

Celery has properties to control cholesterol levels. The chemical present in it can reduce the increased LDL ie bad cholesterol in the blood. It helps in making more of the bile or steroid acids which are helpful in lowering cholesterol. It is believed that the juice of just 2 stalks of celery can reduce cholesterol levels by up to seven points.

2. controls weight

If you are troubled by your increasing weight and are trying to lose weight, then drink celery juice daily. celerys is an effective weight controller. It has very few calories. It helps in controlling the weight by quenching the appetite.

3. controls blood pressure

Scientific research has found that celerys seeds contain a chemical called butylphthaloid, which reduces the production of stress hormones. This relaxes the muscles around the blood vessels and allows the blood to flow smoothly without creating much pressure on the walls of the arteries.

4. prevention and treatment of cancer

The benefits of celery can also be seen in dangerous diseases like cancer. According to experts, an element called apigenin is found in celerys. This chemical is beneficial in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

5. helps in asthma treatment

Along with vitamins and minerals, many anti-oxidants are also found in celery. Due to their presence, it works as a medicine in the treatment of many diseases. The use of celerys seeds can also prove beneficial in getting rid of asthma disease.

6. helps the heart stay healthy

Celery can also be used as a treatment for heart-related diseases. Based on research, it is believed that along with fiber and protein, many types of vitamins and phytochemicals are found in celerys, which is beneficial for heart health.

7. Improves immunity

Celery also has the ability to increase immunity. As we told you, the special element apigenin is found in celery. This element is believed to be effective in protecting against neurodegenerative diseases (mental diseases), autoimmunity (the phenomenon of immunity), and cancer. In this way, celerys not only gives immunity to protect against diseases but also increases the ability to fight them.

8. Controls diabetes

Celery is very beneficial for diabetic people. The chemicals present in it control blood sugar and help in leading a healthy life.

9. Kidney and liver health

Celery seed oil can prove to be very beneficial for the kidneys. There are some special chemicals in its seed oil, which are considered helpful in getting rid of the problem of kidney stones. Some such chemicals are found in celerys leaves which prove to be helpful in removing many problems related to the liver.

10. Anti-inflammatory properties

Due to the presence of many special nutrients, celery has anti-inflammatory properties. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it can prove to be effective in curing mental disorders including cancer, respiratory diseases, stomach, and heart diseases.

11. Keeps the body hydrated

A large amount of water is found in celery. Lack of water causes the problem of dehydration in the body. Consuming celerys helps you stay hydrated.

12. Good for skin health

The water and antioxidants present in celery work to purify our skin by purifying the body. Antioxidants work to eliminate free radicals made in the body, which work to remove toxic chemicals from our body and skin cells. This keeps the skin glowing and healthy.

13. Amazing for Healthy Hair

Celery is also considered very useful for hair. It is used in medicines made for hair. Its has synergistic as well as anti-hair loss effects. It prevents hair breakage and fall. Its also provides strength to its roots.

Tips for Buying and Storing Celery

Always buy fresh and hard stalks. Try plucking a stalk to identify them. If it breaks when folded then it is fresh but if it starts dangling and becomes soft then celery is old.

Avoid buying celerys with yellowish-brown leaves. Always buy fresh green leaves, only then they will last for a long time.

Do not throw away the celerys leaves. They contain the most calcium, potassium, and vitamins.

Steam the celery kept for several days. This brings back his freshness.

Never cut celery and store it. This depletes its nutrients. Cut it before cooking.

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