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Birthing Ball – Benefits, Exercises, and Tips

Birthing Ball

Birthing Ball – Benefits, Exercises, And Tips If you are thinking about effective exercises to reduce your labor problems, then you should know that pregnant women use birthing balls a lot at this time. 

You must have seen such large balls often in antenatal visits to the gym, yoga class, or doctor’s clinic. Birthing balls are not only effective for the process of birth, but these balls also provide you with a lot of comforts during pregnancy. 

In this article, we have discussed how you can use the birthing ball in the right way so that you can get maximum benefits from it. Let us find out how a birthing ball is used and what are its benefits;

In this article made me perfect we will give you full information about Birthing Ball – Benefits, Exercises, And Tips so let’s start reading.

What is a birthing ball?

Birthing Ball

Birthing balls or birth balls are used during pregnancy, labor, and even birth. This rubber ball can be used in many ways during pregnancy and later as well.

Birthing Ball – Benefits, Exercises, and Tips

There are many benefits of a birthing ball and it helps a lot in pregnancy. Here are some of the benefits, let’s find out;

  • It eases your back pain and due to this, mobility during pregnancy becomes easier.
  • This ball also helps in increasing the blood flow from your pelvic area (placenta and uterus).
  • It helps in reducing the pressure on the spinal cord.
  • It helps to counter pressure in your thighs and perineum.
  • This ball helps to provide excellent support on your heels and knees. stay in the right position and thus works best with gravity to move the baby’s position.
  • It helps to open up the pelvic muscles.
  • correcting the position of the baby before birth.
  • It helps in reducing labor time.

Many women experience dizziness when using a birthing ball. Do not use it if you feel dizzy while using it.

Let’s find out more about birthing balls.

Difference between the birthing ball and gym ball

A birthing ball and a gym ball are almost the same things. Both these balls are made of anti-burst material, which means that this ball will not burst suddenly even after being punctured, but its size will gradually decrease. 

Both these balls should be kept away from any sharp object, heat, or rough surface. There is only the following difference between these two balls, let’s find out;

  • Gym balls are smaller than birthing balls.
  • Birthing balls mostly come with an anti-slip feature.
  • Some types of birthing balls are round and some are peanut-shaped which are used while lying in bed.

How to buy birthing ball

You should buy a birth ball according to your height so that whenever you sit on the ball, your feet can reach the ground comfortably. 

While choosing a birthing ball for yourself, keep in mind that you should choose a ball that has anti-slip and anti-burst features. 

Also, keep in mind that the ball should be such that it can lift your weight. Buying this type of ball can give you a lot of comfort during pregnancy, labor, and childbirth.

Birthing ball covers are also available in the market. If the store owner offers you this too then you should also buy it for the reasons mentioned below.

Why do you need to buy a ball cover?

You need to buy a birthing ball for the following reasons, let’s find out;

  • The cover helps in moving the ball from one place to another.
  • The cover helps to keep the ball clean.
  • It is easier to manage the ball with the help of a cover.
  • The ball remains soft because of the cover.
  • With the help of cover, the ball looks good and you can change the look of the ball by changing it.

How to choose a pregnancy ball size?

As mentioned earlier, the size of the ball should be according to your height. The table below explains how you can choose the right size ball for you, let’s find out;

It is advisable that you buy only good quality or well-known brands of balls. Most of the balls are pressure tested and they can lift more than 300 kg. You should also buy a pump with a ball as most balls do not come with a pump. 

If you use the ball regularly, then obviously its air can get less. With the help of the pump, you can fill your ball with air at any time.

After this, pregnant women often ask how to use a birthing ball. Sometimes you buy a birthing ball only after consulting an expert. If only experts will teach you how to use it, then it will be the best and safest for you. However, here are some tips on how to use the ball for the first time.

How to use a birthing ball for the first time?

If you are using a birthing ball for the first time then the following tips can be very useful for you, let’s find out;

  • Place the ball on a carpet or rug instead of on the ground. Do not wear shoes or wear anti-skid (non-slip) shoes while using them. You can also take the help of someone for support from behind while sitting on the ball.
  • You balance yourself by keeping your feet firmly on the ground and keep the feet slightly apart (about 60-70 cm).
  • After you sit on the ball, place both your hands on the knees to come into a comfortable position. You can also try moving it back and forth and side to side. Once you are securely on the ball, you can jump on it comfortably.
  • If you are unable to jump or move after sitting on the ball, you can also keep a chair near you for support.
  • If you want to use the ball for exercise, then you should also keep in mind that there should be a lot of room in the room for this. Your movements should be slow. Don’t use it when you have discomfort.

Tips for using a birthing ball safely

Use the following tips when using a pregnancy or labor ball;

  • You need to use a strong and non-split ball. The non-bursting ball does not explode suddenly.
  • You should buy the right size ball for you (according to your height).
  • Be careful while moving the ball.
  • Always buy an anti-skid or non-slippery surface ball for yourself.
  • Before you sit on the ball, put your hand on it so that it remains straight.
  • Keep a little gap between the feet so that your balance does not deteriorate while sitting on the ball.
  • It is better to sit on the ball without wearing shoes or you can also sit on it wearing anti-skid shoes so that you do not slip.
  • Never hold your breath while sitting on the ball. At this time you breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth.
  • It is said that you use the ball under someone’s supervision for the first few days.

Using a birthing ball is the best way to stay fit during pregnancy. It can reduce your labor problems and you get many benefits after the birth of the baby. 

However, it is advisable that you learn its techniques before using a birthing ball for labor. It is also said that while using the birthing ball, you should be very careful to avoid any accidents. The best way to use it is to have someone with you for support whenever you use a birthing ball.

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