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Bentonite Clay Benefits and side effect

Bentonite Clay

What is Bentonite Clay How to use it and its side effects Soil is given great importance in India? If skincare is a problem then the benefits of Multani soil are told.

there is an acne problem, then the benefits of red clay are told. If there is any problem with the face, the use of a clay mud mask is recommended.

One such famous clay name is bentonite clay. All major skincare product manufacturers around the world are using Bentonite Clay in their premium category products these days.

Bentonite clay has also historically been used to detox the body all over the world for thousands of years.

Bentonite clays have antibacterial properties along with exfoliating properties that remove dead skin. These qualities have made this clay a favorite of the cosmetic industry.

In this article Made me perfect we will tell you What is green Clay? How to use it and its side effects In addition, it will also give information about the Bentonite Clay Benefits And Side Effects, and precautions of bentonite clay.

By reading this article, you will know how beneficial bentonite clays are for the skin.

Importance Of Clay In Indian Skin Care

Bentonite Clay

The tradition of using clay to make skin healthy in India is thousands of years old. There are many such references in Ayurveda, in which it was advised to keep the body pressed in the soil to remove the diseases of the body.

This medical system of India is still being used in Panchkarma. In Panchakarma, even today such therapy is done, in which the body is kept submerged in fresh mud solution for some time. Trust me, it also benefits.

Not only in India, even in the dead sea of ​​Israel, but people also apply the soil there on the body. He claims that by applying dead sea soil on the body, many serious diseases have also been seen to be cured.

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What is Bentonite Clay?

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is natural clay. Bentonite clay derives its name from the largest source of clay, that is, Fort Benton in Wyoming, USA. This soft, fine, and delicate powder is made from volcanic ash and is full of minerals.

The largest producer of bentonite clays is currently China. China mines a quarter of the world’s production of bentonite. After this, the number of America and India comes. Bentonite clays are currently in great demand in the cosmetic industry all over the world.

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How to Use Bentonite Clay

Chemically, this observant is aluminum phyllosilicate clay. A special negative charge is found in this clay, due to this charge, the adsorption capacity is greatly increased in this clay.

Since it can bind toxins and impurities found in the skin very effectively. Therefore, bentonite clay is also used well to detox the body.

Eating drugs made of bentonite clays are also used in poisoned patients, diarrhea, and problems in the large intestine.

In addition, when it comes to application on the skin, bentonite clay was traditionally used to cure skin infections, pimples, and skin inflammation. Bentonite clay masks contain minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, and silicate, which are known to improve skin health.

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Benefits of Bentonite Clay

Yes, bentonite clay is good for your skin. Substantial scientific evidence exists that bentonite clays have the properties of detoxing the skin and killing harmful bacteria.

Healing clays such as bentonite clay are also used in “speleotherapy” (mud therapy). Bentonite clays therapy is used in spas to treat skin diseases, soak up toxins, improve blood circulation and soothe body heat.

Bentonite clays gently exfoliate the skin by binding to the impurities, excess oil, and harmful substances slowly on the skin.

It is speculated that bentonite clays remove harmful substances that may close the pores. It can remove blackheads and control the production of sebum.

A pilot study has shown that applying a mask of bentonite clay mixed with jojoba oil can help to overcome the acne problem.

The minerals present in bentonite clay may slow down the process of premature aging. These minerals can absorb free radicals formed in the skin due to exposure to harmful UV rays. Sunscreens made of bentonite minerals can provide much better protection from sunlight and UV rays.

Bentonite clays are used in moisturizing creams and diaper creams to treat dermatitis or itching. These clays are also being used to heal skin sores, eczema, psoriasis, and ulcers due to their soothing and hydrating properties.

A 7-day study on mice shows that applying bentonite clay every day speeds up the skin tissue regeneration process. It can also help to stimulate the production of collagen. Thus, bentonite clays can help your skin look younger and tighten loose skin.

According to anecdotal evidence, the silica found in bentonite clays helps make your skin soft and glowing. It is believed that silica binds oxygen and helps it absorb nutrients better in the skin.

Currently, no major scientific studies exist to support this theory, but those who have used bentonite clay masks claim that it has made their skin glowing and healthy.

Regular use of a mask made of bentonite clays can help to lighten the skin color of acne due to acne scars, bruises, and blemishes.

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Bentonite Clay Side Effects

Although there have been no reported cases of side effects from using bentonite clays on the skin. The US FDA warns against its oral intake and application on the skin. This is because the material found in this clay is not regulated.

Lead levels have been found to be high in the products of some popular bentonite clay-based product companies. However, the amount of bentonite clays used in face masks does not pose any threat to the body.

But keep in mind that excessive exposure to this lead can be dangerous. It can harm your kidneys, central nervous system, and immune system. If you experience any irritation, swelling, or itching when applying bentonite clay, remove it immediately and consult a doctor.

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The takeaway

Bentonite Clay is the finest skincare ingredient. It deeply cleanses your skin, flushes out toxins, and absorbs dirt and oil from your skin.

Research shows that bentonite clays help in soothing the skin, relieving inflammation, and healing pimples. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties can help heal your skin.

There are many ways you can use it to get healthy, beautiful skin. It can be tried on its own to experience its benefits.

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