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Before Fasting Everyone should know these things

Before Fasting Everyone should know these things
Before Fasting Everyone should know these things

Before Fasting Everyone should know these things

Fasting is a common practice for Indian families. Often people fast throughout the day in faith, but during this time, not eating anything throughout the day also has a special effect on the body.

If anyone feels that it causes weight loss, then it is completely wrong. Because if some things are not taken care of during fasting, then after losing weight, physical damage occurs first.

Experts believe that 24 hours of starvation have some very bad effects on the body. Although fasting is done in a special way, the situation is still managed. You should also know the effect of fasting on the body.

In this article made me perfect we will give you full information about fasting Before Fasting Everyone should know these things

The body needs Carbohydrates

Before Fasting Everyone should know these things

Whether fasting or not, but the body needs energy. The primary source of this energy is glucose, which is usually mixed with carbohydrates. Carbohydrate is found in cereals, vegetables, beans, fruits, and dairy products. Muscle also stores glucose and keeps mixing it in the blood according to the requirement of the body. While this whole process changes with fasting.

This is because after 8 hours the liver also uses the last glucose stored. After this, the body enters the fasting zone, which is called gluconeogenesis. In this case, the body makes its own glucose using fat. After this, the actual bad effect of fasting starts on the body.

At this time the metabolism of the person starts slowing down and the muscle tissue is used for body energy. This situation is not as bad for a lot of people if they are healthy, but fasting full 24 hours with many physical problems can have a very bad effect.

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Fasting reduces weight

Before Fasting Everyone should know these things

It has been believed in many kinds of research that fasting reduces weight, but it is also believed that this does not happen to everyone. Many dieticians make 12 to 16-hour fasting plans, which are intended to reduce weight. With this, in some diet plans, drinking only water is also recommended. At the same time, some people also advise dieticians to drink zero-calorie drinks.

A recent study says that those who kept fasting for 12 months sometimes lost more weight than those who did regular dieting or fasting. This means that frequent fasting is more dangerous for the body, while sometimes being hungry for a few hours still affects the weight. But yes, the same cannot be said with a complete claim.

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Benefits of fasting

In his study, Dr. Walter Longo of the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, has admitted that if a fasting of 2 to 4 days is done, it also serves to reboot the immunity. This happens because old immune cells are destroyed and new ones are made by doing so.


Fasting may have a good effect on the body of many people but it is very harmful to some people. Fasting does a lot of damage to those people who are facing some kind of disease. Know about some of them

  • Diabetes
  • Eating disorder
  • Such diseases, for which those medicines are taken for treatment, have to be taken only after meals.
  • Baby milk
  • Pregnant women or child feeding women

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The exact way to complete fast

Whenever you keep fast, then whatever is present at home, you can break or complete it fast. You do not even notice what nutrients are necessary for you at this time.

While fasting, much nutrition is reduced, which is very important to keep healthy. Along with that, food should also be started in a special way, so that food intake does not cause any harm to the body suddenly. What and how to eat fast-breaking samay, let us know-

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Be sure to chew each byte at least 30 times.
  • Eat food that can be easily digested
  • Eating junk food after fasting means upset stomach or falling ill.

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It will be a problem

Many problems can be faced due to fasting. Some of them are-

  • Those who do it very fast, experience dehydration at all. This is because his body does not get fluid in any way. This is the reason why it is advisable to drink juice during fast.
  • People who have regular breakfast, lunch, and dinner may also have trouble sleeping along with stress during fasting.
  • Due to lack of food, there is a decrease in the acid produced in the stomach, which works to digest food and eliminate bacteria.

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