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Basil Water Benefits and Side effects

Basil Water Benefits and Side effects: Basil is an ancient and traditional healing herb that has many medicinal properties and has been used for medicinal purposes for years. Most of us have a holy basil plant in our homes and we have grown up seeing it. But do you know that Basil is not only important religiously but also medically? (Basil Seeds Benefits and Side effects)

It has many benefits for your health. This is the reason why grandmothers add basil leaves to our tea every day. However, it is not only to enhance the taste of your tea but also to make it more healthy. Basil is also often referred to as the ‘Golden Remedy of Ayurveda’. (Ayurveda says drinking cold water bad for you)

Basil water is made using Tulsi leaves which you can use every morning and it can help in improving your health. Let’s know the benefits of tulsi water- (Raisin Water Drinking on Empty Stomach benefits)

In this article Made me perfect We will give you full information about Basil Water Benefits and Side effects so let’s start reading.

Basil water removes toxins

Basil Water

Drinking basil water first thing in the morning can help in flushing out toxins and germs from the body. This detoxifies the body and prevents many diseases. It also keeps away digestive diseases. Tulsi leaves have medicinal properties that cleanse your stomach naturally.

Basil water keep respiratory problems away

Basil has strong expectorant and antitussive properties, which help in getting rid of cough, throat irritation, and mucus, thereby relieving chronic respiratory problems. Tulsi water also has several anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties that can ward off colds and related infections.

Tulsi water reduces stress

Studies have shown that regular consumption of Basil water acts as an antidote for stress-related disorders and can improve brain function. This is because basil helps in fighting stress levels by boosting the metabolism in the body.

Basil water help lose weight

There is another benefit of drinking Tulsi water every day. This simple drink can get your waistline in shape. This metabolism-boosting drink helps in reducing weight. So if you are trying to lose weight then include it in your daily routine.

Tulsi water improves digestion

Basil leaves contain natural chemicals that stimulate digestive enzymes and digestive juices. It helps in better digestion and better digestion of your food, as well as better absorption of nutrients from the food.

regulate blood sugar

Tulsi water is a good remedy to control blood sugar levels. Consuming basil water every day helps in metabolizing carbohydrates and fats so that sugar can be easily converted into energy.

how to make basil water

Put a glass of water in a pan and let it boil. When it starts boiling, add few basil leaves and let it boil till it reduces to half. Now turn off the flame and let it cool down. Strain it in a bowl and add a teaspoon of honey to add flavor.

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