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7 best pregnancy app tracking apps of 2022

Pregnancy App

7 Best Pregnancy App Tracking Apps Of 2022: Pregnant women are very curious to know how the baby develops from conception till the time of delivery. 

Pregnancy apps are considered very helpfully in filling their curiosity with the experience of joy. There are many great pregnancy apps that provide week-by-week information about changes in your pregnant and unborn baby’s health. 

That is why in this article of made me perfect, we are giving information about which are the best pregnancy apps for pregnant women.

First of all, we are giving information about what are the benefits of the pregnancy app. In this article made me perfect we will give you full information about 7 Best Pregnancy App Tracking Apps Of 2022.

Benefits Of Pregnancy Apps tracking apps

Pregnancy App
Pregnancy App

There are many changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy. Along with this, the physical development of the baby growing in the womb also starts increasing.

Passing through the form of an egg, the baby’s organs like bones, muscles, gums, nails continue to develop gradually.

In such a situation, using the pregnancy app, this important information related to the health of the pregnant and the development of the fetus can be obtained.

This has also been confirmed by well-known research sites like NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information).

Here we are telling some important points related to what kind of information pregnant women can get through pregnancy apps, such as:

  • To inform about changes in the physical health of pregnant and fetuses.
  • Monitor and update the health of pregnant as well as fetuses.
  • Remind pregnant women of the next dose of medicines.
  • To keep informed about when the pregnant should visit the doctor or what is the next date to visit the doctor.
  • Giving information about what kind of exercises and for how long you can do pregnant for which week or month.
  • It can also help in answering many pregnancy-related confusions and questions.
  • Estimating delivery time.

Now read information about the best pregnancy apps for pregnant women.

7 best pregnancy app tracking apps of 2022

The entire stage of pregnancy goes through many changes. During this, week by week changes and development take place in the health of the pregnant and the unborn baby.

The best pregnancy apps for pregnant women can be helpful in knowing these changes.

Some of these apps are completely free, which can be easily downloaded and used on the smartphone.

This is the reason why here we are giving information about useful and convenient pregnancy apps for pregnant.

1. MomJunction – Your Pregnancy Guide

The first information among the best pregnancy apps is the MomJunction pregnancy app. This is a free app that can be downloaded from the Play Store on any smartphone. 

To use it, the woman has to share the initial information related to her pregnancy, in which she also has to give information about her due date. 

After this, based on the same information, the MomJunction pregnancy app gives information about the growing baby every week.

App Features:

  • Keep an eye on the weight of the pregnant and baby.
  • Information about each stage of pregnancy and the development of the baby during this can be found.
  • Get information about questions related to pregnancy and unborn babies.
  • The pregnant can get the right care information according to the stages in the pregnancy.
  • Track delivery date.
  • Increase communication with other new moms. Pregnant women can also share their experiences with them, such as sleep position, appetite changes, pregnancy cravings, ultrasound experience, etc.
  • Information about how long contractions will take during labor can also be found.

2. My Pregnancy Journey

The name of the My Pregnancy Journey app is also included in this list. This is a foreign app, which contains much information related to pregnancy. 

It can also be downloaded and used on any smartphone for free. What are its specialties, we are telling them below:

App Features:

  • Track pregnancy week by week.
  • You can get updates related to pregnancy every week through new articles and videos. These can also be printed out.
  • How much time is left in the delivery, will be known through the countdown.
  • Get weekly reminders of pregnancy changes.
  • Get information from obstetricians weekly by video.
  • BMI & Weight Calculator can keep track of increasing weight weekly.
  • Find out about your baby’s weekly development with 3D pictures and 4D videos.
  • Provide information related to your baby’s weight, size, and health.
  • Keep a record of every movement of the baby.
  • Provide information on what essentials should be in the Baby Hospital Bag Checklist.
  • Can give information about safe medicines for pregnancy. However, it is better to consult a doctor before pregnancy for information related to medicines.
  • Get proper information about what the father should do for the birth of the child or the care of the mother-child.
  • Connecting with other new mothers can also provide the facility to talk to them.

3. Pregnancy + Tracker App

This app is also one of the best pregnancy apps. Not only can it give useful tips to take care of the mother’s health, but it can also show the 3D model an image of how much the baby has grown by the week. Read the features of this four-star pregnancy app in detail below:

App Features:

  • Trusted pregnancy app of over 3 crore people.
  • Get information about how the fetus develops in the womb, through 3D model pictures and videos.
  • How much the baby has grown according to each week, its size can be understood by comparing it with the size of fruits, sweets, and animals.
  • Get pregnancy information week by week and daily.
  • The record of how many times the baby moves or kicks in the womb can also be kept through this app.
  • From bodyweight, during pregnancy, during and after delivery, information about what to do or what to take care of, can also be found from this app.
  • It has more than a thousand name options for small children.

4. Mommymeds App

Developed by the Infantry Center at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, this app may also be of benefit to pregnant women. How it is helpful, we are telling it here.

App Features:

  • Find out all the information about what types of medicines are safe and their dosage during pregnancy or in the first to the third trimester.
  • It contains a list of prescriptions and medicines.
  • This app also has an option to scan the barcode of medicines, through which information related to medicines can be found here.
  • Important information for lactating women is also available in this app.

5. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker: Baby Due Date Countdown

The help of the Ovia pregnancy tracker app can be taken to give information about how much the baby has developed in the womb week by week. Read below to know how it can work.

App Features:

  • Indicate the date of delivery.
  • Get information about how much the pregnant baby bump can increase every week.
  • Information about all the mental and physical symptoms associated with pregnancy, such as mental changes, sleeping position, proper physical activity, weight, blood pressure, and essential nutritional diet, is given here.
  • Information related to the development of the baby in the womb can be read through the article present in this app.
  • What to take to the hospital during delivery, along with a list of baby-naming is also given in this app. Also, pregnant can also add the name of the child according to her in this app.
  • You can also get information about how big your baby’s arms and legs have grown every week.
  • You can get information related to pregnancy weekly through videos and articles.

6. GLOW. Pregnancy & Baby Tracker+Baby Registry App

Pregnant women can also use this free app as pregnancy apps. However, if you want to take other benefits, then you can also buy its subscription if desired. Let us know some of its special features.

App Features:

  • Get more and more information related to mother and child every day.
  • Keep a record of the medical history of the pregnant woman.
  • Also, get information about when to go to the doctor.
  • Can give daily essential information according to the trimester of pregnancy and can also track them.
  • You can also get important information like pregnant health information, delivery date, pregnancy symptoms, list of medicines, weight through email in the form of PDF.
  • More than 1500 pregnancy-related articles are present in this app.
  • There is also the option of purchasing the product required for the child.
  • Also, get information about what kind of gifts to take to the baby shower ceremony.
  • This app can also be helpful during postpartum.
  • From women experiencing pregnancy for the first time to women who have become pregnant more than once, the option of connecting with women can also be found through this app. You can also get a chance to know about their experiences.

7. Pregnancy Tracker Molly

This pregnancy app can share all the pregnancy-related information week by week. For this, tips and articles related to this can also be read in this app. 

Apart from this, about what other information it can give, read the features of this app below:

App Features:

  • Along with the size of the baby and the date of delivery, the app also has more than 1000 baby name options.
  • Information can also be found about what you may need to bring with you to the hospital, from planning to deliver the baby to the delivery. Information about what should be in a maternity bag is present in this app.
  • knowledge about what to buy for a new baby can also be found through this app.
  • Along with the baby, also give information related to the health of the pregnant woman, such as weight, blood pressure, heart rate.

In this article, we have given information about the best pregnancy apps for pregnant women. The pregnancy apps mentioned here are not only easy to use, but they are also free. 

Apart from this, pregnant women can use these apps from pregnancy to post-delivery. However, keep in mind that these apps monitor only on the basis of symptoms reported by the pregnant. 

So, enter all the details accurately and enjoy your pregnancy. At the same time, before taking the medicines mentioned in these apps or before doing the suggested yoga or exercise, definitely consult a doctor.

Happy pregnancy!

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