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4 Home Remedies that Can Damage The Skin if Applied for a long time

4 Home Remedies that Can Damage The Skin if Applied for a long time
4 Home Remedies that Can Damage The Skin if Applied for a long time

4 Home Remedies that Can Damage The Skin if Applied for a long time

Do you have any skin problems?

Once on the internet, try searching for home remedies about it. Neem-Hakim and WhatsApp University professors have created a ruckus on the Internet. These home remedies can be more deadly than any chemical-based product if used incorrectly.

Most of the home remedies mentioned on the internet are better to look at. Easily available at our home. This is why we are attracted to them. But any mixture has its own properties and they react differently on each skin.

Home remedies are actually inspired by the poverty prescriptions described in Ayurveda and Unani medicine. In this, Vaidya or Hakim used to tell such measures to people who were not able to buy expensive medicines, which people used to get healthy by consuming at home.

I have also seen such home remedies on the internet in which people have been asked to apply fresh semen, urine, and breast milk on the skin. There are also many arguments in its favor, which have no scientific basis.

It is true that most of the things mentioned in home remedies are also in the products found in the market. But using these things without sanitizing and diluting can prove to be wrong. They can also damage the skin when used for a long time.

Therefore, do not run towards the fridge or kitchen on seeing the household items. Because if something is natural and fresh, it does not mean that it is also good for your skin.

So in this article Made me perfect, we will give you information about those 4 Home Remedies that Can Damage The Skin if Applied for a long time, which can cause skin damage if used for a long time. By knowing about this material, you will also be able to use them with caution.

1. Egg Whites

4 Home Remedies that Can Damage The Skin if Applied for a long time

How easy it is to make an omelet for breakfast in the morning, just take a little egg white from it and apply it to the face. After this, your skin will be smooth throughout the day and skin pores will also be tight.

Actually, these are not home remedies. WhatsApp University recipe.

Whenever you wash the face, the effect of the egg that tightens the skin will flow away. Also, if you wash the face with lukewarm or warm water, then it will be a disaster to get rid of this mixture from the face.

The biggest gist of this whole theory is that a raw egg can easily be infected with Salmonella. Placing raw eggs so close to your mouth can easily cause an infection in your large intestine.

In addition, chances of infection are also forming on the skin surface. This risk is further aggravated if there is a wound on your face. For example, a cut from a shaving razor or a mark of a child’s nail. These small scratches can also cause serious infections.

This infection can be present not only on the skin but also on the bathroom floor for hours. If a person whose immunity is weak, he can get sick from this infection and even get sick.

However, cases of salmonella infection from raw eggs are rare. This risk is much higher from country eggs than from farm eggs found in the market.

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2. Lemon / Lime Juice

4 Home Remedies that Can Damage The Skin if Applied for a long time

Applying lemon slice or lemon juice on acne scars or hyperpigmentation/freckle improves skin tone.

Trust me, this knowledge is also half-incomplete and can cause problems for you. Fresh lemon juice can cause skin irritation. In addition, if applied on dry skin, it can also scrub or exfoliate many layers of skin.

Applying citrus fruits or their juice on the skin for a long time can also cause you a lot of problems. These problems can be as dangerous as second-degree burns.

The effect of sourness in lemon or citrus fruits is due to psoralens. These solutes can leave phototoxic effects on the skin due to exposure to UV light. This means that you may also have to face big blisters in exchange for the red spot that you were applying to remove the red spots on the skin.

These blisters, scars, or burn marks are called phytophotodermatitis in the medical language. These scars usually appear after 1 to 3 days. They can remain on the skin for at least 1 month.

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3. Cinnamon

Grinding cinnamon powder and applying it to the skin is very beneficial. It helps in detoxing the skin and also removes impurities from the last layer of the skin.

All these things are actually the knowledge of WhatsApp University.

Applying cinnamon powder on your skin can also cause redness along with itching and burning. Many people who applied the cinnamon facial masks on their faces have subsequently complained of irritation.

Although cinnamon also has some antimicrobial benefits and is used in wound healing, it is also known to cause allergic reactions to this spice. And even if you have no allergy to cinnamon, you may still be sensitive to spice or irritation with cinnamon oil.

If you are using cinnamon in any home remedy, face mask, or prescription, then do a patch test. Checking should be done by applying a little mixture in the ear flame.

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4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is the most magical liquid skincare. It can remove pimples. Its can lighten the color of spots and edge spots. It can also remove moles or warts. Trust me, this is also the knowledge of WhatsApp University.

There is no difference between Apple Cider Vinegar or any other Vinegar. Both are vinegar. Applying them to the skin can cause facial irritation. Apart from this, it also brings an irritating smell.

Apple cider vinegar also has many benefits for the skin, but it should always be applied by diluting it in the same amount of water.

If you apply Apple Cider Vinegar on the skin without diluting it for a long time, high levels of acidity can cause skin irritation and itching.

If Vinegar is left on the skin, it can never help in healing wounds. Applying Vinegar on the skin can cause irritation or itching. Applying it in the eyes should also be avoided.

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