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20 Easy yoga Asanas: What is their right way?

20 Easy Yoga Asanas

20 Easy Yoga Asanas teaches us the method of sitting, pranayama, and meditation jointly. Those who practice regularly get innumerable benefits.

We get many benefits such as benefits in health, mental strength, physical strength, protection of the body from wear and tear, and purification of the body. Let’s know about 20 Easy Yoga Asanas: What Is Their Right Way?

In this article Made Me Perfect we will give you full information about 20 Easy Yoga Asanas: What Is Their Right Way? so let’s start reading.

20 Easy Yoga Asanas
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1.Ardha Chandrasana- While doing Ardha Chandrasana

Ardha this asana, the body’s position becomes half-lunar, so it is called. Ardha means half and Chandrasana means posture similar to Chandra.

This asana is done standing up. Ardha Chandrasana is also called Half Moon Pose in English. This asana is a normal stretching and balancing pose that is especially beneficial for the lower back, abdomen, and chest. By doing this asana, stress gets relieved.

CorrectArdh Chandrasana- To (20 Easy Yoga Asanas)

20 Easy Yoga Asanas
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method do this, first of all, stand with the heel-toes of both feet together. Both hands should be adjacent to the waist and keep your neck straight. (20 Easy Yoga Asanas) Then slowly keep both feet at a distance of one to one and a half feet from each other.

Keep in mind that while practicing this asana, your spine should be straight. After this, raise the right hand and bring it parallel to the shoulder. Your palm should be facing the sky. While doing this, keep in mind that your left-hand remains on your waist.

Now bend to the left, during this time your left hand will slide down on its own. (20 Easy Yoga Asanas) Remember that the palm of the left hand should not be removed from the left leg.

Remain in this position for 30-40 seconds, then slowly return to normal. If you are doing this for the first time, bow down as much as you can. Do the same process on the other side as well.

2. Bhujang posture-

First, lie down on the strength of your stomach. Now bring your palms in line with your shoulder. During this time, reduce the distance between your two feet and at the same time keep the feet straight and taut. Now while breathing, lift the front part of the body up to the navel.

During this time, keep in mind that there is not much stretch above your waist. According to your ability, maintain this state. (20 Easy Yoga Asanas)

While practicing yoga, slowly breathe slowly and then release. While returning to the starting posture, return with a deep breath. In this way, a complete cycle of this posture ended. Repeat this as per your ability.

3. Bal posture-

Child means- baby or child, in Balasana we bow our hands and body forward like a child with a thunderbolt posture. This posture is very easy, but it is also very beneficial. Relaxes the muscles of the waist and this asana also removes constipation. This asana which calms the mind calms the nervous system.

Procedure for doing Balasana (Shishuasana) -bend Yoga (20 Easy Yoga Asanas)

Sit on your ankles, place the hips on the heel, forward, and place the forehead on the ground. Keep the hands on the ground, extending the palm from both sides of the body, the palm towards the sky (if it is not comfortable then you keep the forehead relaxed by placing the other palm on top of one palm).

Gently press the thighs from the chest. Keep the status quo. Get up slowly and sit on the heel and straighten the spine slowly. veg out.

4. Margar Asana – Come on

your knees and hands and make the body a table in many ways. Make the upper part of the table with your back and make the legs around the table with hands and feet. (20 Easy Yoga Asanas)

Just below your shoulders, keep the palms sticking to the ground and keep the gap between the knees as the tendons. Keep the neck straight in front of you.

Breathing, move your chin upward towards the back of the head, press your navel towards the ground, and move the lower part of your waist towards the ceiling. Shrink both folds. Keep this position and take long deep breaths and leave.

Now we will do the opposite. While exhaling, apply the chin to the chest and raise the back as high as possible in the bow shape, leaving the tendons loose. Keep this position for some time and then come to the position as before. Repeat this process five to 6 times and relax.

5. Nataraja Asan-

This asana is named after Lord Shiva. There may be some difficulty in doing this in the beginning, but it can be done easily by its regular practice.

First of all, stand in a relaxed posture. Install the weight of the body on the left leg and bend the right knee slowly and lift the leg above the ground. Fold your right leg behind you. Hold the right ankle with the right hand. Raise left arm to shoulder height.

While exhaling, press the left foot on the ground and bend forward. Move the right leg away from the body. Keep the head and neck aligned with the spinal cord. (20 Easy Yoga Asanas) Stay in this posture for 15 to 30 seconds.

This will improve your body balance and make your body more and more flexible. With this asana, blood circulation in the hands and feet will be better, the nervous system is better.

6. Gomukh posture-

Gomukh posture is the yoga to make the body shapely and strong. This posture of yoga is done by sitting. This posture basically involves the exercise of both hands, waist, and spinal cord. Gomukha asana is a very beneficial exercise for women.

Sit with a plate. Bend your left foot and bring the left sole behind the right hips. Fold the right foot and bring the right soul behind the left hips.

Place your palms on your feet. Press the hips lightly downwards and keep the upper part of the body straight and make the head straight and full. (20 Easy Yoga Asanas)

Fold the left elbow and move the hands backward. Breathing out, raise your right hand up. With the right elbow bent, move the right hand backward. Add the fingers of both hands together. Lightly pull both hands in your direction.

7. Halasana- 

In Halasana, the body is kept in a plow posture. For this posture, it is very important for the body to be flexible. Lie flat on your back on the floor and keep both your hands straight on the ground in a very relaxed posture.

Taking a long breath, raise your legs above the floor with the help of abdominal muscles, and keep both feet standing at a 90-degree angle. Breathing normally, lift your hips and back up from the floor with the help of your hands.

Now, while moving your feet above the head, bend at a 180-degree angle until your toes touch the floor. Your back should be perpendicular to the floor.

Initially, you will have difficulty in being in this posture, but after a little effort, you can do it easily. (20 Easy Yoga Asanas)

Do this process slowly and comfortably. But also keep in mind that you do not have to put pressure on your neck nor push it towards the ground. Now come to a normal state and give the body some rest. Keep breathing and feel relaxed.

8. Bridge dam posture-

20 Easy Yoga Asanas Due to yoga posture, the spinal cord is flexible and tension is also removed from the neck. Lie on your back. Keep the soles firmly on the floor by bending the knees. Place the arms on both sides of the body with the ground.

In this state, the palms should be grounded. While exhaling, pull the bones of the spine and press the waist gently towards the ground. (20 Easy Yoga Asanas)

Taking a deep breath, press the feet towards the ground, and raise the pedu as high as possible. Remain in this posture for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Breathing out, slowly return to normal.

9. Rocking Chair Yoga-

By doing Rocking Chair Yoga, energy is transmitted to the bones of the spine. Also, blood circulation in the body is fast.

10. Sukhasana- 

In Sukhasana, both the legs are pressed and held in a cross posture, which is also called the lotus posture. (20 Easy Yoga Asanas) It is a suitable posture for meditation.

Lay the palate on the flat ground by laying it easy. Keep your head neck and back straight, do not tilt them.

Leave the shoulders slightly loose. Keep both hands on knees and palms up. Raise your head slightly and close your eyes. Now concentrate on your breathing and keep taking long and deep breaths.

You can do this asana by sitting in solitude for 5-10 minutes at any time. If you are doing this yoga in spiritual terms, then do it in the east or north direction.

11. Namaskar Asana-

Namaskar Asana is done at the beginning of any asana. It is very simple.

12. Tadasana-

First of all, stand up straight. Then keep both your legs together and keep both arms straight at the waist. (20 Easy Yoga Asanas) Your body should remain stable at this time. That is, the body weight should be the same on both your legs.

Now slowly bring the hands parallel to the shoulders Now mix the fingers of both the palms and take them above the head. Now, while breathing, pull your hands upwards until you feel the tension in your shoulders and chest.

At the same time, raise the heel of the feet too and carefully stand on the feet. Now put finger locks and fold the hand’s claws upwards. At this time your neck should be straight and the palms should be towards the sky.

Keep in mind that the balance of the body is maintained on the fingers of your feet. After stopping for some time in this position, while exhaling, bring the hands back over the head.

Slowly place the ankles on the ground and bring both the hands down and come back to the resting position of the previous position, by touching the waist. Do this asana regularly at least 10 times.

13. Triangle Mudra-

Triangle posture is practiced standing up. This asana is similar to lateral Lateral angulation. This yoga exercises the hips, legs, ankles, legs, and chest. It is also beneficial for Mudra’s waist. How should one practice this mudra? What is the state of this mudra and what is the benefit of it? Let’s see it.

Stand in a relaxed posture. Spread the right foot 3 to 5 feet. Turn left leg 45 degrees and right leg 90 degrees. While breathing, spread the arms at the height of the shoulders. (20 Easy Yoga Asanas) In this case, the palms should be kept in the direction of the ground.

Move the hips back and bring the upper part of the body to the right. While exhaling, move the right palm behind the right leg. Move the left hand up towards the ceiling.

Try turning the head in the direction of the left hand. In this state, the spinal cord should be straight and the neck relaxed. Remain in this posture for 10 to 30 seconds.

14. Konasana-

20 Easy Yoga Asanas Equally As easy to do Konasana, is beneficial for the body. Keep a gap of 2 feet between the legs. Balance equal weight on both legs. Inhaling, take both hands over the head while stretching and join the palms.

By connecting the fingers together, keep the hands in a dome-like position. Keep in mind that hands go touching your ears. Breathing out, bend to the right. (20 Easy Yoga Asanas) Note that the hands do not turn from the elbows. Maintain pressure on the ground with your feet.

Keep the pelvis up and down. Stay in this position. Maintain a bending stretch in the body. While in this position, inhale deeply and release. Breathing and standing in a normal position again. Exhale, bring both hands down. Repeat the same process on the left side.

15. Ushtasana-

“Ustra” is a Sanskrit language and it means camel. Ustrasana is called “Camel Pose” in English. Ustrasana is an intermediate back-bending yoga posture that opens the Anahata (Heart Chakra). This asana brings flexibility to the body, gives strength to the body, and increases digestive power.

Sit on the mat with the help of the knee and place both hands on the ax. (20 Easy Yoga Asanas) Knees should be parallel to the shoulders and the soles of the feet should be towards the sky.

While breathing, pull the spinal cord towards the anterior limb as if being pulled from the navel.

Stay neutral without applying pressure on the neck. Keep taking some breaths in this situation. Exhale and return to your initial position. Bring your hands back to your waist and be straight.

16. Vajrasana-

The body becomes strong by practicing this asana. It is a meditative posture. This is the only posture that can be done even after eating. You can do this asana both day or evening. To perform Vajrasana, place the carpets in a clean flat area.

Then, sit on your knees, and spread the toes behind, put one toe on the other thumb. In this posture, your knees should be close together but the ankles should be different. (20 Easy Yoga Asanas)

Your hip should be in the middle of both the paws and the heels are towards the hips. Now keep your palms on the knees. Practice Vajrasana according to your ability. Come back to normal later. To perform Vajrasana, take the first 5 minutes after meals, then do it.

17. Vriksasana-

Vriksasana means tree-like posture. This asana is done standing up. Like the Nataraja posture, this asana is also very beneficial for physical balance. (20 Easy Yoga Asanas)

Stand up straight to do Vasantasana. Put the weight of the body on the left leg and bend the right leg. Bring the sole of the right foot above the knees and apply it with the left foot. Bring both palms near the chest in prayer posture.

Press the left foot with the sole of your right foot. Press the soles of the left foot towards the ground. Take your hands above the head while breathing. Keep the head straight and look at the front. Stay in this posture for 15 to 30 seconds. Repeat this pose 2 to 5 times on both sides.


To do Dandasana, first place blankets, etc. in a clean place. Now sit upright and keep both legs parallel to each other and keep them straight. Keep the head very straight. Fold your toes inward and push the soles outward. (20 Easy Yoga Asanas)

19. High-faced dog posture-

The downward swan asana is symbolic of leaning forward like a dog (dog/swan), hence it is called the downward swan asana. (20 Easy Yoga Asanas)

Come on your hands and feet. Bring the body to the position of a table. Your back should be like the upper part of the table and both arms and legs are like the legs of the table. While exhaling, lift the waist up.

Make your knees and elbows straight while strengthening) Make an inverted V shape from your body. Hands should be as far as the shoulders. The feet are equal to the distance of the waist and parallel to each other. The toes should be right in front.

Press your palms to the ground, strengthen them with the help of your shoulders. Keeping the neck taut, touch the ears with the arms. Take long deep breaths, remain in a state of the downward swan. Keep your eyes on the navel. While exhaling, bend the knee and return to the table position. veg out.

20. Burial-

(20 Easy Yoga Asanas) While doing this you have to feel relaxed. Now lie on your back and keep in mind that in this state your feet should be straight on the ground. Keep both your hands at least 5 inches away from the body. Place the hands in such a way that the palms of both hands are in the direction of the sky.

Now you have to leave every part of the body loose and also close the eyes. Take small breaths. At this time your focus should be on breaths. Do not let any other thoughts come to your mind.

While doing this easy, if you feel any kind of problem in the waist or spine, then you can put a blanket or pillow below the knee. and that is all 20 Easy Yoga Asanas.

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